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"No study is possible on the battlefield;
one does there simply
what one can in order to apply what one knows.
Therefore, in order to do even a little, one has
Already to know a great deal and know it well."

------ Field Marshal Ferdinand Foch

And Field Marshal Montgomery said during the Normandy campaign in the Second World War:

    Battle is not a one sided affair. It is a case of action and reciprocal action repeated over and over again as contestants seek to gain position and other advantage by which they may inflict the greatest possible damage upon their respective opponents.

    Corporate Warfare should be approached in the same way, but it normally isnít.

    Most organizations prefer to spend their time in corporate gazing, concentrating on their strength, their plans and objectives, their quality, their service levels, their sales force, their promotional activity etc. Directors of major companies have been heard saying things like; "I donít intend to worry about the competition; I want them to worry about us." Companies that operate in an imaginary competitor-free zone are not destined to survive.

    In todayís market place, corporate wars are escalating and breaking out in every part of the globe. Everyone is after the competitor's business. Hence, the principles of corporate warfare are most important than ever. Companies must learn how to deal with their competitors. How to avoid their strengths and how to exploit their weaknesses.

    By drawing an analogy between commercial competition and warfare, the Amity College of Corporate Warfare has concentrated on the factor common to both the aim of defeating an opponent before it can defeat you. Many companies may not like this approach and prefer to take a less harsh view of the commercial world, but a large percentage of those that have been forced into bankruptcy or been / purchased would certainly have benefited had they adopted it.

    Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan, the Founder President of the internationally known Ritnand Balved Education Foundation (RBEF), was the first in India to recognize the need for equipping professionals and students with Corporate Warfare techniques that would enable them to develop an objective perspective of the future and of their areas of interest in particular. Consequently, the Amity College of Corporate Warfare was raised in May 2004.