The 17th National Children’s Science Congress - held from 26th to 31st December, 2009 at Science City and SGVP International School, Ahmedabad - reached every nook and corner of the nation. The mass event was a culmination of the efforts of over 8 lakh participants, ranging from child scientists, guide teachers, district, state and national coordinators, scientists to resource persons.
The event was inaugurated on the morning of 27th December at the Science City, Ahmedabad by Mr Hamid Ansari, Vice President of India, as well as other dignitaries like Mr Narenda Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat and Professor Yashpal, renowned scientist. The arena resonated with the cheers of the students at the entry of Mr Modi, the dynamic, confident politician of Gujarat state.
The main theme of NCSC 2009 was “Planet Earth-Our Home, Explore, Share and Care”, which was divided into 6 sub themes, namely atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, biosphere, noosphere and energy, of which maximum (26 %) of participants took up projects under the sub theme “Biosphere.” 560 projects, including many from the SAARC countries, were judged by eminent scientists, professors and resource persons over 3 days. Simultaneously, there were workshops, activities, technical sessions, poster presentations and interactive sessions for the child scientists and teacher escorts. Children were guided on subjects like nanotechnology, biodiversity, cutting edge of science and technology through video conferencing. The evenings were lit up by colourful cultural programs presented by all the participating states and Union Territories.
The event was a perfect amalgam of science and enjoyment. All 1000 participants, including child scientists, coordinators and teachers were invited to High Tea with Mr. Narendra Modi. The students were awed by his charm and friendliness. The wonderful food was accompanied by dance to the music of the dhol. 30thDecember was a day of sightseeing, where students visited the exhibitions of the Science City and the Imax Theatre. The visit to the magnificent Kankaria Lake and Sabarmati ashram were also highly enjoyed by one and all.
The day of 31st December dawned with excitement in the air, as it was the day of the Valedictory function. The morning began with a massive rally in which students, dressed in the traditional costumes of their respective states, marched across the sprawling grounds of SGVP school. The students were assembled in the lush green gardens, and they stood within a massive outline of the Indian map, in their respective states. It was a truly breathtaking sight. The air was filled with patriotic shouts of “Jai Hind!” and the bright colours of the Indian tricolour. This was followed by the valedictory function. After the address of many distinguished dignitaries, the results were declared. The news that participation by girls outscored the boys was accompanied by the triumphant cheers of the girl child scientists. 25 projects out of the participating 570 at the National Level were declared the best in terms of innovation, scope for implementation, simplicity and originality.
Amity added yet another feather to its cap as 4 projects were selected for participation to the giant academic event. These were from AIS NOIDA (2), Saket (1) and Vasundhara (1). The euphoria on the eve of the New Year was added to as project of Medhavi Arora (Team Leader) and her group members (Aanvi Goel, Ridhi Agarwal, Vishrutyi Sahni and Saloni Kathuria), entitled “How Companion Animals Can Save Planet Earth”, was among the top 25 projects selected from across the nation and the only project selected from 42 projects of the UP state.


On 24TH December 2009, the Primary students of Amity International School, Noida participated in ‘Panchatantra’—the Annual Day for the KG children to celebrate the insight and intelligence gained from moral stories. The Sections that participated in the episode were KG-5 of Wing A and KG-1, KG-3, KG-6, KG-7 & KG-8 of Wing B.
The Panchatantra Fables, written in Sanskrit and with a moral at the end of every story, have regaled children and adults alike for nearly three millennia. Based on human nature’s eternal relevance, these stories have been translated into nearly every language. Once, a great king, Amarshakti, worried that his sons would be without the astuteness to live in a world of wile and guile, asked a learned Brahmin, Vishnusharma to teach them the ways of the world. Pandit Vishnusharma decided to pass on this wisdom in the form of stories where he made the animals speak like human beings. For this purpose, he duly devised five strategem that taught morals such as firmness of mind, creation of prosperity, earnest endeavour, friendship and knowledge. During the ceremonial lamp ceremony, the Choir sang a melodious rendition or Shloka Gayan. Another song by the same Choir, “Sapne Lekar Chal Pade Hum’ echoed the little Amitians sentiments as they promised “reach the pinnacle of success” in their future endeavours.
The Principal, Mrs. Mohina Dar in her address, graciously welcomed the parents as she reiterated, “Humans feel the imperative need to tell stories as an innate desire to express themselves and to communicate what they feel or have experienced with another. This stems from the urgent desire for validation, simply to foster the belief that there is someone to listen to them. Ethical stories are those that are read at childhood, when the soul is pure and clear, and remembered for the rest of our lives. These are generally passed on by word of mouth and benefit humanity in numerous ways. Not only does family story telling time aid in developing literary skills but it also encourages proper emotional development, expands the imagination, and creates intricate intimacy between family members.”
The cultural item, “Panchatantra” movingly depicted the superiority of learning lessons through moral stories. The three stories that were enacted were THE LION AND THE RABBIT with the moral “Intelligence is superior to physical strength; THE UNGRATEFUL MAN, teaching that “Gratitude, a reward, in itself is duly rewarded”, and finally, THE BLUE JACKAL that advocated, “Don’t try to be what you are not as he who abandons his own folk will perish”. The finale, “Raang tarang umang liye ullas ka ye din aya hai…..” by Mrs. Usha Mankotia added exuberance to the Annual Day. Headmistress, Mrs. Swapna Paul delivered the Vote of Thanks.


Press Release: 21 Dec’09

Amity International School Noida held the 9th Ramanujan Inter-School Math Competition over three days from 21-23 December, 2009. Conducted under the aegis of Amity Centre for Excellence in Maths, the competition aims to arouse students’ interest in the logical and structural nature of math and thereby increase appreciation of math among students. It promotes exceptional standards in math and provides ample opportunities for students to challenge themselves and pitch their problem –solving skills with their contemporaries. The competition held at the National level saw the participation of 26 teams from all over the country. It consisted of diverse mathematical activities ranging from Problem –Solving and Math Fun activity to Math Quiz and Project Display for students of classes IV-XII.
The inaugural ceremony held on 21st Dec, ’09 commenced with the lighting of the lamp, and an Invocation to the Almighty. In her welcome address, Principal Mrs. Mohina Dar stated that the Ramanujan Inter-School Competition is hosted with the objective of “unleashing a gigantic wave of mathematical ingenuity.” The ceremony was graced by the presence of the Chairperson, Dr. Amita Chauhan who blessed the students and wished them success in their endeavours.
The events for the first day included a mind-boggling Math Quiz for classes IX-XII and Problem Solving for classes IV-VIII. The first round of the Math Quiz was an objective paper consisting of 25 questions to test the mathematical concepts of students. 36 teams from 17 schools battled it out in the allotted one hour, while the teachers watched a PowerPoint presentation of the same. The topics covered were diverse, ranging from mensuration to trigonometry and algebra. The top 16 teams competed in the final oral round held on 23rd December,’09. In the Problem Solving competition around 270 students from classes IV-VIII competed on an individual level and dealt with challenging problems beyond the school curriculum.
On 22nd December,’09 the students geared up for another day of exciting math activities. Classes IV and V were engrossed in a Poster Making Competition. This was a team effort comprising of four students, two from each class. 17 teams participated in the event. The posters highlighted the students’ creativity and ingenuity as they worked at a frenetic pace within the stipulated one and a half hour. Common mathematical concepts like Shapes and Solids, Large numbers, Percentage, Average etc were innovatively presented. The middle school students were involved in a similar activity at the M.P. Hall. ‘My World of Maths’ was the theme for classes VI to VIII. 21 teams participated in this engaging activity. The room was a riot of colours as students worked on relevant maths concepts such as Area and Volume, Profit and Loss, Speed, Distance and Time among others. This was followed by a Maths Tambola which tickled their grey cells.
The students of classes IX –XII participated in ‘Problem Solving.’ Classes IX-X had 2 rounds: the Speed Round in which the students had to attempt 15 multiple choice questions in a time span of 45 minutes and the Challenge Round in which 55 minutes were allotted for 11 questions. Classes XI and XII on the other hand were involved in a Problem Solving activity for 3 hrs which allowed them the use of external resources such as reference books, internet etc. Some of the topics covered were Determinants, Magic Squares and Integration among others.

The final day of the Ramanujan Inter-School Math Competition commenced with the Second round of the Math quiz for classes IX-XII. Six teams competed in the quiz from schools of Delhi and the NCR namely: Ryan International School, Noida and Greater Noida, Bluebells School, Greater Kailash, Amity International School, Noida, St. Mary’s Academy, Meerut and D.P.S Noida.
The participating teams came under the spell of numbers as they vied with each other to prove their mettle. The questions were challenging, thought- provoking and engaged the students’ attention completely for two hours. The rounds ranged from Curves and Graphs to Quick Fractions, from Guessing the Mathematician to the Branches of Mathematics as well as the Express Round. St. Mary’s Academy, Meerut bagged the first position while Bluebells School, Greater Kailash came a close second.
This was followed by Project Presentation for the students of classes XI and XII. The teams made presentations on contemporary and relevant topics such as ‘Golden Numbers,’ Fibonacci Sequence ‘etc among others.
The Valedictory function was held on 23rd Dec,’09 wherein the prize-winners were felicitated. The Chief Guest for the day was Mr. Praveen Chaurasia, Prof. of Math, N.C.E.R.T and Dr. Phull from Jamia Milia University. Mr. Chaurasia stressed upon creativity in math so as to make learning more meaningful. Principal of Amity, Noida Mrs. Mohina Dar congratulated the prize-winners and thanked the participating schools and accompanying teachers. Vice Principal, Mrs. Renu Singh delivered the Vote of Thanks.


The results of the Team Event for classes VI, VII AND VIII are as follows:

  • Bluebells International School- First Position
  • Modern School, Barakhamba Road – Second Position
  • Mother’s International School – Third Position
The result of the Team Event for classes IV AND V are:
  • AIS, Sec 43 Gurgaon - First Position
  • Khaitan Public School - Second Position
  • Modern School, Vasant Vihar – Third Position
The results of the Speed and Challenger Round for classes IX and X are:
  1. Army Public School, Noida, AIS, Mayur Vihar and St. Mary’s Academy, Meerut—GOLD
  2. AIS, Vasundhara, G.D Goenka and D.P.S Noida – SILVER
  3. AIS, Gurgaon, Summerfields and Ryan International School, Greater Noida—Bronze

The results of the Math Problem Solving for classes XI and XII are as follows:
  1. Mother’s International School, AIS Sec-43, Gurgaon, Ryan International School, Greater Noida----GOLD
  2. Ryan International School, Noida, AIS Noida, St. Mary’s Academy, Meerut--SILVER
  3. AIS, Saket, Bluebells School, Greater Kailash and AIS, Vasundhara--BRONZE


On 19th December 2009, eighteen teachers from the Middle School of Amity International School, Noida attended an in house workshop titled, —‘VIRTUES—MAKING MEANINGFUL in the Smart Board Room, H-Block given by Mrs. Sandhya Lal and her team of the Learning Enhancement Centre.
During the interactive session, the teachers were made to sit in pairs for various activities to use several approaches to achieve meaning in learning by awakening and touching people’s senses. This was done by activity based exercises where they shared personal experiences with each other. There were slides on the 5 strategies developed to restore the practice of virtues in everyday life and how it benefited school students. A short film based on ‘Virtues’ was also shown.



The UNESCO Office, New Delhi launched ‘Donate a Book’ Programme on 18th December 2009 at Amity International School, Saket to lay an emphasis on donating books for underprivileged children. Mr. Armoogam Parsuramen, UNESCO Director and Delhi Representative was the chief guest. The event saw the Amitians generously donating books for Amitaasha and other NGOs in Delhi and NCR. Manju Mishra attend the programme along with Prateek Jain, VIII E, Sana Sawhney, VIII E,, Mayank Mittal, VIII E and Shalabh Verma, VIII F from Amity, Noida.



On 12th December 2009, the Primary students of Amity International School, Noida participated in ‘The Doll House’—the Annual Day for the Nursery children from N-3 and N-8 of both Primary Wing A and Wing B. The enactment gently ingrained in the audience lessons on camaraderie, peace and unconditional love.
During the ceremonial lamp ceremony, the Choir sang a melodious rendition or Shloka Gayan. Another song by the same Choir, “Phoolo Jaise Pyare Pyare” expressed the naive sentiments of a childhood of revellry and innocence.
The Principal, Mrs. Mohina Dar welcomed the parents and affirmed, “All humans have significant universal emotional needs that want fulfillment. When these needs are not fulfilled, they relive this reality in dolls. Sometimes dolls are better friends than humans. Playing with dolls has proven to be a great therapeutic release for children’s pent up emotions. Once encouraged, this allows for them to explore different emotions. With the break down of the joint family, we need to nurture our children and endow them with skills and attributes to live in the real, competitive world. In the process, they need to know about themselves, foster healthy relationships, develop socially and emotionally, possess resilience and to see beauty, have awe, experience transcendence, and appreciate some sense of "truths" about what it really means to be human.”
The cultural item, “The Doll House” commenced with the birthday girl, Shivanshi, who was “hoping for a princess castle doll house and a doll”, not receiving the present of her choice. Her brother promised that he would gift her one. Tired, they dreamt of a grand doll house containing over five hundred dolls of every kind that came to life and were dancing the various dances of the world. Their escapades continued until they experienced diverse cultures and Shivanshi longed for Indian dolls. The children’s unbelievable dream had come to reality as they witnessed all the different dolls dancing in unison to justify that all humanity was “One Nation, One World, One Family…VASUDEVA KUTUMBAKUM!” The finale, “OM SHANTI, OM” did spread the light of peace and joy.
Headmistress, Mrs. Swapna Paul delivered the Vote of Thanks.



On 11th December 2009, the Primary students of Amity International School, Noida participated in ‘The Tooth Brigade’—the Annual Day for the Nursery children that was an educative musical on dental hygiene. The Nursery Sections that participated in the event were Nursery 4, 6 and 7 of Primary Wing A and Nursery 1 and 6 of Primary Wing B.

During the ceremonial lamp ceremony, the Choir sang a melodious rendition or Shloka Gayan. Another song by the same Choir, “Phoolo Jaise Pyare Pyare” expressed the naive sentiments of a childhood of revellry and innocence.

The Principal, Mrs. Mohina Dar in her welcome address, stated, “Our Amitians have reached a stage of growth when they need to learn proper dental hygiene to keep the pearly whites strong and flashing. Not only do my Amitians need proper dental care but they also need good health care. Parents often worry that their children are not eating enough, consuming right foods or gaining correct weight. However, the chief nourishment required by little children is nurturing large amounts of love from parents. The focus shifts from proteins and vitamins to love, joy and strength this brings. As parents and educators, let’s vow to raise cheerful, contented and well-mannered children who are healthy, happy and self-confident. We can start by getting active, cultivating their interests, relaxing together, laughing a lot, showering them with praise whenever possible, erasing the pressure of perfection, feeding them right, fostering self-expression, teaching independence, and most of all, taking time to really listen to their personal point of view.”

The cultural item, “The Tooth Brigade” was a remedy for all those many people who loved to smile, but was self-conscious about doing so because of dental conditions or issues. The dance drama vibrantly depicted how every tooth in a man’s head was more valuable than a diamond. The story opened with a girl, Jojo who loved to snack on sweets and other junk foods, and ignoring the importance of dental hygiene. In the end, she suffered “the most horrific tooth ache” that had her in a jangled heap of pain and groaning. The “Tooth Brigade” and Mr. Dentist taught her the importance of eating nutritive foods, flossing, brushing and regular trips to the dentist as humanity is always drawn to the company of those who smile. Headmistress, Mrs. Swapna Paul delivered the Vote of Thanks.



From 9th to 11th December, 2009, a series of Jodo Gyan Workshops were held at Amity Intenational School, Noida which were followed by TSL’s and exhibition in the Maths Lab that displayed diverse teaching aids. The workshops were conducted by Mr.Shaji, the resource trainer from Jodo Gyan and promoting activity based education to add concrete and lasting learning in Mathematics. Factors and Integers were covered.

Friends Forever

On  December 5th 2009, twenty Primary students form Amity International School, Noida along with Prathana Ma’am attended the monthly meet of the Habitat Book Club at Party Zone, Eatopia, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.   The “Age group 8+session” about true friends  was conducted by Ms. Vatsala Kaul Banerjee, Editorial Director, Children's Books, Hachette India. She introduced her delightful anthology titled Friends Forever’ and shared many interactive activities including qualities of friendship, writing telegrams and situational games to deal with the ups and downs and turnarounds of  friendship. 


On 5th December 2009, an in-house workshop titled, “Virtues” was conducted by Ms. Sandhya Lal and her team from the Learning Enhancement Centre, Amity International School, Noida for the teachers from Classes II—V. The session aimed at inculcating awareness in recognizing,  developing and fostering virtues within teachers and students. The interactive experience called for mind reading abilities by  recognizing the virtues of their partner during the “games session”. A PowerPoint Presentation dealt with the ‘Five Strategies’ that could effectively be used to develop these qualities, thereby making them an integral part of everyday life.



On 3rd December 2009, the Class VIII students from Middle School attended a workshop title, “Health of School Children” that was conducted jointly by Real Fruit Juice Inc. and Apollo Hospitals at Amity International School, Noida to benefit teenage health. A representative from Apollo Hospital educated the students on the importance of health and hygiene, especially for teenagers and the ramifications on possessing a good health regime that further enhanced physical, spiritual and mental well-being. The representative also expanded on the various health problems faced by school-going kids, especially during the peak times, such as examinations, homework pressure and the  anxiety on how teenagers looked in public.  She reiterated that these problems over a period of time were highly interrelated and led to increased levels of anxiety, stress, chronic mood swings and complex eating  disorders. These problems further resulted in being overweight, underweight and being physically unfit. The session ended with an animated movie on how Mickey Mouse kept healthy and fit.
The students received Real fruit juice, an informative booklet on health and a medical form to fill.


After several grueling rounds of quizzing – Written round, Zonal prefinal round, Zonal final round, National pre final round, National final round and competing with1200 CBSE schools from both India and abroad, our students stood second in the quiz, just missing the first position narrowly by 5 points (due to a tie-breaker question).
It was indeed a very proud moment for Amity International School, Noida to have bagged the second prize (a prize money of Rs. 12000) in the prestigious CBSE Heritage quiz. Our students performed extremely well and were leading right from the beginning throughout the quiz. They had also set a record of being the only team to have scored a whopping 125 points in the Zonal level quiz.
In the National prefinal round, 12 teams from various CBSE School zones participated in the quiz, out of which only 4 teams, i.e  Amity International School, Noida, DAV Lawrence Road, Chandigarh,  Sri Kumaran’s Childrens home, Bangalore and DAV Chandrashekharpur, Orissa were selected.
The National finals saw Amity leading throughout the quiz. Sri Kumarans inched upto them and the final or the seventh round saw both the schools tied with the same score of 75. The tie-breaker question changed everything. In their enthusiasm and anxiety, Amity had pressed the buzzer even before the question was completed and hence by default the Sri Kumarans were declared as the winner. It was indeed very disappointing for our students, that they lost their first position just because of a tie breaker.
However these competitions not only teach one to celebrate success, but also teach to take both victory and defeat in the same stride. It also tells one that there is always a next time to improve one’s performance and learn from past experiences.


On 1st December 2009, students from Amity International School, Noida (Class XI, Sections E,F&G) attend the Life Skills Workshop conducted by Expressions (an Ngo that conducts workshops for  Peer Educators Training Programmes).   The relevant topic which was covered was titled,  “PREVENTION OF SUBSTANCE ABUSE IN ADOLESCENTS”.  In the first half   Dr. K.K.Aggarwal gave a demonstration cum presentation (slide show) so as to enable the peer educators to perform CPR in case of medical emergencies at School.  In the second half,  the various ramifications on   ‘Substance Abuse’ was discussed that covered awareness, causes, signs and symptoms, consequences, preventive factors, assertiveness and “how to say no”, etc. of substance abuse in adolescents through participatory methods like role plays, brainstorming, etc. The interactive session sensitised  the students on how peer pressure or emotional rush added to the causes of substance abuse. 

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