Amity University Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow Campus celebrated its Annual Fest Samanvay 2011
Date: 2/16/2011 To 2/18/2011
Samanvay, the Annual Fest of AUUP, Lucknow Campus, was held from 16 to 18 Feb 2011. The theme for the fest was ‘Young India-Empowered India’. The events were planned and coordinated by a Core Committee of students guided by the faculty. The major events held were as under:- (a)Inaugural Session- 16 Feb 2011 (b)Individual Institute Events (c)Jointly conducted events (d)Evening events (e)Valedictory Session and Prize Distribution. The Inaugural Session was planned to be conducted at the Stadium. However, due to heavy storm and rains, the venue had to be shifted overnight to the Seminar Hall of Mango Orchard Campus. The shift notwithstanding, all the planned events were conducted. Hon. Minister for Science & Technology, UP, Mr. Abdul Manan was the chief guest and the events included- (a)Flagging of the Samanvay Run by the Chief Guest. The race was a relay race covering a distance of 8.2 KMs and contested by teams from all Institutions. (b)Lighting of the Lamp and invocation (c)Saraswati Vandana (d)Samanvay Song (e)Dance performances by various institutions (f)Release of Souvenir (g)Addresses by Dir EL&M, Dir AA, DG and Chief Guest. The Valedictory Session and Prize Distribution was held on 18th Feb 2011 from 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM at the MOC Seminar Hall. The Chief Guest was Shri Ajay K Singh, Chief General Manager, SBI, Lucknow. The other dignitaries included Hon’ble Chancellor, AUR. The events included two dance performances and prize distribution. There were many events like individual Institute events, jointly conducted events and the evening events. Following are the details of events:- AMITY SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY - Lets Show Off - It was a complete Dance event in which the participants were free to show off their dancing talents. Participants were allowed to perform on any of the folk & Classical dances of India and also any other International dance style. Invitees including event judges were Dr. Aditi Uppal, Prabudh in Kathak, BHATKHANDE, Lucknow and Ms. Anamika Gupta, Prabudh in Kathak, BHATKHANDE, Lucknow. AMITY SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY - Masti Ki Paathshala - Various personality traits like team spirit, leadership etc were checked through different rounds which included Enacting, Wild Dressing where teams were required to dress in the most wild manner, Blind Fold where one of the team member closes his/her eyes and other members will show the way to the target and in the last round participants were asked to produce a song which must be entertaining to the audience with self made musical instruments e.g. utensils. Invitees including event judges were Mr. Gaurav Mishra, Art Director, Sahara Percept H, Lucknow and Ms. Pushpa Bhatt, M.D Technolabs, Lucknow. AMITY SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY - Tech- Samanvay - It was a quest to search out the biggest techno freaks, which gave you a chance to prove your instantaneous analytical and reasoning ability. Invitees including event judges were Mr. B.B Lal, Ex-General Manager of B.S.N.L, Lucknow. AMITY SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY - Robotics-2011 - An event to Design and build an automatic and manually controlled wireless Robots, capable of attacking the competitor’s robot and of defending itself. The experimental ability and innovation of the participant would be under scrutiny. Invitees including event judges were Mr. Saifur Rehman, Professor, Integral University, Lucknow and Prof PK Bharti, Head Robotics Division, Integral University, Lucknow. AMITY INSTITUTE OF INFORMATION & TECHNOLOGY - Cyber Warfare - Cyber Warfare was a hacking & cracking competition based on system hacking, web hacking, remote exploit, network security, software hacking, password cracking and Stenography. Invitees including event judges were Mr. Pramod Dixit, Deputy Director, PNBIIT, Lucknow and Mr. Brijesh Khandelwal Professor, SAMA, Lucknow. AMITY INSTITUTE OF INFORMATION & TECHNOLOGY - Tech-Natya - In this event, participants had to show their talent in the era of technology by acting. Each team had to prepare a skit which would have all the dialogues written and presented using technical terms. This event gave rise to a lot of enthusiasm among the audience and the participants during the TECHNATYA skit event. Invitees including event judges were Mr. Brijesh Khandelwal, Professor and Head, (Computer application department), SAMA, Lucknow. AMITY INSTITUTE OF INFORMATION & TECHNOLOGY – YOUDH - In this event, participants had to compete and demonstrate your expertise in LAN gaming arena comprising of various multiplayer games. It was an event for gaming enthusiast in which they had to test their gaming expertise in LAN gamin arena comprising of various multiplayer games. Games were racing, fighting and combat etc. All the games were announced on the spot. Students from any stream could try their hands in this event. This event gave rise to a lot of enthusiasm among the audience and the participants during the LAN gaming arena. Invitees including event judges were Pramod Dixit, Deputy Director, PNBIIT, Lucknow and Mr. Brijesh Khandelwal, Professor, SAMA, Lucknow. AMITY INSTITUTE OF PHARMACY - Health Camp - The purpose of this event was to make general public aware of health related issue. Students, staff members and faculties have participated in health camp where they clarified their doubt related to health and more than hundred people undergone various tests like blood group, blood pressure, blood glucose, BMR calculation, height-weight measurement etc. Large numbers of participants from different institute like BNCET, Babubanarasi Das Institutions and people from nearby areas. All institutes within the state were invited in the event. AMITY INSTITUTE OF PHARMACY - X-Files & Awareness Health Camps - The purpose of this event was to bring forward the innovative ideas. This event was based on forensic cases in different area. The event was conducted in two rounds. Round one was the screening of synopsis submitted by a team of four members. The second round was the enactment of the proposed synopsis in audio visual form. X-files include-cyber crimes, patent crimes, adulteration, copyright crimes, animal abuse crime, environmental crimes, modern slavery, and white collar crime. Teams from different Pharmacy & Engineering College had activity participated. Their was a live black & white two teems Saroj & AIP teams & gift in kind was given which was sponsored by Lawanya. Invitees including event judges were Mr. Ashish Pathak, Mr. Nishant Yadav, Mrs. Sushma Pathak. AMITY INSTITUTE OF PHARMACY - Sci-fi finder - The purpose of this event was to help people for better comprehension of diseases, their symptoms and treatment. The event Sci-fi finder was knowledge based skit competition. The tem were given a task of describing a disease, its symptom & treatment. The skit was presented in a parody form. Near about 15 teams from amity and adjoining institute participated. Judges Dr. Satyawan Singh, Mr. Talha Jawed and Mr. Ashok Tripathi evaluated the performance on different parameters. A team of 4 players from Hygia Institute emerge as winner with AIB trailing with two points held the second position. Large number of participants from different institutes, Babubanarasi Das Institutions and people from nearby areas had participated. Invitees including event judges were Dr. Satyawan Singh, Mr. Talha Jawed and Mr. Ashok Tripathi. AMITY SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE & PLANNING - Aakar Pragati (ASAP Exhibition) - The students of ASAP had put up an exhibition in the Department. There was also a photography exhibition put up by the students. The Institute had an opportunity to show the students works to the students of other colleges. The students of ASAP also interacted with the students of various architecture and art institutions of the city. The Chief Guest of this event was Prof. (Architect) D.C. Thapar, Advisor, Integral University, Lucknow. AMITY SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE & PLANNING - Logo Design - The students from Architecture and Fine Arts background from 6 different institutions of Lucknow participated. The participants were given to design a logo for a hypothetical IPL team from Lucknow. They were asked to incorporate the characterstics of Youth, Cricketness and the local context, Lucknow, in the design process. They were also expected to decide a name for the Lucknow other than obvious clichés like Oudh Nawabs. The institute, currently in its infant stages were able to project itself as an initiator of a dialogue between various architecture and art institutions. Invitees including event judges were Sakshi Gambhir- Senior Designer from Whirlpool India, Gurgaon and Arun Kapur- Assistant Professor, ASAP, AUUP. AMITY SCHOOL OF FINE ARTS ORGANISED THREE EVENTS :- (a) Srijan 2011 (An Annual Art Exhibition) Competitive (b) Events Slogan Writing, Graffiti Making, Thematic (c) Installation & Impression Painting. The purpose of these events was to exhibit students talent through display of Painting, Photography, Computer Design, etc. Srijan was a mega exhibition design for fine arts students to explore their creativity talent through display of paintings, photography, design, illustrations, computer graphics, and animation. Amity School of Fine Arts also organizes competitive events to display a fusion of fun & creativity so that the student will come out from the box with some great innovative ideas. The Chief Guest of the event was Awani Kant Deo, Regional Secretary, Lalit Kala Academy, Lucknow. Judges were Mr. Rajendra Karron, Portrait Artist, Lucknow, Mr. Bhupesh C. Little, Lecturer, College of Arts & Crafts, Lucknow University, Lucknow and Mr. Alok Kumar, Lecturer, College of Arts & Crafts, Lucknow University, Lucknow. AMITY INSTITUTE OF BIOTECHNOLOGY - FROM EYES TO BRAIN - The purpose of this event was to extract the novel interesting ideas and spread awareness in relation to the recent scientific findings among the students. The event involved the presentations of recent scientific case studies, therapeutic strategies and interesting scientific findings. The final 7 teams had undergone two preliminary rounds conducted by the in-house judging committees consisting of nearly ten AIB faculties. Judging criteria includes novelty of topic, way of presentation, quality of MS power point, individual perspective, cross questioning and time constraint. The event was successful and popular as we had nearly 50 initial entries each team have 3 students in it. The judges were surprised and amazed by the quality of presentations. Invitees including event judges were Dr Amir Nazir, Scientist C, CDRI, Lucknow and Dr. Snober Mir, Assistant professor, Integral University, Lucknow. AMITY INSTITUTE OF BIOTECHNOLOGY - “On The Verge” - The purpose of conducting this event was to aware young India of some social and scientific alarming issues e.g. Bioterrorism, Environmental issues, child labour etc and their legal aspects. On the verge was a multidisciplinary audio-visual presentation on various alarming social and scientific issues with their legal aspects to generate awareness. Out of 25 initial entries 8 were selected for final round presentation. Invitees including event judges were Dr. Neelam Singh Sangawan, Senior Scientist, CIMAP, Anil K Rastogi , Chairman of Darpan , Retired Senior scientist, CDRI, Lucknow and R K Saxena, Retd. Judge. AMITY INSTITUTE OF BIOTECHNOLOGY - Tech-lane - AMITY Institute of biotechnology organized an event Tech-lane on 16th and 17th February, which marked a tribute to technicality and novelty of different streams. The function starts with lighting of lamp by the chief guest Dr (Mrs) Poonam Kakkar (Scientist-F, IITR, Lucknow) followed by their interaction with the participants and enlightens them with her views. Student volunteers made a humble beginning by a warm and heartfelt welcome speech. Head of Institution Dr. Rajesh K Tiwari presented bookie and mementoes to the chief guest in her honour. The programme concluded with thanks giving speech by event coordinator Dr. Alok Kumar Singh. Model based on National Health Card, and Anti Biological Missiles showed the understanding of students in technical matters and its implementation for welfare of human being. Chief Guest provides information, hints and tips to student and audience to make their dream true. Invitees including event judges were Dr (Mrs) Poonam Kakkar, Scientist F IITR, Lucknow. AMITY INSTITUTE OF BIOTECHNOLOGY - Tech Wardrobe Malfunction - The purpose of this event was to conduct Technical parody with scientific essence with humor content to entertain the audience. The venue of the event, i.e., the space between AIB and AIS buildings was jam packed, with audiences ranging from honorable DG, HOIs, faculties and students of all the institutes. According to the audience feedback, the event was a grand success, also suggested by jam packed audience. Dr. Ghulam Md Ashra, Coordinator of event presented vote of thanks. Judges present on this event were Dr. S. P. Singh, Retd. Scientist CIMAP, Lucknow and Dr. Nikhil Kumar, Retd. Scientist NBRI, Lucknow. AMITY LAW SCHOOL - Seminar on RTI & Client Counseling Competition - The purpose of this event was to explore & initiate awareness about the various dimensions & aspect of Right to Information and to hone the Advocacy expertise of the budding lawyers. Preliminary Rounds of Client Counseling was held on 17th Feb, 2011. Amity Law School, Lucknow & Jaipur qualified for Finals. On 18th Feb 2011, Finals of Client Counseling were held on a problem related to custodial death. Expertise of counseling were used by the participants, in which, Amity Law School, Jaipur emerged the winner. A discussion & interactive question answer session between the former Information Commissioner and the students and N.G.O’s on RTI. Students presented the papers in RTI Seminar. Invitees including the judges were Mr. Gyanendra Sharma, former Information Commissioner, Justice A.K.Srivastava, Retd. Judge Delhi High Court, S.K. Naqvi, Retd. Judge CAT, Mr. Satya Prakash, Advocate, Mr.S.Panjawani, Advocate, Mr. Prashant Kumar, Advocate, Ms.Vanshja Shukla, Advocate and Mr. Akash Prasad, Advocate. Details of Jointly conducted events are as following :- AMITY SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE AND PLANNING & AMITY SCHOOL OF HOSPITALITY - Designer A Manger - The students of Architecture from host Institution and 3 different institutions of Lucknow participated. Team of four participants were given a theme each and they had to give 2D and 3D effect with provided various materials on A0 sheet and these sheets were displayed as a hoarding to the cooking platform at the venue. The theme was to synchronize various cuisines and edifices of various zones of India. Purpose was to give rise to harmony, in the context of Indian culture and tradition, between Hospitality & Architecture. Invitees including event judges were Ar. Atul Charan- Consulting Architect and Ar. Jitendra K. Tripathi- Consulting Architect. AMITY SCHOOL OF LANGUAGE AND AMITY INSTITUTE OF BIOTECHNOOGY - Moth Croises Mystere (Cross word puzzle) - The purpose was to enhance the strength of student’s empowerment in Languages and Biochemistry. Joint effort of ASL and AIB made the program on 17th Feb from 2 PM to 5 PM at the Conference Hall of VKC under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Kum Kum Ray, Director and Prof Shefali Bakshi, Dy Director (ASL) and Dr. Rajesh Tiwari, Dy Director, AIB a very successful quiz program where 4 finalist contested for the top 2 positions. About the Program, the Chief Guest, Sri O.P. Srivastava, Retd. Justice, Lucknow High Court gave his comments that for him it was a life time new experience to see the English literature and technical knowledge of students and participants. Shri V.P. Singh gave his comments that a superb presentation of humanity, science and language in the unassuming events of Samanvay. Shri Sudhir Mehrotra remarked about the events that the quiz was an amalgamation of language and knowledge of Bio -Chemistry. The first prize was won by NICT. The Vote of Thanks was delivered by Dr. Rajesh Tiwari, Dir AIB. Chief Guestof the event were Justice O.P. Srivastava. Other invitees including the judges were Shri V.P. Singh, Prof. English, Lucknow University and Shri Sudhir Mehrotra, Associate Professor, Lucknow University. AMITY SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE AND PLANNING & AMITY SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY – Architronics - This was a joint event conducted by ASET and ASAP. Event was a rare combination of mental robustness and awareness, aimed at boosting the technological, management and architectural expertise inherent in today's youth and providing them with an opportunity to showcase their innovative ideas and thoughts. Participants made an architectural design based on one theme “Skyline”. Thereafter members of team from ASET carried electrification of the model made by the team. Excellent models duly fitted with electricity and fountains were prepared by teams. The students from Architecture background from host Institution and 3 different institutions of Lucknow participated. Eight Teams of 4 (2 ASAP + 2 ASET) students were formed after the first round of their expression of individual talents. Architecture students made models on the first day while Technical students had to go through a written test and qualify for the next round, where they were clubbed with the architecture students. The next day the models were lighted up and circuiting amongst students. Invitees including the judges were Ar. K.K.Asthana- Chief Architect, UPRNN Ltd. Lucknow, Ar. Ajay Behl- Consulting Architect, Mr. S.K Singh, Professor, BBDNITM, Lucknow, Dr. Hiten Kumar Chaubey, Asst. Professor, CIPET, Lucknow and Mr. Syed Hasan Saeed, Asst. Professor, Integral University, Lucknow. Some of the events that held in the evening were :- RANG-E-AWADH – 16th Feb 2011 - A Cultural programme, based on light and sounds, was performed by artists of Rashtriya Kathak Sansthan based on the life of Jhansi Ki Rani. This was followed by Quawali recitals. Mr. & Ms. Amity – 17th Feb 2011 - The purpose of this event was to celebrate strong and committed young men & women of our collective tomorrows with dual motives: (a)To zero down on the all rounders as Ms. & Mr. Amity through rigorous selection rounds. (b)To develop in young individuals refined personal attributes such as self worth, public speaking, self confidence that will assist them through life. X’tasy Ms. & Mr. Amity was coordinated by Amity School of Communication Enhancement and Transformation. It was organized for the first time in the history of Amity University, Lucknow Campus. Invitees including the judges were Maj Gen G S Narang – Headquarters Central Command, Lucknow (Indian Army), Ms. Sunita Aron – Chief Editor, Hindustan Times, Ms. Urvashi Sahani – Founder President, Study Hall Foundation, Mr. Prafulla Pandey – Entrepreneur & Film & Television Actor and Mr. Anil Risal Singh- President, Lucknow Camera Club. Amity Designer Awards - 2011- 17 th Feb 11 - The “Amity Designer’s Awards” was an event organized by Amity School of Fashion Technology, to provide an opportunity to the students to walk the runway and make a path to step into the fashion world. Students were given an opportunity to showcase their talent and exhibit the given themes with proficiency and zeal, hence, proving their steel!! The Fashion Show provided a platform to fashion students to showcase their designer outfits in front of eminent guests. Invitees including event judges were Mr.P.K Khullar Dy. Director National Commission of Handicrafts and Textiles, Mr. Prabodh Arya, Prop. Beau Monde, Mr. Nawab Abid Ibrahim, Chikan Exporter and Md. Tausif, Centre Head, Globus. ROCK BAND - 18th Feb 2011 - The Aryan Group enthralled the audiences by their performance. The dignitaries who witnessed the performance included Hon’ble Chancellor, AUR.