Ranbir K. Dargan

Designation: Professor & Advisor

Qualifications: M.A. (English Literature), M. Sc (Defense Studies), MBA (Media Management), Effective Communication (IGNOU)

Kalyan Chatterjee

Designation: Dy Dir & Head of Institution

Qualifications: M.A. (Political Science)

Prof. Debashis Chakrabarti, Commonwealth Fellow

Designation: Professor

Qualifications: PhD (Journalism), Post-Doctoral Research (Journalism, University of Leicester, UK), M.A.( Journalism), Film Appreciation, NFAI & FTII, Pune

Pallavi Majumdar

Designation: Associate Professor

Qualifications: MA (Journalism and Mass Communication), UGC-NET, M.A. (Environmental Economics), PG Diploma (Journalism) & (Environmental Management) PhD Research Scholar (Mass Communication)

Gauri D. Chakraborty

Designation: Associate Professor

Qualifications: PhD Research Scholar (Mass Communication), Diploma in Cinema, FTII, Pune, MA( Journalism and Mass communication), ICDEOL, HP university, BA ( Economics) Delhi University, UGC-NET, Junior Fellow (2000-2002) Department of culture, Ministry of HRD

Dr. Aman Vats

Designation: Associate Professor

Qualifications: M.A. (Journalism and Mass Communication), M.Phil. (Journalism and Mass Communication), PhD (Communication Studies)

Dr. Kaveri Devi Mishra

Designation: Associate Professor

Qualifications:Ph.D (Mass Communication & Journalism)

Capt Divya Sharma

Designation: Assistant Professor (G3)

Qualifications:M.A English Literature

Professional Qualification :Commercial Pilot's Licence (U.S.A), Assistant Flight Instructor Licence.

Sandhya GopalaKrishnan

Designation: Assistant Professor (G3)

Qualifications: MBA (HRM & MKTNG), MA ( Advertising and Mass Communication), B.A (H)

Technical/Professional Qualifications: BA (Education), PGD (Advertising and PR, German Language)

Dharmendra Kumar

Designation: Assistant Professor (G3)

Qualifications:B.Com(H), M.A. (Mass Communication), PhD Research Scholar (Mass Communication)

Professional Qualifications:AMS (Arena Multimedia Specialists, Specialization in Graphic/Web, Animation, Audio/Video, Visual Effects, 3D),

Ruhi Lal Thakur

Designation: Assistant Professor (G3)

Qualifications: MBA (Advertising & Public Relations), PhD Research Scholar

K. K. Tiwari

Designation: Assistant Professor (G3)

Qualifications: M MC (Mass Communication), M. Phil. (Journalism & Mass Communication), PhD Research Scholar (Journalism & Mass Communication

Debjani Roy Chowdhury

Designation: Assistant Professor (G3)

: M.A (English), PG Diploma (Journalism and Mass Communication)

Kitty Mukherjee

Designation: Assistant Professor (G-III)

: PhD Scholar, M.A. (Sociology, Gold Medalist), UGC NET, MBA, PG Diploma (English Journalism and Human Resource Management), B.Ed, Certificate Course in Guidance.

Dr. Mehak Jonjua

Designation: Assistant Professor(G3)

Qualifications: MA (Eng.), MMC, M.Phil, Ph.D

Nipunika Shahid

Designation: Assistant Professor (G2)

Qualifications: B.A. (H) Journalism, M.A. (Mass Communication), Certificate Course (Basic Computers), Expert in news broadcasting, TV

Adity Saxena

Designation: Assistant Professor (G2)

Qualifications:PhD Research Scholar (Mass Comm.), M.A. (Mass Communication)
Technical Qualifications:Microsoft Certified Professional, Certificate Course (Film Production, Nandan), Certificate course (Quality Management, NIIT), Diploma course (Network Centered computing, NIIT), Diploma Course (Pre-production, Production & Post-production, Arena Multimedia)

Nithil Dennis

Designation: Assistant Professor (G2)

: M.Sc. (Electronic Media), B.Sc. (Visual Communication), Diploma (Printing Technology), UGC-NET

Vidhanshu Kumar

Designation: Assistant Professor (G2)

Qualifications: MA (Journalism and Mass Communication), UGC-NET, PGD (Journalism, IIMC)

Zakia Tasmin Rahman

Designation: Assistant Professor (G2)

Qualifications:MJ(Mass Communication), B.A (Economics) Hons, Diploma in Web Designing and e-commerce, NIIT

Shruti Mehrotra

Designation: Assistant Professor (G2)

Qualifications:M (Mass Communication), UGC-NET, PGD (Electronic Media Management & Film Production), PhD Research Scholar (Mass Communication)

Dr. Swati Bute

Designation: Assistant Professor (G1)

Qualifications: Ph. D. (Communication and Journalism), Visiting Fellowship from Institute for Defense Studies and Analysis, M Sc (Science and Technology Communication), M Sc (Chemistry), B Sc (Biology Science)

Anvesha Sharma

Designation: Assistant Professor (G1)

Qualifications:MBA (Marketing Specialisation), BA (Media Studies), Diploma (Photography, Video & Audio Production, Shorthand & Typing) & PhD Research Scholar (Management)

Ankit Kashyap

Designation: Assistant Professor (G1)

Qualifications: M.A. (Mass Communication), PG Diploma (Journalism and Mass Communication), IIMC

Amit Kumar Dutta

Designation: Assistant Professor (G1)

Qualifications: BBA (Media & Mass Communication), M.A. (Advertising & Marketing Management), PhD Research Scholar (Mass Communication)

Tanu Bhargava

Designation: Assistant Professor (G1)

Qualifications: B.Com, M.A. (Mass Communication and Journalism)

Juneesh K Kuriachan

Designation: Assistant Professor (G1)

Qualifications: Ph.D (Research Scholar), M.Sc.(Graphics and Multimedia), BCA, Multimedia Diploma (Arena Multimedia - Film Video & Audio Editing, Graphics Designing), Honours Diploma (Network Centered Computing, N.I.I.T -Web Designing, Networking, Java, SQL), Diploma in Electronics and Communications

Tasha Singh Parihar

Designation: Assistant Professor (G1)

Qualifications:M.A. (Journalism and Mass Communication, University Topper & Gold Medalist), B.A. (Mass Communication, University Topper & Gold Medalist), PhD Research Scholar (Mass Communication)

Sonam Mahajan

Designation: Assistant Professor (G1)

Qualifications:MJ (MC), UGC-NET

Dr. Preeti Singh

Designation: Assistant Professor (G1)

Qualifications:Ph.D Research Scholar (Mass Communication), UGC-NET, M.Phil., PGDA&PR, MJMC

Dr. Rajdeep Roy

Designation: Assistant Professor (G1)

Qualifications:Ph.D (Film Studies), M. Phil (Cultural Studies), M.A. (Film Studies)

Ms. Neha Jindal

Designation: Assistant Professor (G1

Qualifications:MA (Journalism and Mass Communication), UGC-NET, MA (English), PhD Research Scholar (New Media)

Dr. Asha Singh

Designation: Assistant Professor (G1)

Qualifications:Ph.D (Social Science)

Pulkit Jain

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualifications:Ph.D Research Scholar (Cinema Studies), UGC-NET, M Sc (Mass Communication, Specialization in Advertising and PR)

Binayak Bhattacharya

Designation: Assistant Professor (G-I)

: PhD Scholar (Film Studies), MA (Film Studies)

Juhi Pushpa Pathak

Designation: Assistant Professor (G-I)

: PhD Research Scholar, UGC-NET/JRF (Mass Communication), Junior Research Fellow, MA (Broadcast Journalism), Bachelor of Mass Media, Certificate Course in DTP.

Benul Tomar

Designation: Assistant Professor (G-I)

: JRF and NET (Journalism and Mass Communication), Pursuing Ph.D., MBA (Marketing & HR), MA (Journalism and Mass Communication), B.E. (Electronics & Communications Engineering).

Ankita Singh

Designation: Lecturer

Qualifications:MFA (Fine Arts), Visual Communication

Pritha Chakraborty

Designation: Lecturer

Qualifications:MS (Communiation)