Physics lab, having an area of 24’10’’ – 39’5’’ and 4 slabs with a maximum capacity of 30 students, boasts of all the instruments as per CBSE requirements such as optical bench, meter bridge, potentiometer, Gravesand’s apparatus, resonance tube,sonometers etc for senior students and activity kits for both junior and seniors.
Apart from this we also have an astronomical telescope which we use for space club activities such as solar eclipse, lunar eclipse observations, planet watch etc.

Chemistry lab is also very well equipped with maximum capacity  of 30 students and an area comprising of width 24’10’’ and length 39’5’’ with  4 slabs.
We have well maintained equipment like distillation kit, pipettes (mechanical) along with manual, centrifugation machine – electronic, electronic balance, thistle funnels, deflagrating spoons, etc and models like biogas plants, linen tester, density kits etc. All required chemicals are also available

Biology  lab is also very well equipped with maximum capacity  of 30 students and an area comprising of width 24’10’’ and length 39’5’’ with  4 slabs.
We have the entire specimen required for classes 9th to 12th. We also have a projection microscope, overhead projector, oven, 3D models with charts and 2D framed models. Material required for making slides is always available.
We are also maintaining our own herbal garden.

Maths lab offers unique learning environment to students. It helps them to understand the difficult concepts of Maths through learning by doing method.
It is well equipped with various teaching aids and models, which makes learning process enjoyable for the students.

Science has advances in leaps and bounds over the last 200 years. Today's technology is packed with facts about miraculous inventions that have transformed our lines. With technology advancing all the time, who knows what will be next? The only limit to tomorrow's technology is our imagination !

From machines to robots and the internet . A sciences lab. Covers all the wonders. Essential facts packed with vital information on lots of different subjects including biology, chemistry, physics etc. all have the same destination i.e. a science lab.

To prove many scientific facts you don't need a lot of fancy equipment but just a qualitative & quantitative approach. One of the keys to being a creative scientist is to keep experimenting. The means experimenting with equipment as well as with ideas. In this way you will build up your own workshop!!!

Keeping all this in mind AIS, Vasundhara has put up four different labs for Physics , Chemistry, Biology & Biotech, Meal Planning. All these labs are well-equipped with specific apparatus & gadgets. Effective & Efficient teachers to test ideas of students, help them in performing experiments and at all the same time encouraging them to make their own discoveries. It also has the provision of giving fascinating answer to surprising questions solutions to scientific arguments and assistance in scientific projects.

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