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Our Faculty

Ms. Neelam Choudhary

(Senior Trainer ACERT Noida)

Neelam Choudhry started her career seven years ago and has been working with children since then. In her own words

“It is a pleasure to work with children and observe their various expressions."

Having trained in Montessori way of teaching she nurtures the spirit of Montessori in her educational process and teaches the practitioners to place "Trust" and “Faith" in the Child. She is also well equipped to understand the psyche of children and adults as she is a qualified drugless healer who understands that indoor and outdoor environment are a vital part of growing up.

Reposing trust in the children allows them to flourish without pressure and show case their unique "Self”. She delivers training to wide range of audience, ACERT trainees, and conducts workshops on parenting. She specializes in linking all aspects of Reggio Emilia, Phonics, and Learning Centers into Teaching Aids. She has assisted in setting up the Montessori Labs in Amity International Schools. She is passionate about working with children and promotes positive behavior in children and adults.

She is presently holding Leadership Positions in Amiown School Noida and Vasundhara.


Ms. Rachna Jain

Trainer, ACERT Gurgaon and Member Core Curriculum Development Team, Amiown.

She has experience of working with children of ages 3 to 10 years as a Montessori Lab In charge. She has been responsible in setting of Montessori Labs in different Amity Schools, designing the curriculum and training the teachers for same. Being in constant interaction with children and teachers, she believes that it is the teacher who makes a great impact on the child than any other factor in the school environment. Hence, it is her mission to train teachers to be sensitive, positive and passionate educators. She believes that a true teacher is a life-long learner. For this reason, she updates her knowledge and skills constantly through seminars, workshops and courses.

She is spiritually inclined, having attended courses on Reiki and Yoga, making a conscious effort to impart this spiritual training in her trainees also. Her philosophy "if the child does not understand the way you teach, teach in a way that the child understands" has motivated the trainees to be innovative in their teaching and bring about an everlasting positive influence to whoever they teach.

As a developer of Amiown curriculum, she is in tune with latest international philosophies and practices in early childhood education and this adds value to her role as a trainer.


Ms. Meghna Monga

Trainer ACERT Noida ( BA English (Hons) Delhi University).

She has been working with ACERT since 2007and is one of the first batch trainees to pass out from ACERT. She has worked with leading pre-schools in Noida and has a passion for working with children of Early Years. She teaches all the areas of the Montessori Early Years Curriculum and believes that these areas of learning are equally important for the holistic development of a child.

She also believes in the Reggio Emilia Approach and feels privileged to understand and impart its innovative teaching methods and learning environments to young children.

She is full of creative ideas and nurtures the importance of Art in the over all development of a child. She weaves a lot of creative work in her training and makes it fulfilling and interesting.

Since the modern approach to education involves a lot of multi media she also has good Computer skills and is familiar with the current graphic platforms used.


Ms.Nandini Juneja

Trainer ACERT Pushp Vihar (M.A Business Administration)

Nandini Juneja started her career as a finance executive in the corporate sector. After becoming a mother, she felt the need to know more about child care and this led her to enter the education field for early child care and education. She loves to be with children and has been training teachers in early child care and education for past five years. She takes workshops for teachers on Montessori methodology.

Understanding child and preparing a conducive environment to ensure holistic development is what she imparts in her training. She implements the principles and practices of all great educationists in her training program .She truly believes in the philosophy of regeneration of mankind through education and that the same has to start from a child.

She trains teachers in aspects of Reggio-Emilia approach, learning center approach, Montessori methodology, preparing age relevant curriculum and various skills needed to be an effective teacher. Building creativity and imagination and letting a child express the same is the most sacred task of an educator which she so strongly believes and canvasses.


Ms. Neerupama Sharma

She is a passionate educator who has been in the industry for 8 years handling elementary and senior school. A Science teacher at the core, she has also worked in fields of curriculum development, setting of junior Science labs and coordinating placements for the Students. She has been in leadership positions and been into teacher training as well. She has contributed in the development of web based modules for the underprivileged under the project called Eklavya-a joint effort of IIT Chennai and Kuruvilla Jacob Foundation for education, Chennai.

Apart from her commitment to bring a paradigm shift in the teaching methodologies and the prejudices of teachers, she is also a passionate nature Lover. She has, through her profession inculcated the awareness in her students about the environment. She has headed the Green School Program me run by Centre for Science and environment for her institute.

She loves to read and believes that as an educator it is our moral duty to constantly work on our brains and continue the process of learning and unlearning.


Ms. Ambikashree Nanda

A post graduate in commerce from Delhi University, B.ed from M.D.U and Diploma in Montessori Education, Amity University .

She has worked for leading corporates like IBM and Kuehne & Nagel. She discovered her true call while undergoing Montessori Training and practiced the methodology with young learners at Amiown. With this experience of five years, she is now into imparting Montessori Training to future teachers.


Visiting Faculty

Dr. Bindu Selot

Counselor- Parenting ,Amiown Schools (Doctorate in Zoology, B.Ed and P.G diploma in family and child psychology)

Dr. Bindu Selot has a vast experience of 20 yrs in the education industry. She has taught children and students at all levels starting from preschoolers to Post graduates, and has held various positions in the capacity of Lecturer Lucknow University, Headmistress for classes Nursery to 8th,Head of the department Sherwood academy Intermediate college, Consultant Time Life, Regional academic coordinator for north in Euro-kids Pvt Ltd,Visiting faculty Behavioral sciences department Amity University which are integral part of the Amity Universe.

She is a hardcore educationist and her vision is to create awareness among parents towards their sensitive role in a child's life, to understand the physical, emotional and mental health of today’s child and also study the challenges they are facing and to then provide solutions to empower them to handle the same, to empower teachers by conducting new out of the box workshops which are based on experiential learning so as to sensitize them towards becoming intuitive teachers, to be actively participating in the evolution of teaching and learning process of today’s education system.

To achieve her vision she has interacted with 12000+ parents till date through her workshops and individual counseling sessions, has conducted 750+ workshops on parenting, self awareness and empowerment, personal and professional excellence, child development and child psychology etc for parents, young adults in U.G and P.G programs and teachers.

She has the advantage of linking the various levels of our education system through her constant research work by virtue of regular classroom observations on children, teachers delivery, ongoing interactions with parents and teachers for reflective feedback's to be able to maximize on all the resources available to tap all the potentials within a child.


Ms. Sarabjeet Narula

She has done her graduation in Psychology form Delhi Universtiy, Basic Developmental Therapy for Spastic Society of Northern India now called AADI (Action for Ability Development and Inclusion) and B.ed in Special Education from SNDT University Mumbai.

She has 18 yrs of work experience with differently abled children with cerebral palsy, hearing impaired, learning disabled, autism, slow learners and mentally challenged as special educator and developmental therapist. She has also worked in special and inclusive schools She headed the special needs department at Pallavanjali School .Being a passionate and dedicated educator her work has been extensively on programming for special needs children and training staff members at all work place.


Ms. Surbhi Sharma

Surbhi Sharma, Curriculum Coordinator, Counselor and Special Educator (BA Economics & Mathematics Daulat Ram College, University of Delhi; Post Graduate Diploma in Special Education - School Of Rehabilitation Sciences, University of Delhi)

Has over ten years of work experience ranging in Training (Soft Skills - NIIT Ltd); Copy writing and Editing (Britannica Book of the year - Encyclopedia Britannica); Community Based Rehabilitation & Development Initiatives for Non Formal Education (Save the Children Fund); Hands on teaching (Preschoolers through Middle school in special schools as well as inclusive set ups in India as well as UK - Oxford).

Is currently invested in the Amiown Parent Partnership Programs through one to one counseling and Parent workshops which are vehicles for capacity building of parents so they can work effectively with their children at home.

As a Special Educator she works closely with children with special educational needs through domain wise assessments, preparing of Individualized Educational plans (IEPs) and is actively involved in implementation of the same.

As the Curriculum Coordinator she supports in developing articulation and coordination of curriculum and assessment with counterparts responsible for curriculum development at all the three Amiown Schools, to ensure a coherent continuum of curriculum skills from 21/2 to 41/2 years. Works with subject teams ( pre nursery) and year teams (Nursery) to oversee development of curriculum mapping on Atlas (Amiown Curriculum).Ensure that curriculum reflects the school’s International Values policy and mission. Develop teaching and learning curriculum practices that enable effective differentiation to meet the needs of a range of learning styles and needs. Explore ways to monitor effectiveness of our curriculum and teaching program against international and national standards. Works closely with teachers through Training for capacity building to ensure the Philosophies of Education are aligned with the perception and practices of all teachers.