Prof (Dr) Gargi Bandyopadhyay, HOI-ASE

28 years teaching experience in management institutions including 2 years teaching experience in Queensland University (Brisbane), Australia.

Area of specialization
Mathematical Economics,
Econometrics and Statistics
PhD in Economics.
Specialisation in Econometrics.

PhD topic
Productivity, capital intensity and estimation of production function of Indian Manufacturing Industries.

Guided M.Phil students.

Prof (Dr.) Kalpana Singh

M.A., Ph.D (Economics)
Ph.D Topic: Who benefits from Government Expenditure? (A case study of Rajasthan)

Teaching Experience: 28.5 years, Research Guidance (Ph.D & M.Phil): 15 years

Dr. Mahua Bhattacharjee

Ph. D in Economics -
Ph. D Topic : Sustainable livelihood
(A study in the context of rural and urban Assam )
Assistant Professor Grade-II
Teaching Experience: 7.5 years

Ms. Pooja Mehra

M.A. (Economics), NET Qualified
Assistant Professor Grade-II
Teaching Experience: 11 years

Ms. Manisha Raj

M. A. Economics
Assistant Professor Grade-I
Teaching Experience: 2.5 years

Dr. Kavita Indapurkar

MA, MBA, PhD in Economics
Topic: Trends in Inflation and its Impact on National Economy: 1991 to present
Teaching Experience: 17 years

Amrita Choudhury

MPhil, MSc
MPhil Topic: Stock markets, Banks and Economic growth- A study on India.
Asst. Professor-Grade I
Teaching Experience: 6 years

Ms. Shivani Jaswal

MSc Development Economics, M.A Economics (Gold Medalist)
Asst. Professor
Teaching Experience: 3 years