• Scholarships are given to students from classes V-VIII.
  • a)Scholarships for students of classes V-VIII are selected on the basis of achieving 90% and above, amongst all sections top 5 students of each class are given scholarship[ not less than 90%].
    b) For class XI , the percentage is 85% and above.
    c) No scholarship for students of class IX & X
  • A student who has achieved CGPA 10 in both IX &X and who has been receiving scholarship for 4 consecutive years before that may be given a scholarship and the Founder trophy in class XI, and their badge will display 7 stars.
  • Every subject topper gets a trophy and a certificate.
  • Trophies and certificates are given for Non- Academic subjects also.
  • Trophies and certificates to be given to students achieving CGPA 10 in class IX & X.
Achievements Galore Scholarship holders-Captured for eternity Subject Toppers
Winning laurels The proud Achiever Glorious Achievement
The Karate Icon Moments of Glory The junior Achievers