Welcome to IWPSD 2013-

The 17th International Workshop on The Physics of Semiconductor Devices, December 10-13, 2013, is being organized at Amity University, Noida, India in collaboration with Society for Semiconductor Devices and co-operation of JMI, IITD, SSPL, DU and other reputed institutions. You are cordially invited to participate. This series of biennial workshops provides a valuable forum for interaction between scientists & technologists working in the area of semiconductor materials and devices.

The first workshop was organized in 1981 by Solid State Physics Laboratory and since then the workshop has been organized every alternative year at different institutes in India. It is highly reputed workshop, internationally, and included in the IEEE conference calendar.

The XVII Workshop successfully held in December 2011 at IIT Kanpur was attended by about 600 delegates including over 100 from abroad.

Purpose and objectives of this meeting:          The purpose and objective of this meeting is to spread the vast knowledge of semiconductor physics in every possible field to the scientific community. Through this, every latest finding, research and discovery can go ahead to our scientific world. Even this conference provide each participated research groups to get excellent platform for their interaction as well as collaboration to any other people of same scientific community.

A semiconductor technology is itself a very wide, well established and acceptable to international technical community, therefore, any sort of updated research, latest findings in the area related to semiconductor must be important to all the scientific community.

The topics to be covered in the Workshop are-

Technical Sessions Tutorials