Master List

1. A multi walled Carbon nanotubes (MWCNTS) based gas / vapor sensor systems and a process for the      preparation thereof.

2. A sensor for Detecting. Air Leakage In Packed Items And Storage Plants.

3. A Nanomaterial Based Culture Medium For Microbial Growth Enhancement.

4. Hydrogen Peroxide vapour sensor using metal-phthalocyanine functionalized carbon nanotubes.

5. Sensor for detecting Nitrogen Dioxide Gas.

6. Plant Biomass Nanomaterial Composite Based Electrode for the Removal of Industrial Dyes from Waste Water.

7. Detection of TNT Using Fluorescent Conjugate Polymer.

8. Preparation of Curcumin Nanoparticles and Evaluation of their Bio-Efficacy.

9. A Novel Synergistic Herbal Anti oxidant Formulation

10. A Novel herbal formulation for correction of speech and nervousness

11. A Novel Adaptogenic, Antifungal, Immunoenhancing and Aphrodisiac Herbal Formulaton

12. A Novel Nutraceutical Formulation for Vitality and Virility.

13. A Novel Antipsoriatic, Antiarthritic,Antiinflammatory and Analgesic Drug

14. A Novel Herbal Formulation for Shaving Cream

15. Herbal skin nourishing fairness cream

16. A Novel Herbal Formulation for Wet and Dry Cough

17. Mouth weting tablets - A novel herbal formulation for mouth dryness

18. A Novel compund with Leishmanicidal Activity.

19. Standardized Method for extraction and purification of forskolin from the roots of Coleus forskohlii.

20. An Improved method for manufacturing of 40% Gokharu (Tribulus terrestris) Saponins.

21. An extraction process for 40% saponins From Fenugreek seeds.

22. A method to prepare standardized extract of Gymnema sylvestre leaves for 75% Gymnemic acids

23. An improved method for Commercial Manufacturing of extract of 20% ß -escin from Horse Chestnut.

24. A Process and method for standardized extract of Withania somnifera and pharmaceutical uses thereof.

25. A process for preparing extract of Centella asiatica rich in asiaticosid and uses thereof in skin care and        treatment.

26. An improved method for manufacturing of Bacopa monnieri extract of not less than 20% bacosides.

27. A polyherbal formulation

28. Antimicrobial activity of aqueous extract of aswagandha(Withania somnifera) to inhibit the growth of methicillin        resistant Staphylococcus aureus

29. Composite polymer film based resistive humidity sensor

30. A portable system and method for the production of Blue Green Algae.

31. Tapioca starch and soya dust based co-formulation for growth enhancement and as carrier base for        biopesticides and biofertilizers

32. Herbal Cream formulation for Wound / Burn healing, Skin Care and Piles cure & method of preparing the same.

33. Herbal synergistic composition for a nutraceutical in the prevention & treatment of diabetes

34. Herbal nutraceutical formulation enhaced with probiotics for the treatment of preventive cardiology - obesity

35. A portable harvesting tool for thorny species.

36. A herbal formulation for healing and protecting skin

37. Process for producing vitamin supplement tablet-form from brassica vegetable leaf powder

38. Fruit based health dring compostion enriched with vitamins

39. Process for the synthesis of E 3- halo -2-styryl/vinyl chromones as therapeutic agents.

40. Process for the synthesis of Z 3- halo -2-styryl/vinyl chromones as therapeutic agents.

41. A process for the preparation of 3-substituted-2-9phenyl ethyl chromones

42. Styrylchoromones as selective estrogen receptor modulator

43. Biopesticide formulaiton comprising of fungal bioagents botanical and againstpeat powder and acacia gum for        the control of plant pathogens and the mothod for the preparation

44. Broad spectrum biopesticide formulation with fungal antagonist and entemopathogenic fungi

45. Fungal Bioagent and VAM encapsulated alginate beads and its application thereof as biofertilizer and biocontrol        agent for soil borne plant pathogens

46. Formulation of agricultural waste based growth medium for fungal biocontrol agent

47. Binding agents from Cassia Species

48. A formulation from emulsifying agent from native and derivatized grandis gum

49. Suspending agent from cassia species

50. Low power high-speed CMOS circuts

51. Tea catechins as Anti-aging compounds

52. Process of synthesis of a novel transducer matrix and its application thereof in biosensors

53. Electrical biosensor for early detection of graft compatibility in plants

54. A herbal Crape bandage

55. A food supplement formulation

56. Method of Agrobacterium mediated transformation and regeneration of Psoralea carylifolia

57. Improved design of rake transreceiver for the 3G CDMA wireless communication system

58. A Novel transducer matrice for amperometric cholesterol biosensor

59. A process for the synthesis of semiconducting metal oxide nanoparticles of controlled size distribution

60. Prolonged release mosquito repellent formulations

61. Process for preparation of Iron (III) porphyrin catalyst immobilized on Dowex resin and its application thereof in        biomimetic oxidation

62. Regiospecific oxiation of carbon-metal bonds of organometallic compounds using chiral iron(III)-salen        complexes as catalyst

63. Saponin Derivatives

64. Process for the development of amperometric biosensor for bile acid estimation

65. A modified medium for co-cultivation of sebacinales fungi with plants of lamiaceae family

66. A nutritious neem based food formulation

67. A herbal therapeutic composition for treating respiratory ailments

68. A pharmaceutical composition for the treatment of ophthalmic disease

69. Method for preparation of catalyst its activity and method for treatment of Textile wastewater

70. A flourescent core shell organically modified silica (ORMOSIL) nanoparticles based detection Probe and kit for        Cryptococcus neoformans

71. A method for the detection and identification of diseased cells and pathogens in histological sections using        fluorescent organically modified silica nanoparticles

72. Process for imparting or enhancing electrical conductivity of polymer matrix with semiconductor nanoparticles

73. A solvent tolerant bacterial lipase and its application thereof in food industry

74. A highly functional semiconductor integrated circuit device

75. An artificial neural network tool for software size estimation

76. A method to increase lactic acid production

77. Development of probiotic culture media using germinating seed powder/extract

78. A herbal formulation for skin

79. A method of enhanced bacillus cereus protease production by extractive fermentation using ATPS

80. Voltage dependent light filter and method of synthesis thereof

81. Iodine based fingerprint powder for developing latent fingerprints

82. A tool for assessment of complexity in generic aspect oriented systems using fuzzy logic

83. Invitro immobilized bacillus megaterium cell for the production of demethylated colchicosides from cochicines        and process thereof

84. Development of a plant biomass based metal sorption column with modified silica gel and the application        thereof

85. A technique and device for multiphase encryption

86. A method of lifting and photography of latent crime scene prints

87. Method and kit to check the oxidation of edible oil

88. A method of rapid downstream processing of proteases and lipases for application in detergent industry

89. An herbal toothpaste

90. An improved method for manufacturing extract with atleast 40% Stevioside from Stevia

91. Nano particle coated fly ash as reflective agents

92. A prenatal testing and screening kit for the detection of neural tube defect

93. Polygalactomannans and Modified Polygalactomannans from Fenugreek and their uses thereof

94. A method to enhance the growth and potentiality of a fungal biocontrol agentsagainst pathogenic one

95. Neem based herbal formulation for diabetes and skin treatment

96. Process for the synthesis of AA-dUTP-Cy3/Cy5- a novel fluorescent labeling agent.

97. A natural energy drink and a method to produce thereof.

98. Neem based herbal formulation for oral hygiene and dental care

99. A herbal repellant formulation

100. Nano material , their method of production and application thereof.

101. Process for the preparation of antidandruff herbal formulation

102. Herbal formulation with antibacterial activity for urinary tract infection

103. A composition and method for preparation of water soluble extract of defined content of kutkin from           Picrorrhiza kaurva rhizomes

104. A method for preparation of andrographolide from Andrographis peniculata

105. A process for isolation and purification of curcuminoids from Curcuma longa.

106. Antimicrobial activity of ethanolic extract of Solanum xanthocarpum to inhibit the growth of the pathogen,           Vibrio cholerae

107. Antimicrobial activity of ethanolic extract of Cleome viscosa to inhibit the growth of the pathogenic bacterium,           Vibrio cholerae

108. Porphyrin functionalized carbon nanotubethin filmfilm as sensor for detection of nitrogen dioxide.

109. Apparatus to measure degradation of xenobiotics through volatization and mineralization

110. Multiwalled carbon nanotube

111. An herbal antiparasitic formulation

112. Ayurvedic/ Herbal Dry Syrup Formulation and a method for Preparation Thereof

113. Method and apparatus for disposal and recycling of waste metal chips/ scraps

114. Electricity generation by vertical machining centre

115. Wallpaper integrated with optical fiber and method of preparation thereof

116. Two new amides with cytotoxic activity from the fruits of Piper longum

117. Synthesis of Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) leaf extract mediated Ag nanoparticles and their           mechanism of formation

118. Antimicrobial effect and mechanism of Ag nanoparticles prepared from Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-
          graecum) leaf extract

119. Therapeutic antifungal agents from dietary spices and process for preparation thereof

120. Runner system in injection molding mold

121. Time dependent adaptation of Channa Punctatus Chromatophore against metal toxicity

122. Nano-cement based composite coated concrete pebbles for surface water treatment

123. Integrated television system

124. A TV system with additional wireless speaker system and wireless headphone

125. Touchpad for indicators

126. A low cost, disposable, room temperature colorimetric sensor array for quantitative detection of ammonia gas

127. An improved injection mold design and injection molding machine/ A method for controlled drop and improved          mold

128. Cooling and dehumidification system

129. A method for repelling ants from purifier and a purifier made therefor

130. A desert cooler with automatic power-generation

131. Insect/ Pest Repellant Door mat

132. Inbuilt Light in Skirting

133. Power generation by air conditioner

134. Novel composition of Biopolymers to combat Diarrhea and a process for the preparation thereof

135. Different shades of herbal hair dyes and process for preparation thereof

136. Herbal lip balm

137. Detection and Quantification of Target Gas using a Colorimetric Sensor and Light Dependent Resistance           device

138. A Low Cost, Disposable, Ambient Temperature Colorimetric Sensor Array for Detection and Identification of           Eight Toxic Gases

139. Piriformospora indica Obviates Extreme Temperature Stresses

140. Biological Stabilization and Mineralization of Organic Kitchen waste

141. Paperless examination system for subjective assessment based on clustered architecture

142. Use of Sal seed as base material for commercial production of fungal biopesticide and biofertiliser

143. Cancer chemoprevention nutraceutical(s) and process for the preparation thereof

144. Herbal dry composition for cleaning and moisturizing

145. Ayurvedic/ herbal dry syrup formulation for the treatment of pre-menstrual syndrome and uterine disorders

146. Ayurvedic/ herbal dry syrup formulation for treatment of respiratory allergies

147. Fabrication of reusable transducer matrix for biosensor application based on nanostructured conducting           polyaniline (NSPANI)

148. Modular implementation scheme of fault tolerant circuitry for solar photovoltaic array networks

149. An improved method for extraction of lutein esters from banana peel

150. Development of Prebiotic

151. High performance focal absorber for dish concentrator of imperfect optics

152. Process for preparation of herbal cream for cracked heels, hands and palms

153. Glycoside extraction from Pineapple peel

154. Novel effect of spices on demelanization of pathogenic fungus

155. Novel effect of medicinal plant as antifungals leading to reduced pathogenicity

156. Novel effect of citrus plant as antifungal leading to reduced pathogenicity

157. Inhibitory effect of bacteriocin

158. herbal composition for antidandruff

159. Polyphenol enriched antioxidant product with strong antimutagenic and free radical scavenging activities           derived from fruit pericarp of Trapa bispinosa (Water chest nut, ‘Singhara’) an agri-waste and process for the           preparation of the same

160. Biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles by Cinnamomum tamala twigs

161. Process for Immobilization OF alkaline phosphatase extracted from azarditica indica onto polyethylenimine-
          treated woven bombyx mori silk fabric

162. Antibacterial activity of Babchi oil (Psoralea corylifolia) against multidrug resistant bacteria

163. A bioactive datura extract inhibit the growth of helicobacter pyrolli

164. Herbal energy drink

165. Biodegradation

166. Polyphenol enriched nutraceutical composition with free radical scavenging and antimutagenic activities and           a process for the preparation thereof

167. Biopesticidal property of a novel bioactive compound isolated from the roots of Tagetus minuta against           Parthenium hysterophorus L.

168. Method for detection of airborne Aspergillus allergen levels

169. Process for immobilization of alkaline phosphatase extracted from Azadirachta indica Bovine Serum Albumin          Microspheres

170. Novel bioactive extract of Ratanjot to inhibit/ decrease the melanin production in melanocytes

171. Novel bioactive extract of orange peel exhibiting bactericidal/ bacteriostatic activity against Micrococcus           species

172. Probiotic enhanced lactoserum functional food product for adjuct therrapy in anemia

173. Fuller’s earth clay based semiochemical formulation

174. A comparative study of antioxidants in alcohol and aqueous extracts of curry leaf (Murraya koenigii) in PC-12          cells exposed to neurotoxic shock

175. Microwave mediated impregnation of silver nanoparticle on cotton, silk and wool fabric for hygienic clothing

176. Preparation and characterization of the recombinant membrane protein (MCA2) in the Sf9 insect cell line

177. A diet supplement

178. A bioactive Euphorbia thymifolia plant extract to inhibit the growth of Vibrio cholerae

179. A bioactive Amaranthus viridis plant extract to inhibit the growth of Vibrio cholerae

180. Herbal formulation effective against acne vulgaris

181. Colostrum enriched functional food

182. Method for Component Resolved Diagnosis of Aspergillus Fumigatus Hypersensitivity in Allergic Patients

183. A novel nutraceutical product for use as adjuvant therapy in the prevention and/or treatment of breast cancer

184. Novel quarternized macrocyclic product from 7-chloro-4-(2-chloroethyl-amino) quinoline

185. A novel broad spectrum biocide for controlling diseases of crops

186. A process for the preparation of disinfectant, air purifier and hand sanitizer using combination of plant           extracts

187. Kit for demonstrating DNA-protein interaction in plants

188. A novel method to detect Z- DNA form

189. A novel bioactive extract for prevention/ treatment of acne

190. Carotenoids enriched functional food derived from agri-horticultral waste

191. A novel antioxidant nutraceutical for use as adjuvant therapy in the prevention and treatment of cancer

192. Therapeutic antifungal agents from dietary spices and a process for preparation thereof

193. Educational kit for the demonstration of 8085 flags

194. Poly herbal formulation for improving the cognition and memory impairment

195. An improved moulded fan assembly

196. Novel Formulation for Treating Cancer

197. Phytocontrol of Root Knot Nematode (Meloidogyne Spp

198. A novel nutritional refreshing beverage for use as adjuvant therapy in malnutrition, osteoporosis and as           immuno-modulator

199. A system and method for controlling the temperature of air conditioner

200. Novel formulation of Quercitin

201. A novel herbl formuklation for treatment of ECZEMA



204. High fiber dietery supplement for diabetes

205. A Novel room temperature low cost,alarm based LPG sensotr

206. A novel herbal composition for muscle

207. A novel herbal composition for RHEUMATISIM

208. Microscopic slide for fixation

209. Unique solvent stabalization

210. Synthesis of Ag nanoparticles

211. Anti insect nylon legs for refrigeration

212. Chemical based water geyser

213. Novel formulation for non cell lung cancer

214. Significant effect of constituent isolated from piper longum

215. Nanocarrier of natural L-dopa for the treatment of Parkinson disesas

216. Soft insect repellant band for kids

217. Immobilization of Pseudomonas mendocina lipase with potential synthetic activities

218. Pet bottle

219. Biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles using Myristica fragrans (nutmeg) seed extract

220. Polyphenol enriched antioxidant product with strong antimutagenic and free radical scavenging activities           derived from immature fruits of Parkia roxburghii and process for the preparation of the same

221. An herbal healing cream formulation for cracked heels

222. Black spot removal machine integrated with grinder machine

223. Injection molding machine and controlled drop

224. A system and method for detection and removal of black spots

225. Runner system with incresed diamete for injection moldin

226. Herbal nail polish

227. A system and method for joint ownership of digital signal

228. Closed loop least mean square adative noise canceller

229. Herbal colours for cosmetic and food

230. Improved real time analysis of packet for securing web server

231. A fermented immunomodulater beverage and a process for preparation thereof

232. Novel formulation for nash

233. Novel functional food supplement for use as adjuvant therapy

234. Novel prebiotic product for treating hemmeroids

235. A rapid inexpensive and chemical method for testing of blood

236. A system and method for reliabality growth model

237. Herbal Cream with natural antioxidants for wounds and burns

238. Dietery supplement for treating malathion induced toxicity in testis

239. An antioxidant immunomodulator functional food supplement for general health care and process for the           preparation of the same

240. An improved process of purification of Solanum tuberosum (potato) alkaline phosphatase by aqueous two           phase extraction

241. In situ Genesis of silver Nano in porous

242. Cooler with citronella oil dispensor

243. Shampoo for dry and greasy hair

244. Process for encapsulation of glucose oxidase in emulsified emulsified nanoparticles

245. Photo bioreactor for continous product extraction from carbohydrate secreting.

246. Process for immobilization of glucose oxidase in emulsified emulsified nanoparticles of bovine serum albumin

247. AIR Cooler fan balde without

248. Process for immobilization of alkaline phosphatase extracted from Azadirachta indica in nanoparticles of Egg           Albumin

249. Biofabrication of thermally stable Selenium nanoballs using dried Vitis vinifera (Raisin) extract

250. Phytoestrogens enriched functional dietary supplement for use in the prevention of malnutrition, osteoporosis           and associated disorders in females and process for the preparation thereof

251. A novel approach for LPG and CO (carbon-monoxide) detection at room temperature

252. An improved process of purification of Punica Grantum

253. Profound effect of Curcumin along with Vitamin-C on malathion induced toxicity reduction

254. A novel reusable cholesterol biosensor based on gold nanoparticles decorated graphene-nanostructured           polyaniline nanocomposite

255. An improved herbal formulation for treating diarrhea

256. Development of low cost convenient and electroactive Polyaniline-ceramic chalcogenide composites

257. Novel synergistic drug for HCC

258. An improved process for entrapment of alkaline phosphatase extracted from Azadirachta indica

259. A Novel Composition for Herbal mouth-wash and Process for the Preparation of the same indica

260. A system and method for reverse digital watermarking in audio signals indica

261. Synthesis of Gold nanoparticles from phytopathogenic fungus Macrophomina phaseolina

262. Humidity based power generator and a method for preparing the same

263. An improved method for isolation and purification of berberine from species containing berberine

264. A modified process of purification of Colocasia esculenta (taro) alkaline phosphatase by bi-phase extraction

265. A novel herbal formulation for pancreatic health and process for the preparation thereof

266. Herbal nano silver using Saraca indica leaves for treating helmintic

267. Synthesis of a novel analogue of sorafenib for the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma

268. Genetically engineered E. coli expressing xylanase enzyme

269. Embedded expert system for estimation of direct solar radiation

270. Two Phase Rotary Internal Combustion Engine

271. Design of horizontal bioreactor for solid state fermentation

272. Enhancement of shikonin production by Azotobacter in hairy root cultures of Arnebia hispidissima (Lehm.) DC.

273. Mutagenesis followed by nucleotide excision repair in dark, increases quality and quantity of curd production

274. E-glass-epoxy material yoke harness

275.Poly hydroxy alkanoates (PHAs) production from boiled rice wash

276.Arachis hypogaea (peanut) as probiotic food

277.Lens culinaris (lentil) as probiotic food

278. Low cost vitamin A rich food supplement

279. A method for the preparation of novel polysaccharide ethers

280. DNA immortalization in a ready to use form

281. Very sensitive humidity sensor based on conducting polymer nano-composite

282. Novel formulation of standardized extract of Psoralea corylifolia for the treatment of liver cirrhosis

283. Degradation of Ethidium bromide using bacterial strain

284. Advance brake failure alarm system

285. Carbohydrate based biodegradable and hydrobiodegradable plastics

286. Production of bio-alcohol utilizing jackfruit wastes

287. Modification of nanocomposite of poly (3, 4-ethylenedioxythiophene)/poly (4-styrene sulphonate) (PEDOT: PSS)           / nano graphite through ion implantation technique

288. Lab incubator by recycled material

289. An improved method for treatment of industry effluents by using hydrophytic weed plant (Eichhornia sp)

290. Novel application of keratinase from newly isolated Bacillus subtilis for spherical shaped Gold nanoparticles           synthesis

291. An improved power steering system and method

292. A novel composition of herbal dish washer and method for the preparation thereof

293. An improved fan assembly for vibrationless performance

294. A method for enhancing seed germination percentage in plants

295. An herbal Sun screen protection cream

296. Kit for early detection of fruit setting in mango trees

297. Synthesis of natural saponin through co-cultivation of microorganisms

298. Protein based kit for sex determination of papaya

299. A natural tea for promoting stress ,resistance ,combating anxiety and fatigue

300. A novel composition for prepartion of herbal tea.

301. Desert cooler

302. A thermostable peroxidase from Bael [Aegle marmelos (Linn.) Correa] and a method of isolation thereof

303. Quercetin isolated from Datura metel has anti - helicobacter pyloric activity

304. Leaf protein concentrate based novel functional food to combat malnutrition and anaemia and process for the           preparation thereof

305. Chemiresistive sensors comprising PEDOT: PSS/NGPs Nanocomposites for detection of nitro aromatics

306. Thickening agents for food, textile and paint industry

307. A novel composition of cinnamon- loaded polymeric nanoparticles in gum base for oral controlled release of           cinnamon

308. Low cost water testing kit

309. A novel ambient stable, inexpensive DNA diagnostic kit with an extended shelf life

310. A novel method for production of biodiesel from waste oil

311. A novel composition of herbal floor disinfectant and process for the preparation thereof

312. A novel free radical scavenging herbal health protective formulation from reactive oxygen species and           associated disorders

313. Herbal cough candy and process for the preparation of the same

314. A bioactive extract of plant Orchis latifolia for antibacterial and anticandidal activities

315. 1, 3 -diacetyl biphenyl analogs, their derivatives and salts as anti -cancer agents

316. An herbal formulation for treating stress and associated systems

317. An environment friendly green tablet PC

318. Foldable laptop stand

319. An apparatus for installing and pulling out submersible pump from bore well

320. A bottle with push button controlled base

320. A method for preparation of paper battery using graphene and silver nano composite

321. A novel diagnostic kit comprising whole cell protein and outer membrane protein of Leptospira interrogans          serovars

322. A novel antimutagenic phytoceutical herbal formulation and process for the preparation thereof

323. A system and method for cleaning crank case impurities using compressor system

324. The present invention provides flower pen that comprises an artificial flower head showing all the internal          structure of a flower which is attached to the head of the writing instrument. The design of a pen has a pedicle          flower stem which is the writing point. The stigma is the lever point to press open the pen. The use of this kind        of flower pen imparts education to the common people and the students in an interesting and an innovative          way.

325. Mosquito/insect repellent shoe sole

326. Vehicle ventilation system and device for circulating air in a four wheeler

327. Methanolic extract of Anabaena 7120 showing antimicrobial activity against Helicobacter pylori

328. A multipurpose cream for skin ailments using different extracts of Cassia plant

329. The alkali metal tertiary butoxide promoted, thiazolium salt, catalysed synthesis of electron deficient amides

330. A formulation for vegetarian hard capsules and method for preparing the same

331. A novel plant derived unique steroidal glycoside with cytotoxic activity

332. A novel plant derived alkaloid of quinolone class with cytotoxic activity

333. Herbal formulation using seabuckthorn leaves against cadmium toxicity

334. A broad spectrum botanical biocide for control of crop pathogens

335. A liposome formulation for the treatment of epilepsy

336. A methanolic extract of lichen Parmelia as potent anti- Helicobacter pylori agent

337. Robotic arm (2R) with new gripper and spot welder end effectors

338. A system and method for real time GPS tracking

339. Novel mechanism in a heterojunction semiconductor photovoltaic solar cell for increased efficiency and          cost-effectiveness

340. System and method for reducing pollutants using vane chamber in exhaust system of automobile

341. Synthesis of nanostructured Al doped zinc oxide quantum dots by novel chemical route

342. An effective formulation to inactivate pathogenic bacteria on seeds

343. A method for mass scale production of Trichoderma and a mycopesticide formulation comprising the same

344. A botanical formulation for control of human enteric pathogens on fresh farm produce

345. Generation of digital watermark from iris and fingerprint data by two stage encryption using chaotic maps

346. Synergistic composition of apricot and walnut oil as novel broad spectrum anti-microbi

347. Instant pain relief composition and method for preparing the same

348. Natural preservatives obtained from plant Cinnamomum tamala to increase the shelf life of the dairy products

349. Herbal chocolate formulation with immunomodulatory activity

350. Kit for demonstrating protein-protein interaction in cytoplasm of plants

351. A microencapsulation of citronella oil for insect repellant formulation for slow release

352. Development of natural pesticides from plants with acetyl cholinesterase inhibitory activity

353. Sensitive and specific immunosensor for the Vibrio cholera detection

354. A method of using Pomegranate extract for Anticancer Activity on Human Breast Cancer Cells

355. An improved system for engagement and disengagement of clutch using actuator

356. Method for production of biosurfactant by Bacillus thuringiensis grown on mustard seed meal

357. Novel therapeutic constituents for treating human breast cancer cells

358. A method for preparation of a nanoformulation for specific targeting and drug delivery across the blood brain          barrier

359. System and method for label free detection of DNA hybridization

360. Stilbene functionalized PEGylated nanoparticles of chitosan/silica

361. Bioelectricity, waste remediation and increased Nitrogenase activity in plants by expression of nifF, nifJ gene          in Geobacter metallireducens

362. Adjustable door/window rectangular frame fixture

363. A process for preparation of extract of Euphorbia thymifolia with therapeutic ingredients

364. Notched stacked ultra wide band dielectric resonator antenna for wireless communication applications

365. Improved centrifuge rotor assembly

366. Novel carbohydrate for water soluble paints

367. An improved design of Interleaver for Turbo Codes

368. An improvement in the electric socket protection structure

369. Pain relief composition and a method for preparing the same

370. A novel system and method for efficient cooling of brake disc at higher speed

371. Suspended feedback mechanism of adaptive noise canceller

372. Self lifting cloth iron

373. Improved cling packaging films for food industry

374. A novel composition for herbal body cleanser and process for the preparation of the same

375. A novel phyto-pharmaceutical functional supplement for pancreatic health and process for the preparation          thereof

376. Automatic screw fastening/ bolting machine

377. Power generation based on optically excited plasmons suspended in water using re-chargeable paper battery

378. Detection Of Btx Vapors Based On Metal-Tetraphenylporphyrin Functionalized Carbon Nanotube Composite          Sensors

379. Multirate turbo code based image transmission system

380. A novel system for leakage detection of brake oil fluid in automobiles

381. Photochemical method for degradation of persistence pesticide

382. Lipstick formulation and method for preparing the same

383. Preparation of self-cleaning textiles with hydrophobic coatings