April 2011 to March 2012


Junior Annual Day: Shatak Ko Salaam

Venue: AIS, PV

Amity Pushp Vihar celebrated its Junior Annual Day with great pomp & show at the school premises on 9th March, 2012. Just after Holi it was a fitting culmination for the festival of colour as the event was equally colourful, zestful and full of verve & passion. The theme of the show this year was very apt – ‘Shatak Ko Salaam’, to commemorate the 100 years of Delhi as the capital of India.

The event was graced by the Honourable Chief Minister of the state of Delhi, Smt. Sheila Dikshit as the Chief Guest whose words of wisdom filled the young minds with new vigour and vitality to think divergently and filled their hearts with renewed national pride.

Professor Cristine Ennew of Nottingham Business School was the Guest of Honour and her encouraging words inspired the young kids to think differently about the world around them and infused a sense of universal brotherhood in them.

The Founder President of Amity Group, Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan and the Chairperson of Amity Group of Schools, Dr. Mrs. Amita Chauhan enlightened the children with their gems of visionary ideals and filled them with a spirited thoughts & passion.

Mrs. Ameeta Mohan, Principal, Amity International School, Pushp Vihar, presented the vision-mission statement of the school and shared the success stories of all her children of Pushp Vihar.

The musical- Shatak Ko Salaam, was performed by the students with quite an aplomb. 100% participation was ensured and each child from Class KG to Class-IV was a delight to watch. Be it their graceful moves on the stage or their enchanting presence at the podium as narrators or their soulful musical rendition at the orchestra – each child seemed to be an answer to every prayer. Their effort was applauded vehemently by everyone present there.

Soumya Chauhan of Class- I received a special prize from Smt. Sheila Dikshit for achieving the rare fete of topping the International Masters Mathematics Olymiad, 2012 by gaining victory over 50,000 competitors at the international Level event. She received a mini laptop and a gold medal.

The Vote of Thanks was proposed by the Chairperson of Amity Group of Schools, Dr. Mrs, Amita Chauhan at the end of the show and blessed all her Amitians in her signature style of spirited ‘Hip Hip Hurrah’ that always fill the Amitians with passion to reach the pinnacle of success and the firm belief that Amitians would always remain the best.


Mental Maths Quiz Competition

Date :                  8th – 9th February 2012
Time :                  9:00 -1:00pm
Venue :               AIS , PV Auditorium
Guests :              Mrs Anshu Mittal (Headmistress , AIS , Saket) , Mr Bajpai (Advisor of Amity schools) , Mrs Pooja Chauhan (Vice Chairperson, Amity Humanity Foundation)

"The essence of Mathematics is not to make simple things complicated but to make complicated things simple".

Keeping this is mind Amity International School, Pushp Vihar conducted an inter Amity Mental Maths Quiz Competition. Mental Maths is important as it’s an excellent way to stimulate one’s mind by helping one get better with the number sense. This indeed is the vision of our honorable Founder president Mr Ashok . K. Chauhan and our venerable Chairperson Ma’am Mrs Ameeta chauhan. Under their aegis , Amity inculcates this knowledge among the new generation of nation builders so that they can rise above their individual needs and serve mankind. The competition started with the lighting of the lamp to invoke the blessings of the Almighty which was followed by a wonderful song on Prime Numbers by our young Amitians. There were two groups with four teams each. Each team was named after the famous mathematicians to reflect their spirit. The following are the details:-

Group 1

        School Name

         Team Name

AIS , Pushp Vihar

Aryabhatta Team

AIS, Mayur Vihar

Ramanujan Team

AIS, Saket

Bramhagupta Team

AIS, Vasundhara -6

Bhaskaracharya Team

        Group 2

AIS , Noida

Carl Gauss Team

AIS , Gurgaon 46

Euclid Team

AIS, Gurgaon 43

Rene Descrates Team

AIS , Vasundhara -1

Pythagoras Team

Two teams from each group were selected for the final round.
On 8th February, there were four rounds for each team. The participants were the students of class I. The first round was the oral round (Mentelomatics) which was followed by the ‘See and Tell Round’ where students were shown pictures on the screen . The third round was the Activity round where one task was given to each team. This was followed by the last round which was the Rapid Fire round where students had to answer as many questions as they could in 1 minute. The team which bagged the FIRST POSITION was AIS, PUSHP VIHAR and the second position was grabbed by AIS , Noida.

On 9th February , the participants were the students of class II. There were four rounds for each time. The first round was based on Measurement and weights followed by the second round on Coins. The third round was ‘ The Brain Teaser’ round followed by the Activity round and the Rapid Fire round. The team which bagged the first position was AIS, Pushp Vihar and the team that stood second was AIS, Gurgaon 46.

All the students enthusiastically geared up for the competition and gave in their best. All the teams had participated with full excitement. It was a proud moment for AIS, Pushp Vihar who won the competition on both the days. It was an enriching event and a good learning experience for all the students. It boosted their morale and developed their mental ability skills.


RAAZZMATAZZ ...the Mystery continues...

Date: 25th January 2012

Venue: AIS, PV

Myth, legend and razzle-dazzle all rolled into one show -RAZZMATAZZ- as students from over 14 schools lent their beautiful voices and strummed up the humdrum moods. Razzmatazz 2012 witnessed a symphonic medley of melodies at Amity International School Pushp Vihar just a day prior to the Republic Day. The competition comprised three categories - solo, band and group. Members of the Eka Band - Hitesh, Lokesh and Bßenny - graced the occasion as the judges for the show.

The stage was rocked by the electrifying performances of APJ Sheikh Sarai and DPS RKP. DPS rkp were the inevitable winners of the Rolling Trophy, with their performer Sonali Chauhan bagging the first prize in both the categories for best solo and best vocalist. APJ won the first prize for the best band, bassist and group shared by AIS Saket. Jointly the musicians of APJ and RKP won the title of the best guitarist as well as drummer. AIS Mayur Vihar, AIS Noida, AIS Saket and Birla Vidya Niketan also did wonders in solo and group performances. These budding perforßmers with their scintillating musicals left the audience as well as the judges bedazzled and enthralled.

The highlight of the show was the scintillating performance by EKA who rocked the staged with their latest number “Satyameva Jayate”. Chairperson, Amity Schools Dr. Mrs. Amita Chauhan felicitated the band and motivated the participants with her encouraging words. Razzmatazz 2012 lived up to the occasion and left an indelible mark an all who witnessed the mellifluous magic at its peak. It provided the students of various schools with a unique platform to display their hidden talents. This annual fest is bound to see more diversity and versatility in the coming years and promises India a host of singing divas and instrumentalists.

Yuva Vichar Manch – Teacher’s Presentation

Date: 13th January 2012


Under Yuva Vichar Manch the topics were given to the Teachers and teachers gave the presentation. All the Amities participated enthusiastically and they made the power point presentation on the following topics:-

  • Role of Technology in Education
  • Role of Media in inculcating scientific temper
  • Alternate sources of energy
  • Transport system necessity for green earth
  • It is the time for second green revolution

Winners of Yuva Vichar Manch from AIS, PV
Anindya Rastogi and Deepti Singh bagged the 1st Position.
Meghna and Phoebe bagged the 3rd Position.


The Sunshine Carnival
(23rd December 2011)

A Carnival for the children of the children and by the children


The winter carnival is held every year with great enthusiasm not only to celebrate the camaraderie amongst each other but also to instill a sense of social empathy in the children as the money collected is donated to the cause of AMITASHA.

On December 23, 2011, Amity Pushp Vihar bade a cheery farewell to 2011 through its annual carnival aptly called the “Sunshine carnival”. The Sun God smiled through the day, lifting away the fog and brought smiles to the young faces as they welcomed their parents and friends. Each class set up a stall with exciting and thrilling games. Lip-smacking eatables added flavours to the day. What kids enjoyed the most, were, however, the mind-blowing rides which included the giant wheel, Columbus, break dance among others. The jam session was the highlight of the day with students and teachers swinging to music. This year the young girls from Amitasha performed street plays to enthrall the audience. The event had the guidance and blessings of our effervescent Chairperson Dr. Mrs Amita Chauhan and saw the presence of Divya ji and Pooja ji from the Chauhan Family. Overall the winter carnival was an experience filled with fun and frolic.

(20th December and 21st December 2011)

" Creativity comes from looking for the unexpected and stepping outside your own experience. "


The only difference being there was no camera and no re-takes as the actors performed to the hilt and left the audience asking for more at the mega Annual Event of Amity, Pushp Vihar – ‘Ignited Spirit’! The performers truly set the stage on fire with their stupendous energy and exhilarating spirit.

Amity has been a great proponent of creative ideas and artistic endeavours and has been setting bench mark not only in imparting quality education to the students but also devising innovative, fun-filled ways for teaching-learning process wherein theatre plays a very prominent role.

Amity’s source of inspiration and mentor, Chairperson Amita Chuahan ma’am has always prodded us to look beyond the ordinary to provide a creative edge to all her students so that they can develop a holistic and broader perspective of life.

Creativity is a great motivator as it makes people interested in what they are doing, gives hope that there can be a worthwhile idea, gives the possibility of some sort of achievement to everyone and at the same time makes life fun and more interesting. With this seed of thought was born the idea of Amity, Pushp Vihar’s Annual Inter- School Theatre Fest – ‘Ignited Spirit’ where the creative young minds get the fodder for channelizing their boundless energy in an innovative way.

This year ten renowned Delhi schools participated in the two-day mega fest wherein 20th December, 2011 saw the juniors of classes V to VII putting up their magical performances on the theme ‘Spoof of a fairy tale or a folk lore with a comic touch’ and 21st December, 2011 was witness to the clash of the titans with the seniors of classes VIII to X proving their mettle on ‘Spoof of a Shakespearean play with a comic touch’. What a show it was with each striving to outshine the other – be it the props, music, script or the spell-binding performances. The audience was roaring with laughter and the applause just wouldn’t stop for each enactment.

The eminent judges – Dr. Mani Bhushan, Ms. Ashish Garg and Mona Chawla just couldn’t stop raving about the actors and their impressive acting skills and announced unanimously all to be as winners but as per the rule First and Second position were to be awarded and thus for the juniors – Amity, Saket got the first and Amity, Vasundhara (Sector -1) got the second prize respectively. In the senior category, Birla Vidya Niketan emerged as winners and Amity, Mayur Vihar got the second prize. In the best actor category Amity, Saket got the prize for juniors and Amity Vasundhara (Sector-6) bagged the coveted honour in the senior category. The rolling trophy for the second consecutive year was received by Amity, Saket. The host school, Amity, Pushp Vihar did not compete, yet the judges found their play to be the best among the rest! School Principal, Mrs. Ameeta Mohan presented the vote of thanks and congratulated all the winners.

The judges commended all for their brilliant effort and also gave their valuable inputs as feedback for further improvement. The event was a huge success and all are looking forward to the repeat show of the fest next year.

(15TH DECEMBER, 2011)

“When meditation is mastered, the mind is unwavering like the flame of a lamp in a windless place.” Bhagavad Gita


TIME: 2:00 PM TO 4:00 PM



Amity believes in the time tested theory that learning is a life-long and never ending process and the day we cease to learn, we cease to grow. The philosophy has always prodded all the educators at Amity to strive for excellence everyday and every moment of their life. Thus, the workshop on the topic ‘Enhancing Teachers’ Emotional, Spiritual and Holistic Wellbeing for Effective Students Growth’ by the renowned Clinical Psychologist Dr. Rick Levy at AIS, PV was another enriching experience for all the faculty members present there.

The event was chaired by Dr. Mrs. Amita Chauhan, the esteemed Chairperson of Amity Group of Schools and was attended by the faculty members of Amity international School, Pushp Vihar and Saket.

Dr. Rick Levy reinforced the thought that being teachers is the fundamental & most important job in the society and their role is the most prominent one in a child’s life. He insisted that teachers to remain effective and to be able to productively engage the students in holistic teaching-learning process, must be rejuvenated & refreshed themselves and meditation is the most effective medium to optimize body, mind and soul. He gave a brief overview of the structure of the mind and also talked about the energy field that surrounds us. He said that our thoughts govern energy at the ‘Quantum’ or sub-atomic level and that radiation from the brain can be focused to influence the energy fields associated with other people, places and objects in order to achieve any noble goal.

His focus then shifted towards the benefits of meditation and on the unique ‘Scientific Meditation’ propagated by him. For progressive development half an hour meditation is the norm for every individual to curb stress and lead a happy & fulfilling life. The astounding mass meditation exercise that he did with the entire group present there indeed left a calming & soothing effect in every mind & soul. The activity was followed by an interactive session where he answered all individual queries regarding effective meditation practice. He also informed about his website which can be helpful to download the exercise for future practice.

(8th December 2011, Thursday)

“Authentic values are those by which a life can be lived, which can form people that produce great deeds and thoughts.”
                                                                                                                      Allan Bloom

Amity propagates humane values in all its effort and endeavours and strives to create each Amitian an embodiment of those values that world looks up to. Amity upholds the visionary ideals of its illustrious Founder President Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan sir and venerable Chairperson Dr. Mrs. Amita Chuhan ma’am whose sole mission is man-making through holistic education that would create world leaders of each Amitian, with this purview Amity International School, Pushp Vihar celebrated its Senior Annual Day – ‘Gyanodaya’, for the session 2011-2012 on 8th December,2011 with great pomp & show at the school premises. The programme began with the welcome of the renowned dignitaries by the Principal of the school, Mrs. Ameeta Mohan who expressed her vision for the future of the school and stressed upon the fundamental ideologies of the institution that in humanity lies divinity-that intelligence, success, and high achievement are worthy goals, but they mean nothing if our children are not basically kind and loving people – that strength of character and a compassionate heart can only lead us towards eternal success & glory.

After the traditional lamp lighting ceremony, the school choir enthralled the audience with a soulful rendition of fusion music – ‘Sursangam’ that was so ethereal that it touched every heart and left everyone yearning for more.

The school Vice Principal, Mrs. Divya Bhatia then took the podium to proudly recount the achievements of the trailblazers of Amity, Pushp Vihar. School Head Boy and Head Girl also earnestly put forward a powerpoint presentation depicting the success stories of young Amitians.

Thus ensued a spectacular presentation that took us back to our glorious past – a past that reinvented history to strengthen not only our national stature but also our moral foundation. ‘Gyanodaya’ proudly proclaiming the timeless philosophies of Swami Dayanand Saraswati and Swami Vivekananda opened the floodgates of spiritual reawakening, an affirmation of faith – a journey through our rich cultural heritage- a journey that crisscrossed the path of those illustrious personalities who forever changed the course of history and forced the world to wake up to a new reality called- INDIA!

As Margaret Mead has put – “If we are to achieve a richer culture, rich in contrasting values, we must recognize the whole gamut of human potentialities and so weave a less arbitrary social fabric, one in which each diverse gift will find a fitting place.” AIS, PV proved once again that each of its students is a powerhouse of talent having the capability to shake the world in his unique and special way. The jaw dropping performance of each Amitian cast such a mesmerizing spell upon the audience that they sat through the entire show even without batting their eyelids.

The vote of thanks was presented by our respected Chairperson Ma’am who is not only our pillar of strength, encouragement and motivation but also a motherly figure to all her Amitians. Her effervescent persona and enlightened aura touch every soul around her. She commended the brilliant portrayal of the life & times of both the luminaries of Indian history – Swami Dayanand & Swami Vivekananda and emphasized once again how passion, faith, devotion and a stellar vision can forever change our life and in turn can also shape the destiny of our nation.

By being a part of that exhilarating vision, the event left a lasting impression upon everyone and reminded all of us how we are a proud owner of that legacy called divine philosophy blended with our traditional values and filled each one of us with that exuberant pride to be an Indian – Indians who can take on the world in every possible way & measure but who believe in universal brotherhood, love & compassion are the only ways to win the world and every heart – ‘Gyanodaya’ being the only mission & purpose!

Cesar Lopez Visit
(2nd November 2011)

Music has the power to be the instrument of change, and because it connects people from across the globe; it helps forge bonds of peace and love. The students of Amity International School, Pushp Vihar experienced some of the magic and mesmerizing power of music when they were visited by renowned musician Cesar Lopez, credited with inventing the escopetarra, or in simpler terms, making a guitar from an AK 47. Under the visionary guidance of our Founder President Sir, Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan and our Chairperson Ma’am Dr. Mrs. Amita Chauhan, Amity Pushp Vihar was extremely privileged to welcome distinguished guests, from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, International Community of the Red Cross, United Nations Information Centre and other representatives from the Columbian embassy.

After being presented by eco friendly tokens by our esteemed principal, Mrs Ameeta Mohan ma’am, the panel discussion commenced. The panelists included eminent personalties of the likes of Ms. Kiran Mehra (Director, UN Information Centre for India & Bhutan), Mr. Francois Stamm (the Head of the Regional Delegation of the ICRC), Ms Jyoti Arora (Head-Amity International MUN) along with The School Head Boy and Head Girl. The session was moderated by Mr. Rajiv Chandran (Representative UNIC). Mrs Cristina Albertin, representative of the UNODC highlighted the role of the member states in reinforcing resolutions made by the United Nations. She also spoke how the UNODC had to deal with several controversial and sensitive issues, such as drug trade accelerated by increasingly porous borders. She also stressed upon the fact as to how galvanizing the youth in order to bring about change and spread awareness in society played an intrinsic role.

Upon being asked how he actually came up with the idea of converting the AK 47, a weapon of war into a beacon of peace, Cesar Lopez responded very simply, explaining the rationale behind the idea. He stated that we live in a world which is changing extremely fast, and these changes are so sudden that they are startling and shocking, and no change is faster or more striking than violence. On one hand, we see people fighting wars, begging to live another day. It then becomes the role of such artistes, who are on the other side, to create something that can change this situation; something that can stabilize the volatile state of affairs. Music is of course, an important part of this process, because it helps establish networks and connections very fast. According to him, the planet was dying, and it needed energy, and we symbolized that energy and zest. He ended by a few lines that invited a standing ovation from the gathering – “Whatever we do, we do it out of love, or because we greatly lack love.”

He then proceeded to play a few songs on his escopetarra, the first one being for those who were kidnapped, those who had disappeared, those who had been displaced, and those who were strong enough to bring about change. As the music began to flow from the instrument, the audience was left mesmerized by the sound. It spoke of calmness and tranquillity, and more importantly, of peace and love. The second song was about a lady who had lost her husband during the conflict in Columbia, and the song was inspired by his mother, who had once said to him “I do not understand why it is heroic to die for somebody, when it is actually heroic to live for them” The third and final song Cesar played on his instrument portrayed the noise of a bullet, and the desperation of soldiers to see the light of another day. He said that people usually associate war with a lot of noise; the screams and cries of soldiers and falling bodies. But in reality, it is all really quiet; the soldiers send their prayers up to the Almighty to keep them safe, shed tears because they might not live to see their loved ones again, and listen to their heart beat as they steel their nerves and rush to the warfront.

The session ended by Karan Wadhwa and Mukul Jiwnani trying their hand at playing the instrument. The songs he had played had touched our hearts and souls, and managed to ignite that little spark of hope that had long remained dormant that yes, there still is hope for humanity. With the notes of the escopetarra still hovering poignantly in the air, we all silently resolved to do what we could for humanity, because after all, it is being human that counts. The distinguished guests were felicitated by viz. Ms. Sapna Chauhan (Vice Chairperson Ma’am – Amiown Schools), Ms Pooja Chauhan (Vice Chairperson, Amity Humanity Foundation and Ms. Divya Chauhan (Chairperson, Amity School of Fine Arts (ASFA) and Amity School of Fashion Technology (ASFT).

Youth Power
(4th October, 2011)

Time: 9:00 – 12:00


People who attended : MS. Garima Dhingra along with four students (Simran Sachdeva , Kaveri Modayil, Stuti Kathuria and Vagisha pruthi )

Global times , in an effort to empower The Youth of today has organized YPP (Youth Power Program) and has selected a team from each school. This meet was conducted for all the participants to give them a briefing of this program. Vira Sharma, the managing editor at Amity University organized this. She believes that the empowerment of the young would ultimately lead to the empowerment of the community on a larger scale.
As rightly said “Young people should be at the forefront of global change and innovation. Empowered, they can be the key agents of peace and harmony”. Keeping this belief in mind, they are helping students to weigh the responsibility to transform tomorrow’s world into a society where peace, harmony and fraternity reign.

The fourth season of YPP is in full swing. After an interactive session , various phases of this program were explicated and discussed. Two phases are already over and one team from each school is selected. Phase 3 requires the students to write a long article after a thorough research and survey on their respective topic which will be published in the GT. Phase 4 requires them to rally around the cause and spread awareness in their schools and community. This phase demands a lot of field work , promotional campaigns and community reach. For phase 5, they have to prepare a movie clip of one minute advertising their topic. Phase 6 requires them to prepare a micro model to generate funds for the social initiative undertaken. Students have one and a half month to prepare this and showcase their creativity. They will be judged on the basis of their presentation skills, confidence, passion for the cause and teamwork.

The meet was truly an enriching experience for the students and they were able to think out of the box and be original in their ideas. Their passion for the social cause increased all the more. It enhanced their belief that today’s generation is capable of leading the community by reaching out to them and helping them overcome their fears.

SPIC MACAY- 2011-12
(26th September, 2011)

Guest: Flute artist, Pt. Rajendra Prasanna

Venue: Amity International School, Pushp Vihar

Amity, following the insightful wisdom & ideologies of its Chairperson Dr. Mrs. Amita Chauhan has been a forerunner in promoting and nurturing the rich & multifaceted Indian cultural heritage with a view to let every child experience the inspiration & mysticism embodied in its vast heterogeneous cultural tapestry. With the onslaught of rapid change and global homogenization, the priceless Indian heritage is being increasingly marginalized and diluted. Thus Amity, in association with Spic Macay seeks to conserve and facilitate awareness amongst the youth the pulsating and dynamic vitality of Indian heritage who is able to appreciate its inbuilt characteristic of introspection and a philosophy that transcends mere intellectualism. The Spic Macay event is thus an Annual feature with Amity, Pushp Vihar which enables the students to experience all that is beautiful, lofty and wholesome thus paving the way to be sensitive, kind and gentler human beings who are inspired and in turn inspire.

This year, Amity International School, Pushp Vihar organized a flute recital by the renowned flute artist, Pt. Rajendra Prasana on 26th September,2011 in the school premises which was attended by the students and their families. Pt. Rajendra Prasana was welcomed by a thunderous applause by the children who were waiting patiently to have a glimpse of this famous and eminent artist. School Principal, Mrs. Ameeta Mohan welcomed the artists with a young sapling as a symbol of Amity’s growth and prosperity.

The program began with the lamp lighting ceremony. The children later gave a welcome note to Punditji and threw light upon his musical journey. As Pt. Rajendra Prasana proceeded with his soulful rendition, he first introduced the audience to the musical instrument, Flute which also has a history in the Indian mythology of being Lord Krishna’s favorite instrument. The program started with the Alaap in the Shudh Sarang followed by the raag and bandish. The audience had a lively interaction with the children singing to the tune of ‘Sara Jahan Se Acha’ and ‘Hum Honge Kamyab’. The audience was mesmerised when Punditji played, ‘Vaishno Jayanti Tene Kahiye’ and the auditorium echoed with the tune of Gandhiji’s bhajan and left everyone spellbound. The audience was captivated by the Tabla performance of Ustad Aarther Hssain. Through the interactive session the luminary provoked thought and a genuine spirit of enquiry into the young minds. The children were honored when Punditji very gracefully responded to their eager queries. The event infused so much vitality among the students that it once again reminded them into being the custodian of what is actually their birthright, namely their heritage, roots and identity.

The program concluded with the Principal, Mrs. Ameeta Mohan felicitating the artists and giving a vote of thanks for their esteemed presence. In true sense, a mosaic of music and the melodious voice of little children were weaved to create a magical ambience along with the audience participation in the event marked the success of the event and could reach its aim to generate a more inspired perspective of Indian heritage.

(14th September 2011)

With deep felt pride and pleasure, Amity International School, Pushp Vihar honored ‘HINDI DIWAS’ by organizing ‘Hasya Kavi Sammelan’ where many teachers from various schools participated and presented satirical comedy through their self composed Hindi poems in order to shoo away the blues and make the audience burst into peels of laughter.

The event was inaugurated by Mr Vajpayee, Mr T.P.S Chauhan and Mrs Ameeta Mohan by lighting the lamp of wisdom to invoke the blessings of the Divine. Mrs Surekha Panandikar and Mrs Indira Baagchi ,the talented writers ,presided over to judge the conference. Our esteemed guests addressed the audience by presenting their views on the losing identity of Hindi language and encouraged the attendees to make an effort in promoting and appreciating it.

All the participants reflected upon the stark truths and evils that plague our society and talked about the deterioration of values through their comic piece of poetry. Satire was brought forth by irony, pun, anecdotes and humour. Their poetry was not just a matter of sound and noise but it was pregnant with expression and meaning which conveyed the point articulately. The audience reverberated with peels of laughter and was enthralled with their humorous yet didactic poems.

The event ended with the announcement of the winners. The first position was honored to Ms Jyoti Sharma, a young participant who with her fresh pack of jokes and satirical fashion provided the audience with a good laugh. The second Price was honored to Mrs Pooja Kaushik from AIS,P.V who with her sarcasm, anecdotes and puns did not make a single moment dull and elicited an overwhelming response from the audience. The third price was honored to Mrs Madhubala Mayati, who supplied the audience with the best laughter medicine through her humorous piece

Amity made an effort in bringing our National Language to the fore as it is losing its identity in today’s world. This day was a tribute to Hindi language by acknowledging and appreciating its importance.

Annual Inter Amity Debate
(19th Aug, 2011)

Venue: AIS, Gurgaon,Sect 46


  1. Fasting is a way to Empower Society- Sr. Category
  2. Virtual World losing Human Touch - Jr. Category
Sr. Category:
  • Devika Bassi (Cls IX) - For the motion
  • Nihal Majithia (Cls XI) - Against
  • Pratibha Gauri Nigam (Cls X) - Interjection
Jr. Category :
  • Devika Jain (Cls VIII) - For the motion
  • Isha Goel (Cls VIII) - Against
  • Disha Kamaldeep (Cls VIII) - Interjection
Sr. Category - Devika Bassi - Best Speaker (2nd Runner Up)

Jr. Category - Devika - Best Speaker ( First Prize)

Debating is a genre of speech that not only hone the speaking skill of our students but also give them an opportunity to deal with the graver issues of the contemporary world and become capable enough to form their own point of view as well as develop their convincing prowess in a confident manner. Amity has been instrumental in providing such innovative platforms to the students and 'Metamorphosis' was one such event organised by AIS, GGN, Sect 46 on 19th Aug,2011.

Three students from Sr. Category - IX to XII and three from Jr. Category- VI to VIII participated in this Inter-Amity Debate Competition, on topics - Fasting is a way to empower society (Sr.) and Virtual World-Losing Human Touch (Jr.).

Students were selected through a rigorous screening process thus ensuring equated opportunities to everyone who volunteered. Devika Bassi of Class IX and Devika Jain of Class VIII brought laurels to their Alma Mater by being adjudged the best speakers in their respective categories. The event was indeed a great learning experience for all the participants.

(17th August 2011)

Keeping the spirit of festivity alive, the students of Class I took pride in presenting ‘Krishanleela’.Lord Krishna and his Bal Leela has always been very fascinating for the children. The little ones performed in front of their parents the various episodes from Lord Krishna’s life. The three day event began on the 17th of August,2011. The first day witnessed the birth of’ Lord Krishna’ and the ‘Killing of Wicked Putana’. The second day showcased the various episodes of ‘Natkhat Makhan Chor’, ‘Shesnaag’ and ‘Govardhan Parvat’. The immortal friendship of Krishna and Sudama was staged on the third day. The entire Krishanleela culminated into the truth of life GITASAAR.It was a moment of joy for the parents to see their little one perform on stage.

(2nd August,2011 & 6th August,2011)

Judges:  Mr. U. Tirkey
               Mr. H.c. Louhmi
               Mr. Nimish Kapoor
               Mr. A. K. Rajput
               Mrs. Madhumita & teachers of AIS, MV and Saket
           Mathematics consists in proving the most obvious thing in the least obvious way."
           -George Polya

Amity, under the inspiring & motivating guidance of the Founder President Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan and the venerable  Chairperson Dr. Mrs. Amita Chauhan has always believed in nurturing talent and prodded the students to know the unknown, to explore, to discover, to reach newer heights and to write their own success stories.

Mathamity is one such endeavour by Amity that has opened new vistas for the students to hone their analytical ability and sharpen their logical thinking through varied innovative projects based on the magical world of Mathematics. 

Amity Internatonal School, Pushp Vihar held its annual mega event ‘Mathamity,2011’ on 2nd August, 2011 for classes Vi to XI and on 6th August,2011 for classes KG to V in the school premises.

The senior students on 2nd August,2011, showcased their research based projects on a number of interesting mathematical concepts. The students had put in tremendous effort & their conscientious hard work was recognized & commended upon by the elite panel of judges who not only selected the best projects but also enriched the students’ knowledge repertoire with valuable inputs & feedback.

The juniors, on 6th August, 2011 stole the show by putting up a brilliant exhibition through fascinating models & displays which were profusely appreciated & lauded. Parents were amazed to see their little darlings could be so creative and ingenious.

The event was an astounding success and was able to achieve its goal to encourage the young & inquisitive minds have fun with numbers by being pro-active & objective in their outlook.


‘I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives. I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him.’ Abraham Lincoln

It is the vision of our Founder President, Honorable Dr Ashok K Chauhan as well as Chairperson Madam Honorable, Dr Amita Chauhan that has come to fruition; in a confluence of the different aspects of culture , through the celebration of the unique heritage of the state of Gujarat. As citizens of a proud nation and as Amitians we rejoice in, and celebrate the varied customs that unite us in their diversity.

At Amity, we believe in equipping our students with a sound knowledge of the culturally rich legacy that has been bestowed upon us; by giving them a platform, to explore the varied nature of the cultural traditions of each state in India.

Every year the school organises a cultural extravaganza; through a celebration of the customs and traditions of a state, for a week designated to each state in India. Recently we held the Kerala Week which was a grand success with a stupendous performance given by our students.

This year the Gujarat Week was held wherein the performing arts, the literature, handicrafts, as well as the places of interest pertaining to the state, were devised as themes for each House to showcase in the form of skits, musical or dance performances. A month of brain storming and quizzes culminated in the festivities organized on the Gujarat Day on the 29th of July.

Classes IX TO XI prepared an interactive PPT based on the folk songs and dances of the state of Gujarat.

Students of class V presented a PPT along with a skit on Gujarati social life, which was followed by an informative skit on the famous authors and poets of Gujarat. Students of class VII and VIII came up with PPTs and skits which introduced us to “Places of Interest & Theatre” and artifacts on “Indian Handicraft and Paintings” respectively. The students of each house performed with a zeal and enthusiasm to win, but the competition also encouraged a cooperative spirit wherein knowledge sharing and interaction were of paramount importance for each House to give a successful performance.

Not only this, the students were given Heritage worksheets, and quizzes were held during the entire month.

Children wearing exquisite Gujarati outfits stole the show with their innocent and cherubic smiles. The audience and the teachers too thoroughly enjoyed the show where even the AFS kids showcased an item and some even made an exemplary effort to speak in Hindi. Towards the end of the show members of the Student Council gave a praiseworthy dance performance, loudly cheered by the teachers as well as the audience, to bring the festivities to a close.

Some of them also took part in Amity’s mega events like Model United Nations (MUN) and Mathamity (Math related event).

They were also part of various guest lecture series like meeting Rani Hong – Founder of Tronie Foundation, a proponent against human trafficking.

The students have learnt to greet in Hindi according to the time of the day and have also shown remarkable progress in Hindi communication skill.


The United Nations is one of the most prestigious global institutions, in charge of maintaining international peace and security through international diplomatic negotiations and relationships.

Keeping this in mind, under the guidance of our esteemed Respected Chairperson Dr. Mrs. Amita Chauhan ma’am and Respected Founder President Dr. Ashok K Chauhan sir, the students of AISPV held their first ever Intra School Model UN on the 21st and 22nd of July. There was an overwhelming response for both committees, the General Assembly as well as the Security Council. The agendas were related to some of the common vices that plague the modern world; “Exploitation of women in armed conflict” in the General Assembly, and “Nuclear Terrorism” for the Security Council.

The committees were chaired by the students themselves. Kritika Dhawan was the chairperson for the General Assembly, and was aided by Nikita Kapoor (Committee Guide) and Pratibha Nigam (Rapporteur). The Security Council had an all-boys executive board, with Kunal Taneja as the chairperson, and was helped by Anchit Som (Committee Guide) and Rahul Krishna(Rapporteur) The Secretary General for the intra school MUN was Kaveri Modayil, and the Deputy Secretary General was Simran Sachdeva. The guiding forces behind the success of this MUN were our esteemed Principal, Mrs Ameeta Mohan maam and our respected Vice Principal, Mrs Divya Bhatia maam. They inspired us to strive relentlessly towards our goal with single –minded focus, and overcome difficulties in our drive towards success. We would also like to mention that we were constantly supported by Bhumika maam and Madhavi maam in our endeavor to make this MUN a success.

Considering that most delegates were first timers, the level of debate was exceptionally high. All the delegates were eager and enthusiastic to put forth their views, and debated with passionate intensity as they fought to resolve international conflicts. The resolutions were made after numerous heated discussions, and were debated upon with equal fervor.

The crisis on the second day brought the committees alive; it led to intensified debates as the delegates raced against time to solve the crisis. The countries of South Africa and America were bombarded with questions regarding their stand on the crisis in the General Assembly, as were Russia and the United Kingdom in the Security Council.

All in all, it was an enjoyable experience for all the delegates, and proved to be an eye opener as to the magnitude of the problems the United Nations has to deal with every day. The delegates became more cognizant about the problems that people in the world face and were, by the end of the two day session, ready to make a difference when it’s their turn to step out and face the world.


The students were engaged not only in class room studies mainly learning Hindi communication skill, Hindi alphabet etc. but were also given the opportunity to get well acquainted with Indian culture and tradition through various innovative activities.

They were regularly given classes on Indian music, dance, special Yoga sessions, art & craft sessions like clay modeling, Hindi theatre, regular library classes, Indian cooking class wherein they were taught to make a special Indian dessert – Halwa etc.

Students were also taken for weekly community visits to Amitasha- centre for underprivileged girl child and they also paid a visit to Blind Relief Association in Delhi. Their fun and entertainment quotient was also taken care of by taking them for Agra visit, visit to Art & Craft Museum in Delhi, Parliament Museum , a special trip to Amity University Campus and also Delhi Darshan ( Trip around Delhi).

They all also watched Hindi movie – ‘Chak De’ in school and the next movie that they will be watching is –‘Jodha Akbar’

In school too they were part of Dohavali competition wherein they recited Guruvandana alongwith its meaning. The students have also enthusiastically taken part in morning school assemblies and also in activities like Comic Capers (Stand-up Comedy), Plot Platter (Dramatization of a given situation), Adzap (Creating an advertisement in Hindi), Antakshari (Song related activity in Hindi), Herbal Quiz, Quiz on States of India, Celebration of Gujarat Week in school etc. Some of them also took part in Amity’s mega events like Model United Nations (MUN) and Mathamity (Math related event).

They were also part of various guest lecture series like meeting Rani Hong – Founder of Tronie Foundation, a proponent against human trafficking. The students have learnt to greet in Hindi according to the time of the day and have also shown remarkable progress in Hindi communication skill. It is a pleasure to have the students in school and we look forward to have such association with AFS in near future.

Investiture’s Ceremony

With the kind blessings of Dr. Mrs. Amita Chauhan, Chairperson, Amity schools, Amity International School, Pushp Vihar hosted the Investiture’s Ceremony for the year 2011-2012 on the 26th of April. On this auspicious occasion, the students of class XI, X and VIII were invested with various responsibilities and posts in the student council. The ceremonial proceedings began with a melodious song by the school choir, followed by a scintillating dance performance before culminating into a drill by the newly elected student council.

The chief guest for the day, Col. B S Ahluwalia, along with the Principal Mrs. Ameeta Mohan, the Vice – Principal Mrs. Divya Bhatia and the Headmistress Mrs. Shalini Khanna handed over the school flag to the Head Boy and the Head Girl, the sports flag to the Sports Captains and the house flags to the House Captains. Badges as well as sashes were given to the flag – bearers as well as all the council members. Vinayak Gupta of class XI was chosen as the Head Boy and Anugya Gupta as the Head Girl. The highlight of the event was the synchronized and sequential drill by the student council which was highly applauded.

The council posts comprise the General Secretary, Discipline Secretary, Cultural Secretary, Editors etc. The entire council pledged to uphold the traditions and values of the school. The Head Boy and the Head Girl spoke about their feelings and duties towards their posts and their school.

The chief guest enlightened the students about his experience of interviewing them and showered them with his pearls of wisdom. He highlighted the importance of holding a post and explained the responsibilities and duties of the council as the cream of the school.

Earth day week- 18-4-11 to 21-4-11
Venue: Classrooms

In the earth day week students very interestingly took part in the activities related to earth day. “Learning by doing” is the best way of understanding the importance of the environment around us and resources available to us. Students learnt to make the best utilization of the waste material around them and conserve the natural resources present on the earth.

18-4-11—FABRIC PAINTING ON T-SHIRTS: Students made very beautiful t-shirts, that represented the canvas on which earth is painted in the most enticing manner.

19-4-11—POSTER MAKING – SLOGAN ON MOTHER EARTH – Students made beautiful posters with intriguing and crafty slogans that made us rethink about our actions and activities.

20-4-11 – COMIC STRIP—Students made a hilarious comic strip on saving the mother earth that tickled the stomach to the very core.

21-4-11—Environmental Quiz—Students enthusiastically participated in the quiz on environment and understood the importance of resources present on the earth and need to save them.

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