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 Solid Waste Management  


Solid Waste Management

National Environment Awareness Campaign: 2006-07

Amity Humanity Foundation (AHF ) conducted a one day Programme on the “Solid Waste Management” under the National Environment Awareness Campaign 2006-07, Ministry of Forest and Environment, Government of India . The details are as follows

Project Name National Environment Awareness Programme: 2006-07
Project Theme Solid Waste Management
Supported By Ministry of Forest and Environment, Government of India
Date 7 th February 2007 (Wednesday)
Target Group   Students of Amity International School and Amitasha, Pushp Vihar, New Delhi.
Venue  Amity International School, Pushp Vihar, Delhi.
Time  9.00 AM to 01.30 PM
Objective  Creating environmental awareness focusing on management of household waste/municipal waste among the students.
Methodology  There were two components for the above objective 1. Awareness and 2. Activity component
Activities  Lecture on Solid Waste Management, Drawing/Painting competition, Construction/Demonstration of Compost pit, Field Visit to Delhi Government Horticulture Nursery at Hauzrani.
No. of participants  162 = 145(Students) +3 (AHF Personnel) + 7 (teachers) +12 (Support staff )
Resource persons  Maj. Gen. (Dr.) Surendar Kumar, Dr. P.C. Sabharwal, Dr. Chanda Rani Akhouri, Mr. Abhishek Kumar, Mr. Rahul Banerjee, Mr. Sandip Chauhan , Ms. Amita Mohan, Ms. Divya Bisen, Ms Surabhi



The Programme started at 9.10 AM by lightning the inaugural lamp by Maj. Gen. (Dr.) Surendar Kumar, VP, AHF, Dr.P.C.Sabharwal, Director Inauguration PURA & AIRD , Dr C.R. Akhouri, Officiating Director AHF and Ms. Amita Mohan, Vice Principal, AIS. An inaugural song was sung by Amitasha children and a welcome song by students of Amity International school, Pushp Vihar, New Delhi.

In her welcome speech Ms. Amita Mohan, Vice-Principal, Amity International School, Pushp Vihar said that Amity is proud to have been associated with a spectacular project of “Solid Waste Management”. It has become a matter of topical and utmost concern especially because of the rapid increase in population and urbanization. She further opined that increased pollution is one such malady which is haunting the future of our country. With the welcome speech progress of civilization, the waste generated became more of a complex nature. Not only has the air got more and more polluted but the earth itself has become more polluted with non- biodegradable solid waste. Man has a tendency to focus on his needs and luxuries and overlook the problems generated in the wake of his self gratification. “A massive sensitization is needed to draw attention to this lurking problem. Concrete and action oriented activities should be devised to give momentum to this awareness spreading campaign”, suggested Ms. Mohan.

In his inaugural speech Maj. Gen. (Dr.) Surendar Kumar, and Vice President- Amity Humanity Foundation said that improper disposal of solid waste can be very hazardous to mankind and nature leading to infections and chronic diseases. It can cause skin and eye infections, blood and respiratory infections, Inaugural speech bone and muscle disorder and chemical burns. The time has come to spread awareness amongst the students and youth of the country about the pivotal role they can play in amelioration of the environment. As a result, youth will develop into socially conscious and responsible adults. The clarion call is to maintain harmony with the nature and keep a check on all the activities which can lead to environment degradation. He also shared his experience with the participating students.

Dr. P. C. Sabharwal, Director, Amity Centre for Providing Urban Amenities in Rural Areas (PURA) & Amity Institute of Rural Development (AIRD) delivered a remarkable lecture familiarizing the students with Lecture safe and proper ways of disposal, recycling and re-use of solid waste, composting and its benefits, ways to reduce solid waste and several health hazards arising out of improper disposal of solid waste. At the end of the lecture there was interactive session in which students asked questions about different aspects of solid waste management .

A live demonstration of construction of compost piton the ground of AIS, Pushp vihar followed the lecture session. Students watched the whole process eagerly and asked many questions which were answered equally enthusiastically by the resource person Mr. Sandip Chauhan. Composting During the construction/ demonstration of compost pit Maj . Gen. (Dr.) Surendar Kumar, VP, AHF, Dr.P.C.Sabharwal, Director PURA & AIRD, Ms. Amita Mohan, Vice Principal, AIS Pushp Vihar, Dr (Mrs.) C.R. Akhouri, Officiating Director AHF and Dr.(Mrs.) Manorama Saxena, Coordinator, Amitasha were also present.

After the composting process Students were divided into two groups viz. Group ‘A‘ and Group “B’. Group ‘A’ was taken to Delhi Horticultural Nursery, Hauzrani where the experts Visit demonstrated the process of making vermi- compost. They were shown green house and agro net; rare flowers and plants like Kikubiori, Ajina Purple, Trader Horn, Lilium, Estabonita and China Orange.

Group ‘B’ participated in a drawing competition on the theme of solid waste management. Students made wonderful drawings and paintings on different issues related to the theme of waste management. Competition The winners of the drawing competition were to be felicitated by Dr. (Mrs) Amita Chauhan, Chairperson, Amity International Schools but due to some other pressing she could not come and they were felicitated by Maj. Gen. (Dr.) Surendar Kumar, VP, AHF. Ms. Aparajita Sharma bagged the first prize, Mayank and Akaash Katara received the second and third prize respectively from AIS and Mamta, Mili and Jyoti from Amitasha.

The Programme ended with a vote of thanks proposed by Dr C.R. Akhouri, Officiating Director AHF.

Highlights of the Programme:

  • The auditorium was decorated with creepers made of waste papers and posters depicting various aspects of the theme of the Awareness Campaign by the students. Earlier in the week, as part of their routine activity on drawing and painting, they had made these posters.

  • Paper Bags and other items made of recycled paper/waste material were shown by Maj. Gen. (Dr.) Surendar Kumar, VP, AHF to the participating students.

  • All guest/ resource persons/ faculty were presented with saplings of Aloe vera plant ( a herbal plant)

Maj. Gen. (Dr.) Surndar Kumar, Vice President, AHF addressing the children

Construction/demonstration of Composting by Mr. Sandip Chauhan

Drawing competition: Solid Waste Management

Delhi Horticultural Nursery, Hauzrani, New Delhi

Mr. Rajpal Singh, Instructor, Delhi Horticultural Nursery, Hauzrani, New Delhi briefing the Students

Prize distribution by Maj. Gen. (Dr.) Surndar Kumar, Vice President, AHF

Group photo of Amitasha Children after prize distribution

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