I feel proud of all those students who are aspiring for admission in the prime institutions of the country to study Engineering, Medicine or Management for success in a professional career.
It is of immense importance which institution you get your degree from. Therefore, your decision to aspire for the best institution in the country is well grounded.

Success in competitive exams is the product of well organized and planned mind and is a result of many things going together heading in right direction. We, at Amity, realize and applaud your dreams as we know that it takes much more than a dream to approach the daunting. We give our best efforts to convert your dreams into reality so that your hopes are not belied.

With our in-depth coverage, innovative approach to preparation methods, specially designed course material, mammoth question bank, unique test & discussion programmes, our courses are so exhaustive that as a rule, our students gravitate the top in all Engineering/Medical/CAT/Olympiad/GTSE/SAT exams.

All of us at AICE would pray for your success. Our experience has shown that our sincere efforts and prayers bring excellent results.

My blessings are with you.