Amity Institute of Psychology and Allied Sciences (AIPS) is a unique Institute offering regular courses in Applied Psychology, Counselling Psychology and Behavioural Sciences. The Institute also offers part time programmes for working professionals. The programmes of the Institute are innovative in their applicability and utility that aims at inculcating broad based understanding towards self and society at large. The vision of the Institute is to make a difference in each individual’s life, by helping them unfold their own talents and potentialities.

AIPS also conducts training programs for professionals in various organizations. Psychometric testing, Behavioural skills training, Effective behavioural change, Workshops and Publications on Behavioral Science issues are among the other activities pursued by the Institute. The guiding vision and mission of the Institute are:

Vision :To make a difference in each individual's life, by helping them unfold their own talents and potentialities.

Mission :To develop self as a core competency that will enable individuals in their personal and professional                               growth .


A very essential component of AIPS is in bringing about enhancement of Personality by inculcating behavioural skills in all the students of Amity University. AIPS believes in not only developing the overall persona of an individual in their personal and professional life but also grooming them to become good human beings. AIPS conducts behavioural science courses in UG and PG Programmes across the Amity University.

Modules for UG Programme

Modules for PG Program

Understanding Self for Effectiveness

Self Development & Interpersonal Skills

Problem Solving & Creative Thinking

Behavioural Communication Relationship Management

Interpersonal Communication

Leading Through Teams

Relationship Management

Personal & Professional Excellence

Group Dynamics & Team Building

Individual, Society & Nation

Stress & Coping Strategies

Positivity & Happiness

Individual, Society & Nation


Positive Personal Growth


Career Management


Personal & Professional Excellence



  • 3rd Annual National Psychology Festival: Abhivyakti 08 with the theme: “Emerging Trends of Behavioural Problems among Youth: A Transition from Learned Helplessness to Empowerment” (3rd & 4th April, 2008)
  • World Mental Health Day: Importance of Mental Health in the World of Work (Oct, 2007). The students had conducted a street play (Nukkad Natak) in Amity University and various prominent places of Delhi to create awareness about various psychosocial issues (Rape, Alcoholism, Dowry and other social issues). The AIPS Students in Amity University organized Nukkad natak for the first time.
  • World Alzheimer’s Day (Sept, 2007)
  • Amity Human Values Week was celebrated from 20th April 07 to 27th April 07 during which psychometric testing & skits were performed.
  • AIPS Students were artist and actor in the movie "The Peace Seller". This film was part of Global Film Festival on "Peace and Spirituality". This movie was selected in the competitive category of Global Film Festival on "Peace and Spirituality" in the Youth Category.
  • 2nd Annual National Psychology Festival: ‘Abhivyakti – The Power of X-pression’ (Feb, 2007)

Numerous Trainings have been conducted by the Institute, some of which include:

  • Training for Delhi Police Personnel on ‘Rediscovering Positive Attitude and Behavioural Changes’ and ‘Anger Management’ as part of the training for preparation for the Commonwealth Games 2010.
  • NHPC - Self Renewal Retreat (Rishikesh) - Creating Meaningfulness of Life
  • Training on ‘Managing Self & Others’ for NHPC
  • Training on ‘Team Building & Group Dynamics’ for Delhi Postal Staff College
  • Training on ‘Self Development Enhances Management of Self & Others’ for NTPC
  • Teachers Training – Amity International Schools
  • Faculty Development programme conducted in AUUP on Student’s Motivation, Conflict Management, Self Development etc.

Research and Development in the Area of:

  • Self and Human values
  • Self Esteem and Personality Enhancement
  • Self Awareness and Self Development
  • Empowerment of Individuals
  • Emotional Intelligence in Adolescence and Youth
  • Spirituality and Healing
  • Business communication & Organizational effectiveness
  • Employee Counselling, Coaching, Mentoring : Performance Management
  • Personality Psychology
  • Enhancing Self Motivation
  • Developmental and Educational Psychology
  • Organizational role stress and Organizational Climate
  • Dissertation in the field of Psychology (like Personality, Emotions, Stress, Drug Abuse & Alcoholism etc.) under the supervision of AIPS Faculty.
  • Spirituality and Mental Health
  • Mental Health and Occupational Stress
  • Effect of Martial Discord on the Emotional Development of Adolescents
  • Spirituality : A Coping Mechanism for Organisational Role Stress
  • Employee Counselling : Mental Health Service in Organisation
  • Self Leadership and Effectiveness
It is thus the broad objective of our Institute to establish a two-fold harmony within oneself and with others living in the whole world.

phone : 0120-4392290/291/292/514/247



Founder President's Message :

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          Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan

My continuous stay of almost three decades in West Germany, now Germany, and close interaction with almost all developed nations of the world, has shown me that everywhere nothing contributes more to the success of a person and nothing leads more to the failure of a person than his or her behaviour. I studied the lives, the management and working style of a very large number of people all over the world those who reached to the peak of success. I have also closely observed the persons who, in spite of hailing from good families and possessing good qualifications from good institutions, could not succeed at all in life. All this has led me to understand that reaching to the top in any area is very easy provided one has the right attitude, understands how to rightly interact with the people and commands all other important aspects of Behavioural Science.

With this premise in mind, I decided to establish Amity Insitute of Psychology And Allied Sciences (aips) which would not only help me in fulfilling my mission and my dream that each student who enters any of our Institutions any where in the world, utilises best of his/her potentials and learns everything that is needed to lead a satisfactory, contented and joyful life. Also this Institute would offer its programmes and conduct seminars and workshops for industry and corporate world, for other Institutions and for other group of people to uplift them in totality.

I am confident that this Institute would contribute greatly in bringing positive change in the society, in the country and globally.

I thank to all those whose contribution has helped the Amity Insitute of Psychology And Allied Sciences march ahead in the right direction and also thank to all those whose help in future would help us in achieving our mission set for the Institute.

Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan
President, Amity Institute of Psychology and Allied Scienes School (aips) & Founder President, Ritnand Balved Education Foundation (RBEF)
Chairman AKC Group of Companies

Director's Message :

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          Prof.(Dr.). Abha Singh

The sudden cataclysms that occur in nature creating havoc and mass injury are not 'acts of God'. Diseases of body and mind, the equally alarming diseases affecting our family, society, economic stability and ecological threats to the earth - all these arise from a lack of accord with essential harmony and unity of the cosmos whether on a personal, community, national or planetary level. Whenever the world's vibrating balances of good and evil is disturbed by an accumulation of harmful vibrations as a result of man's wrong thinking and wrong doing, we see devastations. We are beginning to see that we are not helpless victims of randomly chaotic cosmos; rather the thoughts and actions of man are responsible for this imbalance. Unfortunately stress has fast paced life, and our attraction to external rather than internal reality has drawn out silence from hearts, minds and cell of our bodies.

The negligence of mental health in the contemporary society has led to the bewildering complexities. Faced with these challenges of the modern and competitive world, which is degenerating man, we need to create awareness about understanding the complexities of human behaviour and application of psychological interventions to contribute meaningfully to the purpose of human existence. We need to learn to integrate our thoughts, emotions and actions in a more harmonious manner to lead more balanced and stress free life. As it has rightly been stated by Lord Buddha, 'All that we are, is the result of our thoughts, the world is made up our thoughts'

aips offers unique programs in counselling psychology and Psychology sciences to create broad awareness, as tools for achieving holistic health. We believe positive thinking and positive human behaviour are pre-requisite in the promotion of health, prevention of diseases and building human strengths. The goal is to experience it in our self and realize our true nature to access one's full potential to become fully functional human being.

I believe ultimately it is the disposition of our minds and our motivations that determine the direction of constructive or destructive progress of our humanity.

"Manojay Eva Mahajay" (Conquest of mind is the greatest victory). Bhagwad Geeta.

Let us commit ourselves to work for just, peaceful, happy and nonviolent world, to make true human society.

Prof.(Dr.). Abha Singh
Amity Insitute of Psychology And Allied Sciences
& Acting Head, AIBHAS  

Board of Governers :
1. Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan

2. Dr. (Mrs.) Amita Chauhan

3. Mr. S.S. Rana

4. Mr. B.K. Goswami

5. Mr. Manjeet Singh

6. Mr. B.N. Arora

7. Mr. Anand Chauhan
    General Secretary

8. Mr. Arun Chauhan

9. Mr. Ajay Chauhan
    Vice President

10. Brig. G.D. Sharma
    Director (Projects)

Advisory Board :

We have an academic advisory committee of renowned academicians who advise us in updating the curriculum and making it contemporary to meet the challenges of the business world. The committee consists of the following :


1 Mr. Atul Chauhan
President, RBEF & CEO, AKC group of Companies

2 Maj Gen K Jai Singh
Exec Sr VP RBEF & DG

3 Brig G D Sharma
Director Projects

4 Dr. Sunil Saran
Director, Amity Institute of Biotechnology

5 Prof. B B Dhar
Sr Vice President RBEF

6 Dr. Nirendra Dev
Regional Officer AICTE, Kanpur

7 Dr. Phalguni Gupta
Associate Professor Deptt of Computer Science & Engg IIT Kanpur

8 Mr. D S Yadav
Lecturer, Department of Computer Science IET, Lucknow

9 Ms. Usha Birjee
Director of Technical Education Lucknow

10 Dr. Shyam Kumar
Director Amity School of Computer Sciences Noida