April 2009


On 30th April 2009, 4 teachers (Bano Kashvie, Kavita Gupta, Shilpi Paliwal and Anju) from Amity International School, Noida attended the IRIS Meet 2 (an initiative by IRIS & INTEL)at AIS, Pushp Vihar Branch.
Resource persons, Dr. AK Bhatnagar and Dr. DK Pandey, Department of Science and Technology and Confederation of Indian Industries expanded upon IRIS’s various programmes for young students, allowing them to explore and enhance their path breaking ideas. They also provided explicit guidelines for designing proficient projects.
IRIS also provides numerous opportunities for young scientists to develop their ‘scientific temper’ and further, showcase their talent and earn a chance to make India proud at ISEF.


Amity International School, Noida held the Primary Distribution Ceremony (for Classes 2 to 5) on 29th April 2009, and the Pre-Primary Prize Distribution Ceremony (for Nursery, KG and Class 1) on 30th April 2009 for the creditable students. During the two ceremonial days, 1600 prizes were awarded to the deserving Amitians for both academic brilliance and co-curricular activities during the previous academic year.
On 29th April 2009, Chief Guest for the occasion, Ms. Anne Lee Seshadri , Director, American Center, New Delhi inspired the achievers and encouraged them to contribute so as to help society at large for future progressive development. She also expressed her joy at the unique experience of the "Amitian" hospitality and motivated the children to "revel in childhood by participating and seizing opportunities for betterment in all facets of their lives."
In her keynote address, Principal, Mrs. Mohina Dar welcomed the guests and stated how proud she was of her Amitians' achievements. She reiterated, "At Amity, my children develop the habit of excellence early on in their lives, by first learning to constructively improve small, positive actions. The habit to do this, once inculcated and if repeated daily, tremendously advances life's every facet."
Meanwhile, Headmistress, Primary (Wing A), Mrs. Roopma Singh and Junior Headmistress, Primary (Wing B), Mrs. Swapna Paul announced the long list of prize winners. Not only were there prizes for excellence in the various subjects, but also for story telling, recitation, computers, handwriting, reading, full attendance, overall improvement, amicable personality, Fine Arts, sports and the "All Rounder Award" that was conferred upon students who excelled not only in academics but for co-curricular activities as well. The “Commendable Improvement Award” and the “Overall Improvement Award” were bestowed upon those who had achieved the maximum improvement over the entire academic year.
The cultural programme jubilantly echoed the sentiments of the day, mesmerizing the parents and esteemed guests. The mellifluous tune, "Abhudaya" by Keshav Sir’s Percussion Orchestra, "Ganesh Stuti”, the dance by Nilomani Sir’s Dance Troupe and Mankotia Ma'am's School Choir sang 's lively rendition, "Shukriya Aane Ka, Jashn-e-jeet Manane Ka" ,set the notes, full of accomplishment and success.
The two days earmarked the dreams of both Dr. Amita Chauhan, Chairperson, Amity Schools and Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan, Founder President by creating “little leaders” who would soon make India a Super Power by the year 2030, thus fulfilling their profound “Vision”.


Human Values Day was celebrated at Amity International School, Noida in honour of their beloved Chairperson, Dr. Amita’s Chauhan’s birthday on 27th April 2009. On her benign arrival, the Amitians greeted her with a shower of ‘rose petals.” The lighting of the lamp ceremony and the Shlok Gayan added auspiciousness to the happy event. Principal, Mrs. Mohina Dar gave her a befitting welcome.
To show their deep love and respect for Amita Ma’am, the Amitians put up a vibrant programme consisting of "A Bouquet of Values" by the Pre-Primary Students while Jude Sir’s Choir sang a benevolent prayer titled, “May God Bless You”. Sonali Tyagi, Class XI dedicated the piece called, “Hamari Prerna Srotra” while the Senior Theater Group put up a play by Rabindranath Tagore “Kavya Pravahini.” Discipline Captain, Nikita Khattar, Class XII expressed her personal view about Dr. Amita Chauhan in “A Few Thoughts” while the Amitasha students put up a skit, “Aap Ki Chhaya Main". The Primary Choir melodiously sang, "Jiyo Hazaaron Saal.." as the presentation of cards and bouquets clearly moved Amita Ma’am as she thanked all her Amitians for loving and caring for her so much. She encouraged them to always promote the human values of loving, caring, empathy, respect, truthfulness, patience, harmony, humility and simple-mindedness while constantly treading the path of “excellence.”
The Vote of Thanks was given by Mrs. Renu Singh, Sr. Vice Principal in “Hum Karte Hain Vyakt Aabhaar" as all stood up for the School Song.


To commemorate Earth Day 2009 (April 22nd), both Wing A & and Wing B, Primary School, Amity International School, Noida and the young Amitans, comprising of the Green Generation acknowledged the 39th Anniversary of Earth Day in a series of special assemblies. They reiterated that from now on children must play an active part that comprised of action and civic participation to defend core principles in terms of

  • A carbon-free future based on renewable energy that will end our common dependency on fossil fuels, including coal.
  • An individual’s commitment to responsible, sustainable consumption.
  • Creation of a new green economy that lifts people out of poverty by creating millions of quality green jobs and transforms the global education system into a green one.
A skit highlighting the ramifications of global warming, a ‘Save Our Earth” pledge and songs dedicated to Mother Earth were the noted renditions made both to a poignant day and promising future where the Amitians would take the global challenge by being leaders in every field, especially for the continuity for humanity and Planet Earth.


On 22nd of April, 2009, the “Just-a-minute” competition was held in the School Auditorium for classes IX-XII .The students enthusiastically displayed their might with words and partook in the event in the true spirit of competition and camaraderie. True Amitian wit, spontaneity and creativity were displayed by the participants to given topics that were interesting, leaving the audience roaring with laughter.
The results for the event were:
Classes IX and X—1st--Pawani House, 2nd—Mandakini House.
Classes XI and XII—both Pawani and Bhagirathi shared the 1st position.
Aparna Mohan of IX and Karanjot of class XII were declared best speakers.


On 21st April 2009, 15 students from Amity International School, Noida attended the talk organized by the British Council titled, “Impact of Melting Poles on India” at the National Science Centre, Delhi. Resource person, Mr. Simon Boxall of the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, UK delivered a stimulating discourse on the impact of global warming on the world, with particular focus on India. He reiterated that in the next few years, storm surges will increase in and around India, oceans will get heated, monsoons will extend and a 4°C temperate rise is on the cards. He also enlightened the audience about his expedition to “Cape Farewell” in the Arctic. Katy Tunstall and Vikram Seth had accompanied him. The Amitians were intrigued as they decided to actually wake up and GO GREEN.


On 21st April 2009, students from Amity International School attended the I.A.Y.P (International Award for Young Peoples ) Awards ceremony at Modern School, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi. Twenty-four students from class X and 19 from class XI were facilitated at the ceremony with the Bronze and Silver level awards.
The occasion was graced by Ms Sue Walker, Organization Head, I.A.Y.P., North Pacific Zone who conferred the awards upon the deserving children. Congratulating both the parents and children, she hailed their stupendous achievements and called them “the potential future leaders of the world.”
Congratulations to the Amitians who have done the School proud with their spectacular achievements.


On 19th April 2009, Dakshyani Raina, KG 3, Wing A, was declared the Champion from the Uttar Pradesh Zone at the National Abacus Compeition held by Brainobraind Kids Academy at Father Agnel School, New Delhi. She received a Champions Trophy and a Merit certificate.


On 18th April 2009, the Class IX Parent Orientation was held at Amity International School, Noida. The Guest Speaker for the day, Dr. Kanika Khandelwal, Senior Lecturer and Professor of Psychology, Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University addressed the gathering. The extremely interactive session saw a host of parents pose numerous questions to Dr. Khandelwal as she answered each query patiently, adding insight to her answers.
The gathering was also addressed by the Principal, Mrs. Mohina Dar and the Senoir Vice Principal, Mrs Renu Singh. Meanwhile, Coordinator, Mrs. Anuradha Sinha apprised the parents about the exam schedule and talked at length about all the other educational programmes which were offered at this level.


On 18th April 2009, the Headmistress, Middle School, Ms. Vandana Bhargava of Amity International School, Noida attended the workshop titled, “Environment Sustainability Leadership Programme” at Sanskriti School, New Delhi.
The workshop was conduced by an exuberant team from the NGO, Climate Change Project—India and aimed at producing student leadership on tacking issues via inspired teachers. The session commenced by highlighting the destructive processes being face the world over due to global warming and the servere consequences humans would be facing in the near future as a direct result of this. This problem was further discussed with special reference to India.
The group stressed the immediate need for schools, teachers and concerned members of society to educate children and encourage them to take up remedial measures to slow down the process of global warming. The TCP announced that an opinion poll tilted, “KAUN BANEGA BHARAT KA PARYAVARAN AMBASSADOR??” should be conducted in respective schools.
The programme also aims to equip teachers with various educative tools (such as animated films, etc.) while they are teaching subjects on the environment.


On 17th April 2008, the Class V Orientation Programme was held at Amity International School, Noida to apprise the parents on the transition from the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation System to the Examination System. Principal, Mrs. Mohina Dar, welcomed the parents and stated, “Conduct is what we do. Character is what we are. When character is the root of the tree; conduct is the fruit it bears.” She urged the parents to help their wards inculcate “core values” as virtuous conduct and wholesome character will bind our social fabric in brotherhood and understanding.
Dr. Kanika Khandelwal, guest speaker and Senior Lecturar, Lady Shree Ram College, Delhi University gave interesting insights on parenting on how to “foster” honesty, trust, integrity, forgiveness, understanding and tolerance in the children. During the interactive session, she gave holistic answers on how to develop “positive interactions” between parents and children in all areas of life.
Headmistress, Mrs. Roopma Singh expanded on the Class 5 methodology, stressing on the importance for time management, mapping out daily a schedule, regularity in study habits school and home work, and the importance of parental support as the students “blossom” with independence and goodness. She encouraged the adults to be the “guiding role models” for their wards to emulate by surely “practising what they preached.” Meanwhile, the graduates or Class 6 students shared their experiences, highlighting the qualities of Class 5.
Lastly, Mrs. Swapna Paul, Junior Headmistress introduced the Coordinators (Rita Ma’am and Shalini Ma’am) as well as the class teachers and subject teachers.


The Global Education and Leadership Foundation conducted a workshop for the Class VIII teachers at DPS, Noida to provide them with the expertise in training students “with the traits for future ethical leaders”. In the future, the programme will be further designed by recruiting students from classes VIII to XII to develop both their intra and inter-personal skills during a series of 12, one-hour sessions to foster leadership qualities in them.


On 15th April 2009, Amity International School, Noida held the Parent Orientation for Class 1. It commenced with the traditional lamp lighting ceremony to invoke the blessings of the Almighty.

In her welcome address, Principal, Mrs. Mohina Dar stressed on originality as being a priceless gift by reiterating, “One who is original initiates the arising of a unique expression of the world.” She also gave a bird’s eye view on how to discipline children by “setting limits, smartly.”
The Guest Speaker, Dr. Kanika Khandelwal, Senior Lecturar, Lady Shree Ram College, Delhi University delivered an enriching talk on parenting and stressed the need for both parents and educators to “work together to help the children grow into well-integrated, emotionally secure adults.” During the interesting Interactio” session, she answered numerous questions ranging form food concerns, parenting tips, how to foster and direct extra talent, constructive punishment and TV viewing to inculcating the healthy habit of reading.
Mrs. Swapna Paul Jr. Headmistress (Primary Wing B), focused on the objectives and holistic thrust of education that the school offered in terms of curriculum and child-friendly co-curricular activities as well. Meanwhile, Mrs. Roopma Singh, Headmistress (Primary Wing A) introduced the Coordinators (Shivani Ma’am and Neelu Ma’am) as well as the class teachers.
However, the climax of the day was the peppy piece titled, “A Sneak Peek into Class 1 Life” by the graduates (now in class 2) that essentially highlighted how a simple trip to the Post Office (Sector 16) could take thematic learning to “holistic” heights, thereby making meaningful connections to the family, school and community life. It served as an intense period of discovery and analysis too. The day proved to be a true “eye-opener” for the parents!


On 13th April 2009, Amity International School, Noida held the IRIS Orientation (INITIATIVE IN RESEARCH AND INNOVATION IN SCIENCE) that was conducted by Mr Piyush Kumar, Regional Coordinator, IRIS, North Zone for the students of Classes 7th to 10th.
The session commenced with an overview on how every student could cultivate and “bring out” the scientist in them by the simple, yet effective strategy of brainstorming that would lead to innovative ideas. Mr. Kumar reiterated that these “innovative ideas” need not necessarily be “big, impressive” ones.
The students viewed a PowerPoint Presentation on how various steps were involved to make an authentic idea a reality starting from its mere conception. Students were told to log on to the relevant website for the relevant brochure and other necessary information.


A Parent Orientation for Class XI was held at Amity International School on 9th April, 2009. In her welcome address, Principal Mrs. Mohina Dar emphasized that parents should provide emotional support to their children and try to bridge the generation gap through effective communication. She added that the support and guidance of the parents is required to help children in their choice of streams or subjects. However parents must refrain from imposing their views or aspirations on their wards. Mrs. Dar also cautioned parents that in these years children are most vulnerable to peer pressure, for which parental guidance is very essential.
Vice Principal, Renu Singh spoke about the need for maintaining the right balance between the C.B.S.E syllabus and competitive exams, and reiterated that students should give equal importance to both. She also briefed parents about the code of conduct and other disciplinary measures followed in the school. The Senior Co-ordinator, Mrs.Vijayshree Naidu apprised the parents regarding the methodology followed in class XI, while Mrs. Meenakshi Rawal, Asst. Director, AICE spoke at length about the benefits of joining the Synchro Programme.


On 4th and 6th April 2009 respectively, the Nursery Orientation was held at Amity International School, Noida. The guest speaker for the day, Dr. Kanika Khandelwal, Senior Professor of Psychology, Lady Sri Ram College, Delhi University, lit the ceremonial lamp to invoke the blessings of the Almighty. The school choir welcomed the newest Nursery parents to the Amity Family with a sacred Shlok Gayan.
Principal, Mrs. Mohina Dar conveyed her genuine welcome as she reiterated, "A child is only little…her world is interpreted by our expressions. So let our mature eyes express our love.” She also vowed to cultivate the sparkle of confidence in her Amitians’ character as she gave a few pointers on how to make the little ones “gleam” with self-worth. Mrs. Roopma Singh, Headmistress (Wing A) expanded upon the methodology practised at Amity with “The Way We Learn at Amity,” while, Mrs. Swapna Paul, Junior Headmistress (Wing B) elaborated on how the daily routine commences to foster life skills in the children.
The Coordinators , Mrs. Shivani Khanna (Wing A) and Mrs. Neelu Khanna (Wing B) were introduced along with the staff while the KG kiddies gave the audience insights into how co-curricular activities make learning complete and wholesome.
Dr. Kanika Khandelwal gave the parents vision and insight on how to prepare the children for "their new phase in life" and also delivered helpful tips on how to start Nursery school on "the right note" as parents posed questions in an interactive session.


On 4th April, 2009, Priti Chakraborthy of Amity International School, Noida attended a workshop on ‘Puppetry’ at AIS, Mayur Vihar. Other teachers from Amity Sister Schools also attended the workshop conducted by resource persons, Dr. Amita Shaw, Director, Bal Bhawan and Mrs. Jyoti Arora. The effective use of puppets and puppetry were expanded upon, especially for shy children who are afraid to speak or act in front of entire class. Such children, when operated puppets, would automatically become less self-conscious as the puppet provided a “safety net”—an extra level of reality between the performer and “acting”. Much ground was also covered besides expanding on the types of puppets that could be incorporated in classroom teaching.
Divided into groups, the participants then engaged in making puppets and then worked on a story line. At the end of the day, they put up their stories. The workshop was aimed at inculcating the “holistic” objective of education through effective usage of puppets in classroom teaching.


On 2nd April 2009, both the Wings A and B of the Primary Branch, Amity Amity International School, Noida held their ‘WELCOME BACK’ assemblies with exuberance and great fanfare. Mrs. Roopma Singh, HM Wing A and Mrs. Swapna Paul, Jr. HM Wing B, stated that the real purpose of education was not merely to accumulate knowledge in the mind, but also to light an ‘ardent fire’ that will gradually to dispel darkness and ignorance. That day, each and every Amitian took a solemn pledge to do the best they could in the new academic year 2009—2010. They thus, began another challenging phase in their lives by continuing to seek and strive for excellence in both academic and personal fronts.


On 31st March 2009, Amity International School, Noida held a special Havan ceremony invoke the blessings of the Almighty and thus, mark the beginning of the new academic year 2009—2010. Dr. (Mrs.) Amita Chauhan, Chairperson, Amity International Schools was present to partake in the important ceremony. The event was also held to commemorate the 16th birthday of Amtiy, Noida.
Both the Founder President (RBEF), Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan and Dr. Amita Chauhan firmly believe that all Amitians should grow with the values of righteousness, tolerance, brotherhood, humility, spirituality, rationalism, sensitivity to the environment and respect for elders. Havans are regularly held to inculcate in them these virtues.

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