August 2009


On 29th August 2009, the Primary teachers of Amity International School, attended a theatre workshop given by Ms. Shaina Marwah from Theatre n Techniques, Delhi. The workshop incorporated how theatre techniques actually help children in enhancing their learning skills in terms of developing better speech, expression, voice modulation, acting ability, body language, posture, interactive skills as well as build of an extensive English vocabulary. Theatre across the curriculum should be integrated in class room teaching to inculcate an overall confident and well-groomed personality.

PRESS RELEASE: 29 August 2009

Amity International School, Noida held a Parent Orientation for classes X and XII on 29th August 2009 at the school auditorium. The program commenced on an auspicious note with the lighting of the lamp and the Invocation to the Almighty.
Principal Mrs. Mohina Dar in her welcome address stated that parents need to be supportive, and establish meaningful communication with children in this crucial year of their lives. She urged parents to forge a bond with their children by opening up communication channels and through a balanced understanding of their goals and aspirations. She also reiterated that the tension and stress associated with Board exams should be alleviated. Parents were given important tips on children’s study patterns , techniques of learning which enhance retention, and the need for recreational activities.
Mrs. Dar also apprised the parents of the outstanding class X and XII Board results for the year 2008-09 which was supported by a PowerPoint presentation.
Vice Principal, Mrs. Renu Singh informed the parents about the methodology and assessment parameters followed in Board classes. Two students, Vidya Reddy of last year’s class XII batch and Anant Agarwal of class XI shared their experiences with the audience. The program ended with an interactive question answer session.


Manju Tripathi and Piyu Mukerji of Amity International School Noida attended the three day workshop titled “Microorganisms” at Vishwa Bharti School, Noida from 27th to 29th August 2009 given by resource persons, Dr. Neeru Narula, Agriculture University, Hissar and Dr. Patgiri, Cotton College, Guwahati. The event was organised by the Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India and the Millenium Education Trust .
The session provided the participants with a hands-on experience on clear guidelines on how to perform experiments based on microorganisms. The workshop was a follow up on the mobile laboratory kit prepared by DST to teach students about microbes. Other microbiological techniques that could be performed in a classroom setting with the help of the above mentioned kit were discussed.


Amity International School, Noida took part in the Leadership Programme 2009—2010 sponsored by Global Education and Leadership Foundation for students of Classes VI to VIII that was spread over 9 sessions from 23rd April 2009 to 27th August 2009. This event fostered a wholesome awareness about the different facets of leadership and leaders.
At the completion of the programme, the Amitains understood that leadership was nothing but the ability to get others to willingly follow. They also comprehended that a leader needed a clear vision and knew how to achieve success. Good communication skills, discipline to work towards collective goals, integrity, honest dealings, predictable reactions, well-controlled emotions, dedication, magnanimity, humility openness, creativity, fairness, assertiveness and a sense of humour where the qualities that made true leaders. They also grasped that intrinsic traits such as intelligence, good looks, height and so on are not necessary to become a leader as anyone could cultivate these proper leadership traits with hardwork and determination.


On 25th August 2009, Amity International School, Noida witnessed the, the installation of the Primary Prefectorial Council for Wings A and B. The Choir, lead by Mrs. Usha Mankotia gave a soulful rendition to invoke the blessings of the Almighty. In her welcome speech, Coodindator, Mrs. Anjleen Berar reiterated, “You're great, just the best, but you're going to get better. The long, hard road leads to the most beautiful views. How you respond to challenges determines deep down inside who you are and what you’re going to be. Do the very best you can do in all that is asked of you. Working miracles is of your own making because you know what it takes to be a winner. Cross your bridges. Meet your challenges. Reach out for your dreams. Just go after them. Congratulations and God Bless.”
The deemed House Captains, Prefects and IQF Prefects selected after many testing interviews resolved to be perfect role models for the rest of the students to emulate. Principal, Mrs. Mohina Dar pinned on the badges and congratulated the little leaders, encouraging them to strive towards integrity by taking the best advantage of their positions. Other prefects were conferred upon the titles such as “Sports Captain, Captain—Literary Society, Captain—Cultural Activities, Captain—Co-Curricular, Captain—Discipline, etc. A total number of 70 prefects from Primary Wings “A & B” were installed.
Head Boy, Mohammad Qureshi and Head Girl, Kritika Dusad administered the oath and gave helpful tips on how to be the perfect prefects. Headmistress, Mrs. Swapna Paul, proposed the Vote of Thanks by mentioning the names of all those who had made the programme possible, including the 8 Houses Mistresses from Alaknanda, Bhagirathi, Mandakini and Pawani Houses, respectively.


Divya Gupta, the German teacher from Amity International School, Noida was was invited by Goethe Institute, Max Mueller Bhavan, Delhi to participate in a seminar held at Gauting, Germany from the 16th to 29th August 2009. At Gauting, 40 other German language teachers from Slovakia, Turkey, Greenland, South Africa and Sri Lanka gathered for different seminars, lectures and presentations with the focal theme--“Teaching German in Big Groups”. During this time, novel techniques and methods of teaching were introduced involving lectures and presentations by external faculty. Translating themes via drama, role play, recitation and singing songs were encouraged.
During the second week, Divya engaged herself in research work. Several topics were given to different groups as they ventured out into the city and interviewed people, collected information and photographs to document unique experiences in her project report, ‘Fahrrad’ i.e. bicycle. Another important activity assigned to her was preparing a lesson plan which was subsequently presented in the class room teaching session. A visit to the publishing house, “Hueber” was an enriching experience.
Divya also partook in the excursion and cultural extravagaza to Munich, Salzburg and Austria , attended a piano concert and a theartre show, took trips to museums, Castle Neuschenest and Church-Wies and Beer Garden. ‘Twas a memorable trip indeed.


It was August 15, 1947 when the nation woke up breathing in the air of freedom to herald a new beginning as a sovereign country after 300 years of colonial rule. In the spirit of the ‘Indian Tricolour’, the Primary Wing of Amity International School, Noida celebrated India’s 62nd Independence Day on 13th August 2009. From 10th to 13th August, a week long of “Independence Week Celebrations” were earmarked by parades, patriotic speeches and songs, poster making, quiz “My Country”, recitation of patriotic poems, a special assembly along with the remembrance of the soldiers and freedom fighters who fought for the liberty of India.


Janamasthami is the union of joy and devotion. On 11th AND 12th August 2009, Primary students of Amity International School, Noida celebrated the birth of Lord Krishna by holding as special assembly. A rainbow of colours became soothing and soulful as the rhythm of bhajans filled the air during a dramatic depiction of Lord Kanhiya’s childhood and life. An enchanting dance with the Gopis added the “rhythm divine” to the special day.


On 10th August 2009, the Primary students observed the birthday of their dear Principal, Mrs. Mohina Dar in a special assembly. Her real birthday had fallen on Sunday, 9th of August. When she arrived, she was fondly greeted her with flowers, cards and loads of goodwill. After the "Showering of Rose Petals", the Western Music Choir sang a delightful birthday song. Two poems dedicated in her honour and “News” in the form a bulletin apprised how her special attributes in childhood had today turned her into a very “successful and dynamic” personality.
Mrs. Dar was moved beyond words and her appreciation was eloquently expressed as she reiterated, "Childhood is so beautiful and I want each and every one of you to live life full of happiness. Study and play hard. Love you family, friends and dear ones. There is no need to grow up so fact. Do the simple things and enjoy. Thank you for the beautiful day. I will treasure it always."


On 7th August 2009, Amity International School, Noida formally bid “‘adieu” to the ten cultural exchange students from USA visiting the school campus from 28th June to 8th August. The students had been carefully screened and selected by the NSLI--US State Government sponsored Hindi Language Programme to spend 6 weeks in India because they possessed academic achievement, exemplary character, and adaptability. The sponsorship was also supported by AFS, Intercultural Programme, India.
Each exchange student stayed with an Amitian (AFS) Host family who provided them with a loving home including an AFS Brother or AFS Sister. During this time, these versatile and intelligent students mastered not only the Hindi language through both formal and informal training but also had an exciting exposure to Indian music, art, dance, drama, culture, yoga, tradition, cuisine, heritage and our unique Amitian values.
While the Shlok Gayan lent auspiciousness to the occasion, Dr. Mrs. Amita Chauhan, Chairperson, Amity International School lit the ceremonial lamp along with Ms. Merilyn and Ms. Manjeet (both from AFS, India), Dr. Bhatia (Department of Education, Amity University) along with 17 Bhutanese delegates from Power Corporation (Thimpu) and Mrs. Jytoi Arora, Coordinator, Amity Resource Centre.

In her welcome address, Mrs. Mohina Dar, Prinicpal, AIS, Noida thanked Chairperson, Dr. Amita Chauhan for supporting the Indo-US exchange by “bringing the world together and encouraging our young Amitians to volunteers to foster international friendships that will reach millions of people and help make our world peaceful.” She also gave due acknowledgement to Mrs. Joyti Arora for getting the exchange programme on track. Of the foreign students, she reiterated, “This morning, words like 'spirited', 'dreaming' and 'challenges' come to mind when, in the past 6 weeks, I have watched my dear visitors become totally involved, conscientiously practicing, motivated towards excellence while savouring their time in India. The time you have spent with us will be etched in our memories long after you have returned to USA.”
Ms. Merilyn, AFS India congratulated Amity, Noida for successfully hosting the US Students by developing their intercultural skills. She reiterated, “Students who have experienced international education, who speak another language, and have lived in another culture are simply better prepared and have more options, both personally and professionally.” She presented the “History of AFS” to Mrs. Mohina Dar as a token of her appreciation.
Chairperson, Dr. Amita Chauhan gave away mementos as a token of her deep appreciation and gratitude to both the Host Families and the US students. To her Amitians she said, “Amity is an ideal place to host an exchange programme. Dear children, these US children are exemplary as they have learnt Hindi in 6 weeks. We will never forget them. We should use them as great examples. I wish all my Amitians will also join similar exchange programmes in future. My heartfelt gratitude goes out to all those who have made this mission, possible.”
Talent, expertise and versatility took a “desi” turn as the ten students, with Max and Hang as comperes, put up a delightful cultural programme for the Amitians, commencing with the reciting of the Guru mantra in an “Invocation of God.” The melodic rendition, “Panchi Jaise Jhoomein” expressed how their wish for a peaceful world co-existed with freedom, patriotism and democratic ideals. Another harmonious number, “Hum Hongay Kaamyabh”, performed with the Amitasha Girls’ Choir, had both Hindi and English lyrics that articulated, “With peace in my heart I do believe that we small overcome one day.” A hilarious One-Act Play titled “Idgaah” recounted their “brush” with India, incorporating learning the Hindi language and interacting with the locals and had the audience in splits. Meanwhile, the Primary and Middle School children displayed “Our Cultural Heritage”, showcasing Garba, Santhali, Naga, Rajasthani and Bhangra dance forms. This was rounded off with a patriotic interpretation of “Vande Mataram” and was supported by a PowerPoint Presentation, replete with snippets by two snazzy presenters, Priyanka Dilip and Shinjini Biswas.
In ‘Expressions’, Katyayni AFS Host Sister to Hang said, “Hosting Hang was a marvellous experience full of sharing and caring. Hang didn’t complain about the heat at all. The funniest thing was to watch Hang bargaining on her own when we went shopping. This unique experience has forever changed the lives of my family and me.” Vitasta, another AFS Host Sister to Sarah Seger said, “The 6 weeks with Sarah went by too fast. It was an amazing way to experience a whole new world. I am very sad that she and the other students are leaving tonight.”
In the meantime, three US students, Hang, Max and Julia had the following to say about their experience in India. Hang said, “It was the longest plane ride and they had warned us about the heat in the orientation programme in US. I didn’t complain as much about the heat as my AFS Sister, Katyayni did. She took such great care of me. She was always holding my hand when we were crossing the roads. My AFS Mom, Mrs. Singh made the most amazing ‘swadhist’ food. I loved watching TV and talking to my AFS Dad, Mr. Singh. And My AFS Brother is so, so cute. I will come back one day though in the winter. The Taj, Akshadham, caring, shopping, food, culture…it was amazing.”
Max said, “I’m from New Orleans and India is my grandparents’ homeland. In the beginning, I thought I already knew so much about the country. I was wrong. I learnt so much when I actually experienced the culture first hand…the cuisine, the traditions and intermingling with the people. My AFS Brother, Sankalp and his family showed me how intimate relationships exist within a family, teaching valuable lessons about love and life. I loved the Rakhi festival and how one could just go and meet people without being formally invited. It was so cool.”
Julia said, “Every moment of my time here was amazing. I will find a way to come back here once more. I thank my AFS Family, the Agarwals for their exchange of kindness, customs, and culture within a family. This extended throughout a high school, Amity and community to touch so many lives.”
Two AFS Host Mothers, Dr. Abha Verma (who’s daughter, Anumeha hosted Kate Annie) and Mrs. Neena Bhalla (who’s son Abhimanyu, hosted Malcohm), both agreed that exchange programmes did create friendships that lasted far beyond the time you share together. By opening their homes and hearts, the felt enriched by sharing it with a young person from another culture and country. They also saw their own culture through new eyes.
The event ended with the Indian National Anthem. This was followed by American National Anthem as well.
Thus, Amity has become competent in crossing cultures as it has enabled people to act as responsible, global citizens working for peace and understanding in a diverse world by hosting numerous cultural exchange programmes.


Hiroshima Day has been continually observed in many parts of the world with special vigils and peace marches to commemorate the dropping of the first atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. The bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are considered among the most significant events in world history.
On 6th August 2009, peace groups at Amity International School, Noida, who truly believe that there is power in memory, observed “Peace Day” by coming together and rising to the occasion to call for the abolition of nuclear weapons and war. Such observances signify the first steps to shun the massive death and destruction of the nuclear age.


On 4th August 2009, the students of Classes XI and XII of Amity International School organized Aarohan 2009, the Commerce Symposium that showcased brilliant talent. The day commenced by invoking the blessings of the Lord Almighty through the chanting of the sacred Shlokas and the lighting of the lamp ceremony. Principal, Mrs. Mohina Dar graciously welcomed the guests and addressed the eminent gathering, emphasizing on the need for organizing such challenging programmes such as Aarohan to deal with the changing needs of the economy.
The participants brought the alluring world of the media and advertising to the limelight as they suavely marketed the products that had been allotted to them. Soon, the audience was in splits of laughter as the ad presentations were laced with originality, creativity, sharp wittiness and snazzy punch lines. The winners of this segment were the students of Classes XI G and XII G.
Meanwhile, the Commerce Quiz tickled the grey cells, cleverly testing practical knowledge and application of the participants. The “Tricky Question Round” and the “Visual Round” vigorously tested their mettle as the crowd cheered. The Panel Discussion title, “Consumer Awareness and Protection—Is He Really Aware?” voiced the students’ novel ideas and “no-nonsense” awareness, simultaneously displaying their confidence, oratory skills and the ability to state their view points with realistic conviction. The judges from ABS, Noida comprising of Ms. Divya Chaudhary, Ms. Ankita Bansal, Mr. Vinay Chopra and Mr. Rupin Pahwa lauded the sincere efforts put in by the Amitians. Roshan of Class XII G and Anantdeep of Class XI F were declared the best speakers.
Mrs. Renu Singh, Vice Principal, gave the vote of thanks and praised the judges, teachers and students for their cooperation and commitment in making the event highly successful.


The German Teacher, Mrs. Milan Sharma of Amity, Noida journeyed to Germany form 2nd to 15th August 2009 to attend the International German Teacher’s Conference held at Jena and Weimar. Over 3000 from all over the world gathered for an invigorating interaction with each other. The cultural exchange enhanced their knowledge on how to better impart the teaching of the German Language. She also attended a week long seminar at Berlin, titled “German Identity” , which focussed on developing closer ties between the teachers. The session also imparted knowlege on Germany history and exploring the rich culture so that once the teachrs returned back to their own countries, they could infuse the teaching of the German language with its culture.


On 1st August 2009, Amity International School, Noida hosted the Geography inter-school competition, GEOMATY 2009 for the students of Classes III to X. The ‘Geomaty Endeavour’, successfully into it’s third year saw the competition generate immense interest in the subject, including fostering the skills of map reading and interpretation. An exclusive brainchild of Dr. Amita Chauhan, Chairperson, Amity International Schools, it was also Amity’s novel commitment to cultivating holistic education. A total of 600 students from 37prestigious schools from Delhi and NCR participated in the event.

On 29th July 2009, forty teachers from various schools in Delhi and NCR attended the ‘enrichment’ workshops conducted by Mr. Rohan Verma of CE Info Systems titled, “Digital Mapping” and the second by Dr. Sudhanshu Sinha, Project Officer, British High Commission titled, “Climate Change and Low Carbon Future.”

This year, the GEOMATY challenge was extended to the Class III students as well in the event “Dresses of India” that included a presentation on customary attire of any one State, region or tribe using dramatic enactment and artistic props. “The People of the World” segment for Classes IV and V took competition to a wider level in terms of distinct cultural forms as a special means to come together to celebrate humanity’s variegated “unity in diversity.” A Geography quiz, both oral and written, including map reading, marking and identification were for the older students. Creative talent took three-dimensional formations in the “On the Spot Model Making” quarter that displayed inventive use of recycled material. Mind boggling questions from the allied subjects of Astronomy, Geomorphology, Climatology and Hydrology acted as “brain teasers and testers” in the form of general awareness, crossword puzzles and jumbled words. Natty PowerPoint presentations added originality, colour and technological expertise to the diverse subject matter that was presented. Original topics, such as the retreating Himalayan Glaciers, lessons to be learnt from receding Arctic Ice, Increasing ocean temperatures and their impact failed monsoons, global warming, etc. were only a few of the ‘mind-blowing’ topics covered.

Ten prominent judges such as Dr. Sudhanshu Singha (Regional Head, Climate Security Project, British High Commission), Dr. Ruma Shukla, (Geographic Information Systems), Mr. Anurag Khandelwal (an architect), Dr. Kakoli Singh (Geographer), Mrs. Gargi Seth (Artist and art promoter), Mrs. Princy Kaul (Free-lace Artist in Fine Arts), Mrs. Manisha Trivedi (Geographer), Mrs. Manju Tandon (Educationist), Mrs Neeru Rao (Geographer) and Ms. Suparna Sood (Danuse of Bharatnatyam), amongst others, judged the event.

During the Valedictory Ceremony, Dr. Amita Chauhan, Chairperson, Amity Schools along with the eminent judges lit the ceremonial lamp to invoke the blessings of the Almighty. The Amitasha Girls’ Choir lead by Mrs. Usha Mankotia gave a melodic rendition of the Shlok Gayan, “Manavta Ke”, including another harmonious number, titled “Bharat Ko Swarga Banado.” Dr. Amita Chauhan congratulated Amity for hosting the great event. Principal, Mrs. Mohina Dar gave a brief talk on the concept and purpose of GEOMATY 2009. She also thanked the students for their enthusiastic and wholesome participation for making the event a roaring success. The Over All Trophy was awarded to Amity International School, Mayur Vihar. Amity, Noida did not compete in the event but participated in all the categories. Mrs. Anjali Saxena, Event-in-Charge announced the prizes and proposed the Vote of Thanks.

Given below are the results:

1ST—Seth Anantaram Jaipuria Vasundhara, Gaziabad
2ND –Air Force Bal Bharti, Lodhi Road
3RD— Modern School ,Sector 11 NOIDA
CONSOLATION— AIS Mayur Vihar, Delhi


1ST—DPS, Mathura Road
2ND—AIS, Mayur Vihar
3RD— Air Force Bal Bharti, Lodhi Road
CONSOLATION— Modern School, Sector 11, NOIDA


1ST— AIS, Saket (C1 Team)
2 ND—DPS, Indrapuram GZB (C2)
3RD— DPS, Indrapuram GZB(C I)


1ST—AIS, Mayur Vihar (C I)
2ND—DPS, Meerut Road GZB(C I)
3RD— DPS, Indrapuram GZB(C I)


1ST—AIS, Vasundhara (D1)
2ND—Bal Bharti, Noida(D1)
3RD—St Thomas, GZB


1ST AIS, Vasundhara (D1)
2ND Seth Anantaram Jaipuria, Vasundhara Gaziabad
3RD AIS, Pushp Vihar, Delhi


1ST AIS, Vasundhara (E1)
2ND—AIS, SEC 46, Gurgaon (E1)
3RD—AIS, Mayur Vihar (E I)

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