Prinicipal's Message
Prinicipal's Message

Dear Parents

On behalf of the Management, Teachers and Staff, I extend hearty wishes for the new academic session 2014-15.

It gives me great pleasure to state that the overall performance of our students in, both, academic and extra-curricular spheres has provided us immense encouragement and satisfaction, and made us all very proud. At Amity Mayur Vihar, we believe that growth of an individual largely depends on the willingness and capacity to improve and learn. Each of us develop at a different pace and acquire expertise in a wide range of subject areas through unique learning styles. The emphasis at Amity MV is to design our program to provide professional attention to each student, and to challenge and motivate them to perform to their potential.

Imparting education is a collective responsibility and we seek your cooperation in our mission to achieve new milestones beyond conventional academic success, and to carve a new destiny as we help our children to develop into proactive, open-minded and responsible citizens. Our school aims to cater to the larger perspective of education, which imbibes the philosophy of building the individuals’ self-esteem, values, ethics and the power to think, explore and analyse.

At Amity MV, keeping the vision of Founder President Dr. Ashok.K.Chauhan and our Chairperson Dr. (Mrs) Amita Chauhan students try and blend modernity with tradition. They do not compete with each other, but with themselves by constantly raising their standards and attempting to successfully achieve their goals. This makes them not only highly driven individuals, but also sensitive and empathetic to other's successes and failures, a very important factor which shapes them into fine human beings. Our school carefully nurtures the tangible and intangible strengths of each student, thereby preparing them to face the challenges of a competitive world. We trigger their curosity and encourage them to step into unfamiliar grounds without fear.

Let us, together, make this journey of theirs an enlightening yet an enjoyable experience.


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