Prof. Sunil Kumar Khatri
Qualification: Ph.D.(Comp. Sc.), MCA
Specialization: Software Reliability, Pattern Recognition, Data Mining, Big Data

Honorary Professors

Professor Hoang Pham
Professor in Software Reliability Engineering
Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering
Rutgers University 96 Frelinghuysen Road, USA
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Professor Longbing Cao
Professor, Faculty of Engineering and IT
Director, Advanced Analytics Institute,
University of Technology Sydney, Australia
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Prof. Pao-Ann Hsiung
Dean of International Affair
Department of Computer Science and Information Engg.,
National Chung Cheng University, Chiayi, Taiwan
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Prof. Syed Akhter Hossain
Head, Department of CSE/CS/CIS
Daffodil International University,
Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Bangladesh
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Core Faculty

Dr. Alpana Kakkar
Associate Professor
Qualification:Ph.D.(Comp.Sc.& E), M.Phil.(CS), MBA(HR), M.Sc (IT), B.E.(CS)
Specialization:Unix, MIS, Information Security Management System

Dr. Tanya Singh
Associate Professor & Dy. Director (Academics)
Qualification: Ph.D. (Pursuing), M.Tech.( Information Technology), B.E.(Electronics)
Specialization: Information Security, Wireless Communication, Mobile Computing Optical Communication & Network Management

Dr. Laxmi Ahuja
Associate Professor & Alumni Coordinator
Qualification: Ph.D.(CS&E) , M.Phil.(CS), MCA
UNIX and Shell Programming, Search Engine, Java, MS Access

Dr. Deepak Kumar
Associate Professor & Research Coordinator
Qualification: Ph.D., MCA, M.Sc.(OR)
Specialization: Software Engineering, Optimization, Modelling, Cloud Computing

Dr. Subhranil Som
Associate Professor
Qualification: MCA, PhD (Computer Science and Engineering)
Specialization: Cryptography and Network Security, e-Health, Core Java, Programming

Mr. S. K. Jha
Assistant Professor (Grade III) & Admission Jt. Coordinator
Qualification: M.Phil.(CS), MCA
Specialization: Software Engg, DBMS, Advance DBMS, Oracle

Ms. Sonia Saini
Assistant Professor (Grade III) & Admission Jt. Coordinator
Qualification: M.Phil.(CS), M.Tech.(IT), B.Tech.(CS & E)
Specialization: Data Structures, Programming Languages, Software Engineering

Ms. Rajbala Simon
Assistant Professor (Grade III) & Examination Superintendent
Qualification: MCA
Specialization: Software Engineering, Data Structure & Programming Languages

Dr. Renuka Mahajan
Assistant Professor (Grade III)
Qualification: Ph.D. (Pursuing), MCA
Specialization: Object Oriented, Data Mining

Dr. Sarika Jain
Assistant Professor (Grade III)
Qualification: .Sc., M.Phil, Ph.D.
Specialization: Theory of Superfractals and Image Processing

Dr. Bhawna Minocha
Assistant Professor (Grade III)
Qualification: Ph.D., MCA
Specialization: Graph Theory, Genetic Algorithms, C++, Java

Mr. Naresh Kumar
Assistant Professor (Grade II) & CISCO Coordinator
Qualification: Ph.D.(Comp. Engg.)(Pursuing), M.Tech.(CSE), M.Sc.(CS & S/w)
Specialization: Web Technologies, Computer Networks

Dr. Mayank Sharma
Assistant Professor (Grade III)
Qualification: Ph.D(Computer Application), MCA, B.Sc.
Specialization: Information Retrieval, Neural Networks, Data Warehousing, Data mining, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Data Analytics , Big-data.

Ms. Kanchan Hans
Assistant Professor (Grade II)
Qualification: Ph.D. (IT)(Pursuing), MCA, M.Phil.(CS)
Specialization: Search Engines, Operating Systems, Object Oriented Programming using C++

Dr. Himanshu Gupta
Assistant Professor (Grade II) & Examination Dy. Superintendent
Qualification: Ph.D. (Comp. Science), MCA , PDCA, B.Sc.(Hons)
Specialization: Network Security & Cryptography

Ms. Monika Sharma
Assistant Professor (Grade II) & HVQ Coordinator
Qualification: Ph.D.(Pursuing), MCA, MBA, BCA, 3 yrs Dip in Comp Engineering
Specialization: Wireless Security Privacy, Software Engg., Operating System, Digital Electronics, Web designing

Ms. Upasana Sharma
Assistant Professor (Grade II) & NTCC Jt. Coordinator
Qualification: Ph.D.(IT) (Pursuing), MCA, B.Sc.
Specialization: Software Engineering, Computer Oriented Numerical Analysis, Data Mining, Discrete Mathematics, Object-Oriented Programming

Mr. Inderjit Singh
Assistant Professor (Grade II)
Qualification: M.S.(Comp Engineering)
Specialization: Computer Networks, Management Information Systems

Ms. Rachna Jain
Assistant Professor (Grade II)
Qualification: MCA, M.Phil
Specialization: Object Oriented Programming, VB.Net, Python, Delphi

Ms. Sapna Sinha
Assistant Professor (Grade II) & Program Leader(MCA)
Qualification: Ph.D.(Comp. Sc.) (Pursuing), MCA, M.Phil
Specialization: Network Security, Information Security, Networking, C++, Cloud Computing Database Management System

Ms. Deepa Gupta
Assistant Professor (Grade II) & Program Leader(B.Sc.(IT) & M.Sc.(NT&M))
Qualification: Ph.D.(CS&E) (Pursuing), M.Tech.(CS & E)
Specialization: Software Engineering, Automata, Computer Graphics, Object Oriented Programming Language using C++

Ms. Ruchika Bathla
Assistant Professor (Grade II)
Qualification: Ph.D.(IT) (Pursuing), MCA, B.Sc.(Comp Sc.)
Specialization: Artificial Intelligence, Networking, Visual Programming

Ms. Neetu Gupta
Assistant Professor (Grade II)
Qualification: Ph.D.(Pursuing), MCA, B.Sc.(Comp. Sc.), GATE Qualified
Specialization: Java, C/C++, Operating System, UNIX, Object Oriented Programming Paradigm, ORM

Ms. Shubhra Gautam Sharma
Assistant Professor (Grade II) & Placement Coordinator
Qualification: Ph.D.(IT) (Pursuing), MCA
Specialization: Software Reliability, Computer Architecture, Digital Electronics, Mathematics, Computer Graphics

Dr. Nitin Pandey
Assistant Professor (Grade II)
Qualification: Ph.D., M.Sc.(Math), MCA, PGDCN, CCNA
Specialization: Data Communication and Networking, Mathematics, Network Security, Cryptography

Ms. Arti Rana
Assistant Professor (Grade II) & Lab Coordinator
Qualification: Ph.D.( Pursuing), MCA, M.Phil.(CS)
Specialization: Software Engineering (Release Management), Data Base Management, Operating Systems, Computer Organization.

Ms. Komal Saxena
Assistant Professor (Grade II)
Qualification: Ph.D. (Pursuing), MCA, LLB
Specialization: Database Management Systems, Enterprises Resource Planning

Ms. Seema Rawat
Assistant Professor (Grade II)
Qualification: B.Tech., M.Tech., Pursuing Ph.D.
Specialization: Cloud Computing,Natural Language Processing,Information Technology, Information Systems, Semantic Web, Application Architecture , Business Process Management, Operations Management.

Mr. Ram Bhushan
Assistant Professor (Grade I)
Qualification: Ph.D.(IT) (Pursuing), M.Tech.(IT), B.Tech.(IT)
Specialization: IT(Wireless Communication And Computing)

Ms. Richa Singh
Assistant Professor (Grade I)
Qualification: MCA
Specialization: Data Structures, Programming Language

Ms. Swati Rustogi
Assistant Professor (Grade I)
Qualification: Ph.D.(CS)(Pursuing),MCA
Specialization: JAVA, Operating Systems, UNIX, Compiler Design

Ms. Ginni Arora
Assistant Professor (Grade I)
Qualification: M.Tech.(CSE), MCA, BCA
Specialization: DBMS, .Net Technologies

Mr. Sandeep Mathur
Assistant Professor (Grade I)
Qualification: Ph.D. (Pursuing), M.Phil, MCA
Specialization: Operating System, Database Management Systems, Oracle, Data ware Housing, C++, Object Oriented Software Engineering

Mr. Anil Sajnani
Assistant Professor (Grade I)
Qualification: BE(E&T), M.Tech.(CS)
Specialization: Computer Architecture, C Language, Data Structure through C, LAN Networks

Ms. Sudhriti Sengupta
Qualification: BE, MIS
Specialization: VB.Net, C, C++, Data Structures, RDBMS