Dr. S.C. Jain, Advisor

Qualification: Ph.D. Dairy Technology from National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal, and Post Doctoral in Dairy Technology in Royal University of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Area of Specialization :Food Technology & Dairy Technology.

Areas of interest:Ice cream technology and manufacture; high protein fermented milk food; processing of tomato juice without any preservatives / additives; low cost stabilizer mixture of vegetable origin for ice cream industry; Standardization of processing & preservation of cooking paneer and iron fortification of milk.
He has a rich experience of around 52 years in research, teaching, extension, conduct of short duration training programmes, administration, food industries, research management, biotech industry Consultancy and business development, human resource development & research. He acted as Expert member on several High Power Committees, constituted by Gov. of India. While in research management at national level, he acted as Leader / Member of five Govt. of India Delegations to visit Cuba, Canada, Algeria, Australia and Italy with an objective to identify areas of cooperation in Agriculture and also for evaluation of Research & Development projects.

Research & Publication:He has published 120 research and technical publications in various national and international journals of repute.

  Dr. Manoj Kulshreshtha, Professor & Director

Qualification: Ph.D. (Reading University, UK)

Area of Specialization :

  • Food Engineering
  • Mathematical Modelling and Simulation
  • Instrumentation and Process Control
  • Food Extrusion
  • Food Rheology
  • Drying of Foods

Research publications: :1 Book, 17 research papers in refereed National and International journals, 20 papers in National and International conferences, and 5 bulletins, manuals, pamphlets etc.

Awards and Fellowships:
  • Commonwealth Scholar at Reading University, UK (1988-91)
  • National Science Talent Scholar during B.Tech.(1975-80) and M.Tech.(1980-83)
  • Membership of British MENSA, an organization of individuals of exceptional intelligence (IQ percentile greater than 98)
  • On the editorial board of ‘Journal of Engineering Science & Technology' published by Taylor College, Malaysia
  • Acted as reviewer for a number of research projects submitted for funding to ICAR and CSIR
  • Acted as a referee for a number of papers for the journal Food Control published by Elsevier Science Ltd, UK, Journal of Food Science & Technology published by AFST(I) and Journal of Engineering Science & Technology published by Taylor College, Malaysia

Dr. Manoj Kulshreshtha:

  1. Kulshreshtha, M. and Ranmode, S. 2012. Multi-stage Juice Expression with Ohmic Heating: Enhancement of Juice Recovery from Carrot. LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing . p 132. ISBN: 978-3659267338
Research papers
  1. Ranmode S. and Kulshreshtha, M. 2011. Enhancement of juice recovery from carrot using 2-stage pressing with ohmic heating. Journal of Engineering Science & Technology 6, 2, 240-251.
  2. Kulshreshtha, M., Singh A., Deepti and Vipul. 2009. Effect of drying conditions on mushroom quality. Journal of Engineering Science & Technology 4, 1, 90 - 98.
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Mrs.Renu   Mrs. Renu Deepak Khedkar, Lecturer

Qualification: M. Tech. (Food Technology) from LIT, Nagpur

Area of Specialization :Food Technology.

Areas of interest:Food engineering, Heat and mass transfer, Waste management. Food Standard and Regulations.  She has specialized knowledge of Food engineering which is an integral part of Food Technology. Active member of FSMS team (Food Safety Management Systems of Amity University. She has a rich experience nearly of five years in the related field.

Neha   Dr. Neha Sharma, Lecturer

Qualification: Ph.D. (Food Technology) from Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, MBA (HR) from SCDL, Pune.

Area of Specialization :Meat Technology & Diary Technology.

Areas of interest:Technology of Animal foods (Meat & Dairy), Food Biochemistry, Food Biotechnology. Active member of FSMS team (Food Safety Management Systems) of Amity University. She has a rich experience nearly of six years in the related field.

Research Publications: She has published 7 research papers national journals.

Awards and Fellowships:  ICAR ASRB – NET, university scholarship holder during Ph.D.

Dr. Monika thakur   Dr. Monika Thakur, Lecturer

Qualification: M.Phil, Ph.D. (Life Sciences) from Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla -5.

Area of Specialization :Life Sciences, Applied Microbiology

Areas of interest:Applied and General microbiology, Nutraceutical, and mushroom biotechnology. She has a rich experience nearly seven and half years in the related field.

Research Publications: She has published 4 research papers of international repute, one chapter in book and also published one monograph - (authored).

Awards and Fellowships: M.Sc. (Gold Medalist) M.Phil (Gold Medalist), HPU (JRF), UPSC SLET, University topper and best research fellow (Zenith – 2005), fellowship holder.

Poonam Chhabra   Dr. Poonam Chhabra, Sr. Lecturer

Qualification: PhD (Food Science &Technology), B.Ed (Science) from Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana

Area of Specialization :Cereal and Cereal Products

Area of interest:Spices, seasonings and dressings, bakery products, fruit beverages. She has a rich experience of nearly 13 and half years in the food industry.

  Dr. Alok Saxena, Lecturer

Qualification:  Ph.D. Food Technology (Defence Food Research Laboratory, Mysore, India).

Area of Specialization :Fruits and Vegetable Processing and Preservation

Areas of interest: New Food Product Development, Modeling of Food Processes, Food Processing and Preservation, Experimental Design and Data Analysis. He has a rich experience of five and half year in the field.

Research publications: He has 7 research articles, 1 review article, 1 book chapter, 5 popular articles, 8 poster presentations and 4 oral presentations in his credit.

Awards & Fellowships: Recipient of T.S. Vasundhara Memorial and Lab Raising Day award for publishing Best Research Paper in Defence Food Research Laboratory, Mysore, Recipient of Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) Fellowship. (2005-2009) and Ministry of Food Processing Industries Fellowship (2004-2005), Qualified ICAR-NET (2004) for lectureship; Life member of Association of Food Scientists and Technologists, India (AFSTI), Mysore

Alka pandey   Dr. Alka Pandey, Lecturer

Qualification: Ph.D. (Food Technology) from G.B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar (Uttarakhand).

Area of Specialization :Pulses and oilseeds, confectionery products technology.

Areas of interest:Cocoa based confectionery, soya and soya products, Organic Foods. She has an experience of 1 and half year of teaching.

Research publications:9 research papers, 3 review articles and 2 popular articles in journals of national and international repute.

Awards and Fellowships:Qualified ICAR ASRB – NET twice, University scholarship holder during M. Sc. and Ph.D., Recipient of Jawaharlal Nehru Scholarships for Doctoral Studies, PDF scholarship from IIT Kharagpur.

Shubhra bhargav   Dr. Shubhra Bhargava, Lecturer

Qualification: Ph.D. (Food Technology) from Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana.

Area of Specialization :Fruits and Vegetables Technology

Areas of interest:Health beverages, functional foods, preservation technology for fruits and vegetables. 
She has an experience of 6 and half months in this field.

Awards and fellowships: Merit fellowship holder during Ph.D.

Ankit Paliwal   Mr. Ankit Paliwal, Lecturer

Qualification: M.Tech (Food Tech & Bio Chemical Engineering) from Jadavpur University

Area of Specialization :Biochemical Engineering

Areas of interest:Biotechnology and Bioprocessing
He has an experience of one and half year.