A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. With this in mind, Amity places utmost stress on sports and physical training. Sports help inculcate discipline, self confidence, team spirit and self esteem. The sports curriculum at Amity lays emphasis on physical fitness, stretching physical abilities to an optimum level.

  • Sprawling playground
  • Special areas earmarked for different games
  • Professional coaches
  • Facilities for various sports – Cricket, Basketball, Football, Skating, Hockey, Karate, Table Tennis, Swimming
  • Students participate in national and international coaches
  • Expert guidance provided by professional coaches
  • Junior & Senior Sports Day celebrated on an annual basis
The school offers sports facilities in athletics, badminton, basketball, chess, cricket, football, gymnastics, hockey, karate, shooting, skating, table tennis, tennis, volleyball and horse riding. Amitians are encouraged to participate in national and international events. Students are provided extra coaching in all the major games through professional coaches who nurture them to their optimum performance capabilities.

Cricket   Volley ball
Table Tennis Cricket   Chess
Horse Riding   Karate
Skating   Climbing