Innovation in Education Technology Awards


This unique award for teachers, instituted in the year 2015 by Dr (Mrs) Amita Chauhan, Chairperson, Amity Group of Schools and RBEF aims to encourage and motivate teachers to adopt technology led new age learning models in their classroom practices to imbibe 21st century skills in learners. Teachers from all AIS branches in Delhi, NCR, outside Delhi and Amity Global Schools take part the event.


The 4th edition of Innovation in Education Technology Awards was held at AIS Saket on September 29, 2018. The event comprised a lesson presentation - a competitive event for teachers and an exhibition by schools – a non-competitive event to show best practices adopted by schools to demonstrate UN-SDG integration in their regular school curriculum. The occasion also marked felicitation of 21 teachers from all branches of AIS for the Best Teacher’s Day essay submitted for the year 2017. Mr Sumedh Kapoor, Ms Sushmita Roy and Ms Geet Simmeron of the school were awarded a trophy, a stoll and a cash award of Rs 5000 each.

Chairperson with jury members at IT Awards
Teachers demonstrate UN-SDG integration projects to chairperson Teacher presenting her topic ‘role of ICT in education’
Ms Geet Simmeron receiving her best teacher’s day essay trophy from chairperson Ms Sushmita Roy receiving her best teacher’s day essay trophy from chairperson
Mr Sumedh Kapoor receiving his best teacher’s day essay trophy from chairperson School principal with chairperson and jury members

Start–Up Programme


The annual Amity Inter-School Start-Up Entrepreneurship workshop introduced by Dr (Mrs) Amita Chauhan, Chairperson and organised by Amity Educational Resource Centre (AERC) introduces the school students to the start-up world in a competitive atmosphere. Under this programme, there is a 7 day workshop conducted by leading entrepreneurs that includes A to Z of entrepreneurship and insights about the working of a start-up. The workshop concludes with an inter-Amity ‘Build Your Own Start Up’ competition.


The workshop held at Amity Global School from July 9-16, 2018 conducted by two leading entrepreneurs Ms Paulene Roussel and Mr Dimitar Inchev, especially invited from Germany concluded with the competition. School team ‘Homestad’ Class IX and XI participated in the workshop. Their project aimed to live stream matches and live events to the users at home, giving complete 3D view of the stadium through virtual reality.

Chairperson interacts with the participants Dimitar Inchev in discussion with the participants
Participants engrossed in the project to give their best All smiles and cheers on successful completion of the start-up programme


In an effort to inculcate scientific temperament and encourage research & innovation amongst children, as envisaged by Chairperson Dr (Mrs) Amita Chauhan, the school organises Amity Children Science Congress titled Vasudha and Mathamity every alternate year. Under this initiative, children are encouraged to prepare small do-able projects in Science and Maths. The shortlisted projects are then sent for various national and international forums namely National Children Science Congress (NCSC), Initiatives for Research and Innovation in Science (IRIS), CSIR exhibitions and so on.

2018-2019 ->

Vasudha 2018

The focal theme for 2018 was 'Science Technology and Innovation for Sustainable Development'. Over 1500 students from primary, middle and senior sections explored various theme based domains to showcase their innovative projects. All the projects were then presented through models, PPTs and oratory presentations from August 1-4, 2018. The best selected models were sent for further research with a scope of making prototypes and manufacturing for consumer use.
Young kids display their science projects Senior students explain their science projects

2017-2018 ->

Mathamity 2017

The school won first prize in Vasudha- Science exhibition cum competition held at AIS Vas 6 on October 30, 2017. It also bagged the rolling trophy in inter- Amity Math competition ‘Mathamity 2017’. Vasvi Yaksh and Ashwath Chaddha of Class X won first position for the project on ‘Mango Plastics’.
Naman Gupta and Saatwik Sharma of Class IX won third position in Inter-Amity Mathamity 2017 for their project on ‘Smart containers’ in Class IX category held on October 30, 2017 at AIS Vasundhara 6.

2015-2016 ->

The school won the overall trophy for seniors(Class IX-XI) with a total of 110 medals including 50 Gold, 30 Silver and 30 Bronze

The winners being felicitated for their performance The senior school lifts the overall winner trophy
The junior school showcasing their projects during Vasudha  

The focal theme for 2013 was 'Application of Mathematics in daily life'. The sub categories of projects ranged from maths based quizzes, applications in architecture to models as teaching-learning aid and usage of maths in predictions.

The school won the overall trophy for seniors with first positions for classes XI-XII and IX-X.

Students display their models at Mathamity Sharing knowledge through model display
Explaining mathematical concepts during Mathamity  

Heritage Quiz

As a part of Heritage Education, every year the school identifies three states/UTs and celebrates their rich and diverse heritage. Various activities are organized through the year under the guidance of Chairperson Dr (Mrs) Amita Chauhan, where children are encouraged to learn about the selected state’s people, culture, lifestyle, art & craft, music, dance, costumes, fairs and festivals, languages, religions, rituals, cuisine, etc. The highlights are colourful display boards, inter-section quiz, food festivals, etc. The yearlong celebrations conclude with Inter Amity Heritage Quiz hosted by AIS Saket.

2017-2018 ->

Inter Amity Heritage Quiz

January 30, 2018

The quiz conducted by Adittya Nath Mubayi and Sidhharth Kurapati was divided into three categories – junior, middle and senior. It was based on the rivers of India – Ganga, Yamuna, Brahmaputra, Kaveri and Narmada. The rolling trophy was bagged by AIS Noida for the third consecutive year. School Principal Divya Bhatia applauded the students and congratulated them.

Students with their trophy
Students along with teachers

2016-2017 ->

Inter- Amity Heritage Quiz

January 13, 2017

The quiz hosted by Aditya Nath in three categories i.e. Junior, Middle and Senior comprised topics like Indian culture, religion, literature, art, mythology and architecture from four states of India- Tripura, Bihar, Goa and Sikkim. The rolling trophy was bagged by AIS Noida, followed by AIS Gur 46 and AIS Saket at the second and third positions respectively.

Winners with teachers and other dignitaries

2015-2016 ->

The event hosted by the school on January 28, 2016 was conducted by Mr Adittya Nath Mubayi from Quizcraft a valued name in the world of quizzing. It was divided into three categories – junior, middle and senior and covered multifarious topics like Indian culture, religion, literature, art, mythology and architecture spanning four states of India -Nagaland, Uttarakhand, Chattishgarh and Jharkhand. All branches of Amity participated with vigor and zeal. The rolling trophy was bagged by Amity International School Noida

The Heritage Quiz winners with esteemed dignitaries

The selected states for the year 2013-14 were Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Kerela. Colourful display boards, quiz, food festivals, dance performances, and several other activities mark the heritage celebrations. The celebrations conclude with an inter-Amity heritage quiz hosted by the school in January 17, 2014 where the school bagged the rolling trophy.

Amity heritage quiz being conducted by quiz master Adittya Nath Mubai from Quizcraft AIS Saket lifts the Rolling Trophy for Heritage Quiz 2013-14

Mental Math Quiz

Mental Math Quiz is an ongoing annual project initiated by Chairperson Dr (Mrs) Amita Chauhan that aims to nurture young mathematicians by enhancing the mathematical proficiency of students from class I to X. The competitions held at different levels i.e intra class, intra section and then inter school rekindle interest in mathematical tables, enable students to calculate without paper and pen besides developing better reasoning and logical skills.

2017-18 ->

The students participated in the Inter-Amity Mental Math Quiz conducted at different levels i.e. intra class, intra section and then inter school. They bagged various prizes in the competition. Overall, the school bagged third position in the competition.
Agrim, Akshat and Namya of Class I bagged third position in the competition held at AIS Pushp Vihar on January 22, 2018
Bhavesh R Karthik, Aathreya Mahesh Doddi and Aria Puri of Class VI bagged second position in the competition held at AIS Vasundhara-6 on January 24, 2018
Pranav Gupta, Jaisal Kothari and Swati Sahu of Class VIII bagged first position in the competition held at AIS Gur-46 on January 24, 2018
Swetabh Changakoti, Ayush and Atharv Boobna of Class X bagged first position in the competition held at AIS Gur-46 on January 23, 2018

2015-2016 ->

It was held at different levels i.e intra class, intra section and then inter school. Amity Saket hosted the finale for Class VIII where it stood first. It also bagged the first position for Class III and VI while it secured third position for Class II.
Enhancing reasoning and logical skills

Making-A-Newspaper Contest : GT Awards

The annual Inter Amity GT Making a Newspaper Contest introduced by Chairperson Dr (Mrs) Amita Chauhan and organized by The Global Times, introduces the school students to the different nuances of journalism in a competitive atmosphere. Under this programme, every school prepares one complete edition of the newspaper from the stage of conceptualization to finalizing the designing, layouts and editing. The competition, judged by experts from the media industry, concludes with GT Awards.

GT Awards 2017-2018

The GT Edition issue dated December 18, 2017 prepared completely by the students of AIS Saket, as a part of GT ‘Making a Newspaper’ Contest bagged several awards at the GT Awards 2017-18 function held in Amity University, Noida on August 20, 2018. Aditya K Das, Srishti Saxena and Noor Sharma won second prize in Best Educational Poster. Asya Kapur (VII), Dhruv Goel and Dhanya Visweswaran (XI) won third prize in Best Fictional Story, Best Photograph and Most Innovative story respectively. The school also won the First runner-up trophy for Best Editing Award in the ‘school category’. Devyani Goel and Khushi Ko were felicitated with the GT School Times Achievement Award.

The function also marked the completion of 10 years of The Global Times. The occasion was celebrated with the presentation of a book ‘Impressions’ which was a compilation of Chairpersons columns in The Global Times of last 10 years.

Page editors of the special edition felicitated at the award ceremony Flash mob on 10 years of GT presented by the school
GT awards opens up with flash mob on 10 years of GT Winners pose for picture outside GT photo booth
Winners outside GT photo booth Proud winners of second runner-up trophy for GT Best Newspaper Award.
Devyani’s grandfather receives GT School Times Achievement award on her behalf Khushi Ko receives the GT School Times Achievement Award
School editorial board with the first runner trophy for Best Editing Award GT Managing Editor Vira Sharma welcomes school Principal with a tulsi sapling
Chief guest Bhavna Vij, Political Editor, Outlook addresses the audience GT mentor teachers felicitated at the award ceremony
Chairperson Dr (Mrs) Amita Chauhan addresses the audience Chairperson presented with a copy of the book ‘Impressions’
Glimpse of page 1 of The GT edition dated November 27, 2017 prepared by the students To view the complete edition log on

2015-2016 ->

The Global Times Awards - Making a Newspaper Contest

GT Awards 2012-13

The GT edition issue dated February 11, 2013 prepared completely by the students of AIS Saket as part ofGT Making a newspaper Contest bagged several awards.It lifted the first runner up trophy for the Best GT Newspaper Award and the second runner up award for Best GT Edit. It also won an award for the Best headline and Best photograph.

AIS Saket lifts the first runner up trophy for the Best GT Newspaper Award SnigdhaGautam receiving the Special Mention award at GT Awards 2012-13
Glimpse of page 1 of GT edition dated February 11, 2013.
View the complete edition prepared by students at

GT Awards 2011-12

Amity Saket participated in the GT making a newspaper 2011-12 and won several prizes. The school bagged the second runner up award for the Best Editing, first runner up award for Best Photography, second runner up for Best Illustration and the Most Outstanding Story. It also received a special nomination for Best collage, Best Headline and Most Innovative Story.

The school bags the second runner up award for the Best Editing Parents (extreme ends) of Agrim Sachdeva receiving the special GT School Time Achievement award on his behalf alongwith school Principal from Ms Mohina Dar, consultant, Amity Group of Schools.
Glimpse of page 12 of GT edition dated 14th of November, 2011 prepared by the students.
To view the complete edition log on to

Amity Yuva Vichaar Manch

Amity Yuva Vichar Manch is a forum provided by Chairperson Dr (Mrs) Amita Chauhan wherein the students and teachers across Amity, discuss and debate on various scientific and technical issues of importance. This year-long programme comprises five stages, viz., essay writing competition, group discussions, debating sessions, power point presentations based on the compilation of case studies and concludes with the most elaborative Youth Parliament that also involves understanding of parliamentary procedures.

2017-2018 ->

Date: May 5, 2018
AYVM 2017-18 comprised a ‘teacher's presentation’ on six different topics as ‘Automation can leave job cuts in India’, ‘Is social networking leading to breaking of family linkages’, ‘Should Indians go back to 3 R norms or find technologies for waste management’, ‘On-Line games are health hazards’, ‘Are disasters more man made than natural’, ‘Make in India vs made in India’ and ‘Evaluation system stumbling block in nurturing creativity’. The competition held at AIS Mayur Vihar was attended by over 60 teachers from across all branches. It was an informative and healthy competition, judged by experts from different fields for each topic. Ms Shirin and Ms Manveen Kaur won first prize each and Ms Nikita Gupta of the school came second.

Winning teachers along with school Principal Divya Bhatia Guests and other dignitaries at AYVM

2016-2017 ->

Date: May 11, 2017
The school participated in the grand finale of seventh Amity Yuva Vichar Manch. The students from all Amity International Schools discussed, deliberated and debated on the current issue of ‘Gender equality through performance or reservation’. The school auditorium was converted into a Parliament and the session incorporated all the proceedings of the Parliament like introduction of bill, clause by clause discussion, voting and zero hour. The session ended with prize distribution ceremony in nine categories including ‘Most Humorous Parliamentarian’, ‘Best Orator’, ‘Top Informed Parliamentarian’, ‘Best Question Raised’, etc.

Students debate as young parliamentarians
Students raise their placards to voice out their opinion Children receive trophies for their Performances

2015-2016 ->

AIS Saket participated in the sixth AYVM held at AIS Noida from May 12-13, 2016. The event organised under the aegis of Amity’s Children Science Foundation (CSF), saw students slip into the shoes of parliamentarians as they discussed different topics like - Is academic talent of more worth than sporting talent, Odd-Even scheme, No Junk Food bill etc. The school bagged the rolling trophy and many other awards in various categories. Prithvi Raj Khanna was awarded for being the Best Orator as well as for Best Answers. Anushka Barthwal won the most Well Behaved and most Informed Parliamentarian award. Aditya Mohan was awarded the Best Dressed parliamentarian. Sayeed Habeeb received the Best Question award.

A young parliamentarian being felicitated for her commendable role A participant putting his views across during the parliament session
Students take on the role of parliamentarians Students of AIS Saket with their rolling trophy

The topics discussed at AYVM 2013-14 included clean rivers are responsibility of government, space research programmes are as important as developmental programmes, life style technologies - boon or bane , do we need to improve education system to produce role models etc. The school also won several awards. Nivedita Verma and Suman Bisht won the first and third prize respectively in the teacher’s presentation category for their topic, sophistication of transport system necessary for greener earth and role of modern technology in education respectively. Vansh Saluja, appointed as minister of power during the youth parliament bagged the Best Speaker award. Vipanchi Handa was appointed as the minister of agriculture.

Youth parliament in progress Future leaders in action

Inter Amity Sports Competition

The Inter Amity Sports competition organized under the leadership of Chairperson Dr (Mrs) Amita Chauhan aims to stress on the importance of sports in students’ lives and how it can inculcate discipline for personality development. The competition held over the year includes a number of games as football, circlet, table tennis, kho kho, aerobics, taekwondo, PEC, etc. hosted by different Amity branches. The games organized strictly on the rules of the respective federations, commences with inter house matches, followed by league matches and then the finals.

2017-2018 ->

More than 19000 students took part in the sixth edition of the Inter- Amity Sports Competition 2017-18, competing in 13 sports disciplines including skating, taekwondo, chess, kho-kho, etc. The school played host to matches for karate and basketball. The meet concluded with a felicitation function held at AIS Noida on May 2, 2018. The school won a total of 10 medals (4 gold, 4 silver, 2 bronze).

Girls participating in a basketball match hosted by the school Taekwondo championship held at school
Chess for healthy mind and soul Skaters manoeuvre their way to victory
Archers aim for one target – win the world Footballers in action for the perfect strike

2016-2017 ->

Gold Medal Winners for 300mts and 500mts races at 5th Inter- Amity Sports Meet organized at AIS, Noida on March 7, 2017 Aarthreya M Dodi won Inter- Amity Roller Skating Championship at 5th Inter- Amity Sports Meet organized at AIS, Noida on March 7, 2017
Girls Karate Winners at 5th Inter- Amity Sports Meet organized at AIS, Noida on March 7, 2017 Senior Girls Football team won third position at 5th Inter- Amity Sports Meet organised at AIS, Noida on March 7, 2017

2015-2016 ->

Jr. Girls Football Winners at 4th Inter Amity Sports Meet organized at AIS,Noida Jr. Boys Karate Winners at 4th Inter Amity Sports Meet organized at AIS,Noida
Jr. Boys Basketball Winners at 4th Inter Amity Sports Meet organized at AIS,Noida Sr. Boys Basketball winners at 4th Inter Amity Sports Meet organized at AIS,Noida
Jr. Girls Karate Winners at 4th Inter Amity Sports Meet
               organized at AIS,Noida

Youth Power

The annual ethical leadership programme, initiated by The Global Times-Amity’s youth newspaper, aims at grooming students as harbingers of change. Young leaders from across all Amity International Schools work on different social issues related to women, by forming teams, researching topics, designing plans of action, generating funds and finally showcasing their work in the form of a presentation at the grand finale.

2017-2018 ->

Youth Power

With a vision to make society more civil and responsible the team leader Ayushi Singh (XI) along with team members Janvi Johar (XI), Khyati Ahuja (IX) Sapriya Sharma (IX), under the mentorship of Garima Pandey, took upon the task of making everyone a ‘Responsible Citizen’. The team for its adamant and proactive actions won the ‘Second Runners up’ award. They also won the award for ‘Best Fund Raising model’. The team did a comparative analysis of modern and ancient civic practices and held a cleanliness drive in their school. Through their perseverance and persistence they got a dangerously built illegal construction in Saket market demolished by approaching the local municipal authorities.

Team won ‘Second Runners Up’ award for creating ‘Dutiful Citizens’
Team mentor Garima Pandey with the team ready to make ‘Responsible Citizens’ Team present a beautiful meme about social responsibilities
A rally for responsible use of mobile phones Learning to maneuver traffic safely and securely following the rules

Bazinga: Science Quiz

An annual inter Amity Science quiz titled ‘Bazinga’, organized for students of Class IX to XI was conceived by Chairperson Dr (Mrs) Amita Chauhan to inculcate scientific temper in the students. The quiz aims at testing the theoretical, analytical and reasoning skills in physics. It is first held at intra class level, followed by inter class level, culminates with the inter Amity round. The questions for different rounds are based on various subjects including physics, chemistry, biology, latest innovations, scientists and audio-visuals.

2015-2016 ->


Bazinga- Science Quiz

AIS Saket participated in the Bazinga an inter-Amity science quiz organised by B N Bajpai, advisor, R&D, Amity International Schools. The quiz competition held for the students of Classes IX-XI was designed to instill scientific temper among the students. Chief guests Dr Vijay Kumar, scientist F/Director, Ministry of Earth Sciences, Govt of India graced the occasion. There were two semifinals followed by a final, consisting of six rounds each. The rounds included questions from physics, chemistry, biology, latest innovations, scientists and audio-visuals. AIS Saket bagged the first position in Class X.

AIS Saket students answering a flurry of questions Quiz winners of AIS Saket


Bazinga- Physics Quiz

In an effort to develop the scientific acumen amongst children by providing them with an opportunity to display their practical knowledge, application and recent developments in the field of Physics, Amity organized 'Bazinga – Inter Amity Physics Quiz'. Putting the participants' mental abilities to test, the quiz organised for Class IX-XI consisted of eight rounds of innovative questions, held at different levels i.e intra class, intra section and then inter school. Amity Saket hosted the final round for Class XI on January 16, 2014.

Bazinga – Inter Amity Physics Quiz for Class IX in full swing Mental abilities being put to test

Verve: Aerobics competition

With the objective of strengthening physical agility in students, Chairperson Dr (Mrs) Amita Chauhan introduced ‘Verve’ an Aerobics competition hosted by AIS Pushp Vihar. The competition serves as a forum for children to showcase their fitness levels. The competition divided into senior and junior category includes several individual, dual, trio and team performances, and is judged by eminent personalities from the field of sports.

2015-2016 ->

Youth Power Programme: Nurturing Ethical Leaders

The Youth Power Programme launched by The Global Times newspaper is an initiative to nurture social sensibility and ethical leadership qualities amongst students. This annual year-long programme comprises many intensive rounds, that involve introspection exercises, campaigning, panel discussions, surveys, write-ups, experiential learning, websites, films, creative communications etc.

Youth Power 2012-13

The Youth Power team of AIS Saket comprising team leader Vansh Saluja along with team members Vishruti Saraf,Shaurye Agarwal and Yug Shankar under the guidance of mentor teacher Amika Handa Worked for the cause 'Respect Heritage'. The team bagged the second runner up award at the grand finale along with the award for Best social implementation and Best Mentor Teacher for the work done through the year. The work done by the team was covered by CNN- IBN for their programme Citizen Journalism that can be viewed at…

The AIS Saket YP team with the second runner up prize at YP Grand finale 2012-13 Students performing street play to create awareness on the cause
Volunteers cleaning the heritage site at Sultangarhi Inviting visitors at the school carnival to support their cause through signature campaign
An art mela where students expressed support through the medium of art. Special assembly organised by YP team to spread awareness

Youth Power 2011-12

Youth Power Programme 2011-12 saw a group of four students namely team leader Kashish Minocha (X B) along with teammates Ramisha Jain (X C), Mehak Goel (X B) Kriti Chopra (X C) work on the issue 'Empowerment of the Girl Child'. The team members researched on the issue, conducted surveys, communicated the cause through write-up, a one minute film, created awareness and raised funds through innovative means. The team bagged the first runner up prize at the grand finale. The team was also adjudged first for their innovative and creative fund raising model.

The AIS Saket Youth Power team poses with their first runner up prize at the award function The team conducts surveys at a slum
Organising painting competitions in residential colonies on topics related to empowerment of girl child Spreading awareness on the importance of empowerment of the girl child through stickers on chips packets

Hindi Natya Utsav

With an aim to kindle love for our national language Hindi amongst Amitians, Chairperson Dr (Mrs) Amita Chauhan introduced ‘Hindi Natya Utsav’ hosted by AIS Mayur Vihar every year. The competition invites participation from all branch of Amity schools to enact plays in Hindi based on social issues or works of literary giants as per the theme, which are then judged by experts from the industry.

2017-2018 ->

Team AIS Saket won the First prize in Senior and Second prize in junior Hindi Natya Utsav
organised at AIS, Mayur Vihar on April 28, 2017

2016-2017 ->

Date: April 28, 2017
The school bagged the second position in junior category in the inter-Amity drama competition organised by AIS MV to develop dramatic skills and acting ability among students. The programme presided over by Dr Indu Jain and Dr M K Pandey commenced with lamp lighting ceremony. The participants dressed in vibrant costumes enthralled the audience with their theatrical skills. The vote of thanks was given by the school Principal Priyanka Mehta.

Students perform on stage
Children give splendid performances Children bitten by the acting bug

Amity Schools Art & Sculpture Teachers' Camp

In an effort to promote healthy competition and showcase the artistic skills of the art faculty and students as envisaged by Chairperson Dr (Mrs) Amita Chauhan, Amity Group of Schools organise a one- week art camp every year that culminates with an exhibition. The camp, based on a different theme every year witness’s active participation of teachers from all branches of Amity. Every year, the camp is graced by art connoisseurs who also judge the event and award the participants.

2016-2017 ->

Art Display Camp

Date: December 26, 2016- January 14, 2017

The school’s art faculty and group of students participated in the fourth Art & Sculpture Camp in their respective schools on the theme ‘Incredible India’. Each team comprising 3 students and a teacher-in-charge worked on a masterpiece during the camp. The artwork titled ‘Maha Melange- Maharashtra’ made by Annu Gupta & team won Special Mention award in the competition.

Annu Gupta & team with their artwork ‘Maha Melange- Maharashtra’ Annu Gupta & team receives a Special Mention award for their artwork titled ‘‘Maha Melange- Maharashtra’
An artwork by Priti Rao & team titled ‘Sanskritik Virasat- Uttar Pradesh’ An artwork by Akshita Garwala & team titled ‘God’s Own Cauldron- Kerala’

2015-2016 ->

To promote healthy competition and showcase the artistic skills of the art faculty, Amity organises a one week art camp that culminates with an exhibition. The second Amity Schools Art & Sculpture Teachers' Camp in the series was held from Sept 10-15, 2012 at AIS Saket. The camp based on the theme 'Peace and harmony' saw participation from over 40 teachers. The camp was graced by art connoisseurs who also judged the event and awarded the participants.

Art Work on Display Art Work on Display
Art Teacher Satish Kumar presents the theme using the medium of Plaster of Paris