Amity is a part of our soul that has given foundation to my children learnings. The values, human virtues and etiquettes they have imbibed as a family under the guidance of our respected chairperson ma’am, cannot be found in any other school. It has helped them to become a life long learner. Thank you Amity !!

Gopal & Monika Vasudeva
(Parents of Aarav & Aarna)

I am extremely thankful to Amity for adding value to my kid’s life and I wish that it continues to enlighten their future always. The school with its extraordinary teaching methodologies, safe and caring environment, unmatchable support and coaching’s for academic and co-curricular activities, is truly appreciable. The most valuable thing about the school that makes it different and best is the vision of the school Chairperson Dr (Mrs) Amita Chauhan, who is the guiding light, showing path to kids for a successful and bright future. The everyday preaching’s through shlokas and hawans taking place in the school for the nourishment of bright mind and soul is the reason why my kids are doing extraordinary well in their studies, securing A+ grades at Amity. The bonding that they share with this institution is enormous and it makes me feel proud to be part of the Amity family.

Ashima and Sushant Nayyar
Parents of Innaya Nayyar (I)
and Simone Nayyar (VIII)
AIS Vasundhara 1

This is to inform you regarding the picnic/excursion trip for class II kids at Nehru park on 13.12.2017.It was a wonderful experience for us mothers who had gone there as volunteers. The picnic was very well organized and the teachers took all efforts to make us feel comfortable and we mingled with the kids. The outdoor concept for a picnic was very good and all efforts by the school management was done from the security point of view and we found the environment absolutely safe and kids friendly. Kudos to the teachers and the school management for making this wonderful for the kids and mothers. Looking forward to many such ventures and excursions. Thanking you

Dr. Natasha Uppal (Mother of Sonakshi Uppal Class II-C)
Swati Singh (Mother of Vivan Singh Class II-B)
Meenakshi ( Mother of Lakshita Class II-A)
13th December 2017

Subject: Note from grateful parents

To: Dr. (Mrs.) Amita Chauhan, Chairperson, Amity International Schools

My wife and I are writing to convey our deep gratitude to Amity, from where our two daughters namely Aparna and Kanika graduated upon completing Class XII  in 2012 and 2015 respectively.

Now Mainak, our youngest child is also completing his Class XII from AIS Mayur Vihar this month, ending our over-15 years association as parents with your esteemed institution.  

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Vishva Mohan

"Where the mind is without fear and head is held high.... into that heaven of freedom, my father, let my country awake." Tagore’s line still hold true. They were written in the context of India’s freedom movement, but I could see it’s resonance in the efforts put in by the kids today. Well done!

Sipne Goel ( Parent of Kashvi Goel Class-I )
25th August 2012

A very confident performance by such young kids and informative too! Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Priyanka Nayak ( Parent of Hina Pradhan Class-I )
18th August 2012

Extremely well researched project and enlightening too!

Amita ( Parent of Akshat Talwar )
18th August 2012