AIS, Saket boasts of a well developed, progressive resource base and an excellent infrastructure that promotes pleasurable learning.
With focus on experiential learning the school provides an effective environment empowering each child to understand the world around him, explore it and learn from it.




Amity International School, Saket provides a first hand experience in all practical subjects. All the labs in the school are well equipped with latest apparatus, techniques and instruments.



It is well equipped with apparatus and chemicals to meet the demand of the C.B.S.E. curriculum and to take up a variety of higher level projects as well. With a capacity to cater to 24 students at a time, it ensures the safety of the children as a top priority.


It is an updated lab with latest equipments to take up projects of any level. With a capacity to accommodate 24 students at a time, it provides first hand experience of all practicals and activities to each child individually.


The Biotech lab of AIS Saket is approximately 4181 square meters in area. The lab is well equipped for students to carry out practicals of the senior classes as per the CBSE guidelines and also to perform advanced level projects for different competitions.


The Biolab is well equipped to perform experiments from class VI to XII according to the CBSE guidelines and can accommodate 24 children per batch. It also has the facilities to perform high level projects. It has a unique collection of charts, models, slides and specimens to cater to the needs of the syllabus of each class.


The Montessori method is an approach towards educating children based on research and experiences.
The Montessori classroom is designed to take advantage of the observant mind and sensitive periods from the age group (3 to 10 years) It is equipped with various materials like practical life exercises, sensational maths and language culture. Students select wide range of activities which interests them. These activities help to develop concentration, co-ordination, self discipline and good working habits.


Mathematics is all around us, it cannot be learnt but it has to be experienced and understood.
We at Amity, Saket put our best effort in helping students understand the subject with the help of Mathematics Lab.
The Mathematics Lab provides an opportunity to students to learn mathematical concepts through several pre-planned activities under the guidance of the teacher.
Activities for Classes III &V mainly involve the use of concrete materials comprising of mathematical games, identification of solid shapes etc. for the simple understanding of concepts. Classes VI-X conducts a number of experiments with colorful paper cutting and folding techniques in order to clarify concepts that are abstract in nature. There is also an extensive use of technology. The computers and the internet are used for teaching, self learning, interactive mental maths quizzes and competitions.
The purpose of conducting all the activities in the mathematics laboratory is to provide students an atmosphere to explore, observe and reflect on mathematical ideas, logically and independently, which further supplements the classroom teaching learning sessions.


  • ABOUT IT: It is a PC based lab which includes almost all the functions for language learning. It also enhances special functions like interpretation, self study and group discussions.
  • ACCESSIBILTY: It is a professionally engineered comprehensive language software purposefully used by students from kindergarten to class VIIth .
  • PURPOSE: The module allows the students to listen to the stimulus & type the text individually thus increasing the attention span of the student and making it more meaningful and understandable. It is a combination of all the four skills like listening, speaking, reading & writing which are the quintessentials of English language learning. This helps in the overall development of the child.
  • CONCLUSION: The school has installed a very upgraded and sophisticated language lab which is the hub of language learning. It is much sought after by the students for its seamless integration of information technology with proven language teaching methodologies.



Today, technology has revolutionized education. It is no longer confined to classrooms, chalk, board etc. Amity International School is keeping pace with the latest technological advances .It has successfully incorporated technology in the classrooms as a learning tool for studies and as a teaching tool for teachers. Technological advances have been widely used in effective teaching and mentoring. Students are quick to grasp the joys of new technology.

Smart board also referred to as white board helps the student to learn in an interactive manner It is used extensively as a teaching aid to enhance the lesson plans in class rooms. Interactive lessons in math, science, spelling and other subjects are put on screen for students to participate in. It is a very effective means to deliver a lesson and the assignments that reinforce the concepts. The students enjoy their lessons and ultimately it has made the work of teacher easier. Teachers use it innovatively to enhance teaching and learning. It also facilitates assessment in primary section. It has also increased attentiveness. Technology has helped to enhance the lessons; making them less boring and making the classes run smoother. Research has established that visual learning is more effective. A student grasps and retains better when he sees. Power point presentations are made by the teachers on different topics. Students give better performance if they learn by visualizing concepts than by rote learning.

The major change in the conventional mode of delivering lectures has witnessed higher levels of motivation and satisfaction on the part of students. They have also acquired an impressive degree of technological skills related to computers. Before entering the middle school they have a basic understanding of how various classes of computer tools behave. They also have the confidence to learn new tools that will support their learning of new software application.

The potential gains for kindergarten and primary children are tremendous including improved motor skills, enhanced mathematical thinking, increased creativity, critical thinking etc. In the III - V grades students are required to do programming at small levels which develops their concept of programming and logical thinking.

Technology can be motivating to a student because it requires active participation .When students are actively engaged with a lesson they are also developing higher order thinking skills and practical problem solving strategies.

To sum up, the advances in technology has transformed the concept of education.


  1. No. of Classrooms – 49
  2. Special Rooms
    - 2 Art Rooms
    - Balance Room
    - Paper Cycling Room
    - Clay modeling Room
    - Western Music Room
    - 2 Instrumental Rooms
    - Vocal Music Room
    - Dance Room
    - Sports Room
    - Karate Room
    - Theatre Room
  3. Specially Designated
    • Science Park
    • Play Area for KG
    • OAT (Open Area Theater)
    • Open Air Stage – Where major functions of the school are held.


AIS, SAKET LEARNING RESOURCE CENTER is airy, pleasant and spacious with comfortable furniture providing a tranquil and serene atmosphere essential for reading . The reference room with internet facilities can be used by students for reference work and individual study. Multimedia computers, educational CDs, easy access to internet and various sites across the globe is available to the students at the click of a mouse. The LRC with its wide range of books to meet the demands and taste of every age group, endeavors to develop reading habit and appreciation of literature among the students. The various reference books on every subject help students to acquire in-depth knowledge and also develop independence in solving problems. The LRC subscriber to a large number of newspapers, journals, magazines and periodicals, thus keeping the students in touch with happenings in India and the outside world.

There are many activities organized in the library which include Library Week, workshops by various authors, visits to British and American information centers, quizzes, Book talk, speed reading, drafting a book on current topic etc. Library also organizes carnival of books and reading club as Work Experience activities. Awards are also given to keen readers and also to those who utilize library resources to the fullest. Junior library also organizes many activities such as story telling, screening of motivational and patriotic movies and presentation about festivals through power point.


  • Senior Library for Classes VI---XII
  • Junior Library for Classes Nursery --V
With a large space and a seating capacity of 80 readers at one time, the school has a well stocked and a well managed library caters to the needs of students from classes Nursery – V. Using the software – LIBSYS, the library boasts of issuing 200-300 books to students daily. The time-table ensures one library period for each class every week.

  • Computerized Library

    1. Reference Section
    2. Amity Archive section
    3. Creative corner (Activities)
    4. Documentation section (Press Clippings)
    5. Teacher’s Section
    6. Digital Corner
    7. Best books, most selected corner

    1. Distribution of requisition form for books to the teachers and students of each class.
    2. Library Knowledge (Orientation) Students should be familiar with the layout and procedures of the library as well as location of materials and services provided by the library)
    3. BOOK BANK (Book donation drive for UNESCO)
    4. DIGITAL WEEK (CDs Show: VI—XII)
    5. Latest Book discussion in the assembly by every class.
    6. Book reviews
    7. Workshop by various authors:
    8. Visit to the British council library along with the students.
    9. Learning to learn from magazine. (Current Awareness service)
    10. Readers’ Proforma report
    11. Quiz
    12. Book covers
    13. Making a book
    14. Author of the month
    15. Subject of the Week
    16. Read / Select from magazines and speak about topic.
    17. Speed Reading.
    18. Me (Children have a lot of ideas or dreams? Come to the library and make a book about YOU! You can write down all your, likes, dislikes, ideas and dreams).
    19. Reading Club As Work Ex.
    20. Issue of reference books like encyclopedia dictionaries etc. for a day or an hour
    21. Reading habit development (Through caterpillar ….)
    22. Carnival of Books. Our (BOOK CLUB/FAIRS)
      (Best Library Reader awards were instituted from the academic year 2010-2011 to the students who read books and utilize other library resources at a maximum in the most effective manner.)

  • Learning to learn from magazines
  • Reference service
  • Documentation service
  • Document Reservation service
  • Documentation of previous year’s question Papers
  • CAS (Current awareness Service)


    Today, technology has revolutionized the concept of education. It is effectively used to promote inclusive student centric learning. Amity , is keeping pace with the latest technological advances. The teachers have successfully integrated technology into real teaching. Online lessons , students profiles, performance reports, daily H.W. are available for students as well as parents on the school website which is updated every single day. The school has a wide network of computers in various departments. There are 4 computer labs exclusively for students.

    1. Junior Computer Lab : It has 22 computers.
    2. Middle Computer Lab: It has 34 computers.
    3. Senior Computer Lab: It has 28 computers.

    Digital Lab provides an effective platform for teachers to hone the listening and speaking skills of the students. It has 41 computers.

    Teachers’ Resource Room has six computers. Teachers upload the homework, attendance, prepare lesson plans, questions banks etc.

    Interactive Room has a Smart Board which helps the students to learn in an interactive manner. It is used extensively to deliver a lesson and assignments to reinforce the concepts. Teacher use it innovatively to enhance teaching and learning.

    Administrative Department has 6 computers which are connected to the network.

    Junior and Senior Libraries are computerized. The software used is LIBSYS.


    The Science park set up in the school fosters a love for science amongst students through its exhibits. It is an innovative teaching tool which has helped students inculcate scientific temper
    The colourful science gadgets installed permanently there help students to learn and understand various science related topics of biology, chemistry, sound, light and mechanics.

    Some of the exhibits include: different types of levers, double ended cone, centrifugal force, interactive periodic table, periscope, DNA model, musical pipes, parabolic dishes etc.

    F) Play Ground

    The playground is a bustling area where the physical training of the children is the centre of focus. The special areas are ear - marked for cricket, basketball, skating and other such activities. It is the cradle of budding National or International Sporting Stars.