The Amity Centre for Science Olympiad (ACSO) is a first of its kind, to groom talented students for the national and International Olympiad examinations. The Olympiads have certainly generated considerable excitement and interest among the meritorious and motivated students of the country. This is evident from the increasing enrolment of students for the first stage examination year after year. These workshops and examinations are much awaited and have been welcomed wholeheartedly by the student fraternity.

The aim of Science & Mathematics Olympiads is not only to encourage young students to strive for excellence in Science & Mathematics but also to promote friendship among students, teachers and scientists from different regions of India and the world. Our students started participating in International Olympiads in Mathematics from 1989 and India hosted the International Mathematics Olympiad in 1996. Normally other Olympiads in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy and Informatics are both theoretical and experimental sciences, whereas Mathematics is entirely theoretical.

In 2007, Amity Center for Science Olympiad (ACSO), consulted Dr. Swaminathan, Dean-Sponsored Research & Director CeNTAB and Director, HBCSE; on the methodologies of training the students for Olympiad to provide the shining stars of India. Amity has provided 8 basic preparatory sessions to groom the students for the Olympiad workshop. These 8 preparatory sessions were conducted in the months of Aug. and Sept. 2007 on 8 weekends. The training workshop proved to be highly beneficial for the students taking part in Science and Mathematics Olympiad, which was conducted by National Board for Higher Mathematics.

The enthralling response of the students and parents towards the workshops of Science and Mathematics, showed the way towards excellence in the education field. Many renowned professors, Directors, Educationists and Scientists have become the part of this remarkable effort of Amity Centre for Science Olympiad (ACSO). Their presence in the workshops has made a landmark of unparalleled training and excellent guidance given to the students with hands on experience.

The journey started in May 2006, since then ACSO has conducted 10 day and night workshops of Science and Mathematics Olympiads. The duration of the workshops is 8 days and the students stays in the hostels, within the Amity University Campus, Noida away from home and get training to develop skills in solving mind racking problems in Mathematics and Science, so that they are efficiently groomed for National and International Olympiads. Such workshops are first of its kind to be held in India which are entirely dedicated towards nurturing talents for the Olympiads.

Unique features:

  • A one week long camp is organised for students twice a year at Amity University campus where they are trained by renowned faculties from different Universities as well as from Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education and Srinivasa Ramanujan Institute of Mathematics Olympiads, SASTRA Kumbakonam
  • Day & Night Workshops for Mathematics and Science Olympiad for the students of classes IX to XII
  • During the Workshop, the students stays in the hostels, within the Amity University Campus, Noida away from home and get trained to develop skills in solving mind racking problems in mathematics and Science, so that they get fully groomed for National and International Olympiads
  • Students do the experiments in the hi-tech laboratories of Amity University during Olympiad training in all science subjects like Physics, Chemistry & Biology
  • Regular yoga sessions and career counseling are also done to keep the students motivated