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Amity Holds Workshop on"Teacher Effectiveness"


Gujarat is a warning sign for India's teacher community: Dr. Karan Singh

The Amity Institute of Behavioural and Allied Sciences held a daylong workshop on "Teacher Effectiveness in the Changing Scenario" in the capital during which Dr. Karan Singh, Member of Parliament, called for the country's teachers community to take up a tirade against was is happening in Gujarat.

The endless and mindless violence in Gujarat has shaken the teaching community of India and is a warning sign that values of a civilised society cannot be taken for granted, he said at the inauguration of the workshop that was attended by the capital's top educationists.

"The burning alive of women and children in Gujarat is a warning sign for teachers, who are nation builders, that holistic education is not being imparted. Teachers should come together and vow that a repeat of Gujarat does not occur," said Dr. Singh, adding the role of a teacher as an instructor, friend and spiritual guide is of utmost importance in today's scenario.

Dr. V.K. Venkatasubramanian, Member, Union Planning Commision, said: "The Education Commission (1964-65) had stated the destiny of India is now being shaped in her classrooms. This is no mere rhetoric," Dr. K. Venkatasubramanian, Member, Union Planning Commission, said. "The destiny of the country will not be made by beautiful buildings or excellent infrastructure and computers but by teachers who have a vision to practise values and ethics, who love their students and their subjects and take pleasure and joy out of mere fact of transmitting meaningful knowledge and wisdom to their students," he added.

Topmost educationist and policymakers emphasised on the constant need for teachers to update themselves and the curriculum. Some of the key speakers were: Dr. Venkatsubramaniam, Member Planning Commission, Dr. M.M. Pant, Founder President, Planet EDU, Prof. A.N. Maheshwari, Chairman, National Council for Teacher Education Prof. H.S. Shrivastava, Head of Evaluation Unit, NCERT, Prof. A.K. Sharma, Former Director, NCTE, and Prof. Vachaspathi Upadhyay, Vice Chancellor, Lal Bahadur Shastri Sanskrit Vidyapeeth.

The broad areas covered at the workshop were:- New technologies and classroom teaching, teaching leaning methodologies in the changing social and educational context and examinations, assessment and evaluation in the changing scenario. Principals and teachers of leading schools in Delhi and surrounding areas attended the workshop.

Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan, renowned industrialist and educationist who has established 34 Amity schools and institutions of higher education, said: "The profession of teaching is the most noble as teachers are truly in the position to change the world by changing even one life for the better."

"The role of the teacher has changed from a lecturer to a facilitator with the advent of new technologies. Our focus should be to held all students to enhance their conceptual understanding and analytical ability," stated Dr. Amita Chauhan, Chairperson of a chain of Amity International Schools. "Both teachers and students need to change their attitudes towards each other, as well as towards the school and the curricula by accepting self-learning as a method of teaching-learning process."

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Amity holds seminar on 'Counselling: Healing Touch of 21st Century'


The Amity Institute of Behavioural and Allied Sciences (AIBAS) held a daylong seminar on "Counselling: The Healing Touch of 21st Century" at the Amity Campus in Noida during which mental health experts highlighted the burning need and relevance of counselling for people belonging to every walk of life.

The speakers included Dr. Achal Bhagat, Psychiatrist, Apollo Hospital, Dr. G. Balasubramaniam, Director Academics, CBSE, Prof. Malashri Lal, Director, Women Development Study Centre, Dr. Manju Mehta, Clinical Psychologist, AIIMS, and Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan, Founder President, Ritnand Balved Education Foundation, among others.

The seminar also marked the inauguration of OPD Services of AIBAS. The OPD will provide treatment for psychological problems and would have in-house treatment like psychotherapy, counselling and psychological testing. The institute will also undertake outreach programmes for counseling of criminal and antisocials.

Speaking about the sharp increase in diseases caused due to psychological factors or psychosomatic diseases Dr. Bhagat said according to estimates of the World Health Organisation (WHO), 90 percent of the diseases -- like respiratory and cardiac problems -- ailing the world population have a psychological origin. "Counselling plays a crucial role in understanding, dealing and reducing psychosomatic diseases that are plaguing not just high end executives but also students, homemakers and the elderly," he said.

Prof. Malashri Lal who heads the Women Development Centre elaborated on the relevance of counselling from the perspective of women. He said that in the today's world women benefit most as counselling helps them realise their true potential and worth. Similarly, Dr. Mehta spoke about the importance of child counseling. "Counselling both the children and their parents' leads to decrease in maladaptive behaviour, stress and distress in children."

Prof. Deepa Nag Haksar, General Secretary, Development of Integrated Values Application, shared her views about ethical issues related to mental health. Dr. Kiran Mehta, Counsellor, Department of Social Work, Delhi University, spoke about the mental block that many people still retain about seeking help from mental health professionals. She emphasised the need of generating awareness about psychological counselling in the society.

Dr. Balasubramaniam emphatically stated that parents, teachers and schools all need the help of counsellors in today's scenario. He spoke about how CBSE has been emphasising the role of school counsellors.

Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan, founder of 34 Amity institutions and India's first private university said counselling is one of the most important service to society and profession. He said the seminar was a stepping stone in initiating the revolution of positive change in the society

Ms. Rajni Arya, Joint Director, AIBAS, spoke about the activities of the institute that has taken upon itself multifold responsibilities of spreading awareness about counselling, training counsellors and bringing the best psychological mental professionals to people at large through the OPD Services.


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Amity Business School holds seminar on banking


Bank deposits to grow over 1,000% by 2025: BoB CMD

The Amity Business School held a daylong seminar on "The Changing Scenario of Indian Banking: Vision 2025" during which head honchos of India's top financial institutions, policymakers and experts from academia came together to deliberate on contemporary issues afflicting the sector and to chalk out the path ahead.

The seminar was attended by Mr. N.K. Singh, Member Planning Commission, Mr. Ramesh Chandra, Regional Director, Reserve Bank of India, Mr. P.S. Shenoy, CMD, Bank of Baroda, Mr. Madhukar, CMD, Union Bank of India, Mr. M.S. Verma, Chairman, IDBI Bank, Mr. K. Subbaraman, Zonal Manager, Bank of India, and Mr. Pradeep Pant, Sr. Vice President, Citibank, among others.
Mr. Shenoy said bank deposits would see a growth of over 1,000 per cent by year 2025 from the present Rs.10 lakh crore as the sector is growing at a rapid pace. He also pointed out that the current market capitalisation of all listed Indian banks totalled $10 billion whereas the net profit of a single foreign bank like Citibank was $14 billion.

He said banks were undergoing an identity crisis and were in for a lot of evolution over the next 25 years, as opposed to the role of an intermediary that they have been performing for the last 10 centuries. Hinting at an impending era of substantial mergers and acquisitions in the sector, he said few and bigger banks will emerge in the future.

Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan, Founder President, Ritnand Balved Education Foundation (umbrella body for 34 Amity institutions and Amity IT University) aired the concerns of bankers and called for a reduction in bank rate in the forthcoming credit policy. Most bankers were of the view that the bank rate should be reduced by 0.5 per cent to 6.0 per cent in line with the cut in small savings rates.

Speaking in the technical session on "The Paradigm Shift in Banking," Mr. Madhukar struck a note of warning against blind acceptance of global diktats in policies and concepts. He urged that more thought be given into acceptance of concepts like stiffer provisions and accounting norms. For instance, in order to conform to international norms by year 2004, the banking system in India was moving towards classification of accounts as non-performing assets if the borrower did not pay interest within a month, against the earlier norm of six months. He cautioned that the present Indian context did not permit industry to purchase materials, manufacture and deliver goods as well as receive payments within 30 days. "

On the topic of "Technical Advancements and Changing Role of Banks," bankers expressed the view that the current computerisation of banks is not as user friendly as would be desirable. Customers can expect better services in the future as no bank would be able to survive unless it adapts and maintains a technological edge.

Mr. N.K. Singh spoke on the strategic vision for the future and outlined the profound irreversible changes that the global monetary system is undergoing with respect to introduction of new currencies, advent of e-banking, changes in issuer etc. He said Indian banks should learn from the changes and proactively frame strategies to face future challenges.


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Amity Centre for Excellence in Mathematics


AIS CAMPUS, Sector 44, NOIDA - 201303


Amity Centre for Excellence in Mathematics launched

The Amity Group, a conglomeration of 34 schools and institutions of higher education, has forayed into the field of Mathematical Sciences with the establishment of the Amity Centre for Excellence in Mathematics.

Speaking at the launch Dr. (Mrs.) Amita Chauhan, Chairperson of the chain of Amity International Schools, said: "The institute has been conceived keeping in view the importance and application of Mathematics in scientific, technical and social spheres of human endeavours of present day world."

Indeed it may not be an overstatement to say that Mathematics has permeated almost in our every daily activity including even the entertainment and enjoyment of music. Experts say this has been possible as Mathematics is a man-made science and has, therefore, the potential of easily responding to the ever-increasing demands made on it.

"We know that bulk of advances made in Mathematics has been the interplay of the physical problems faced by humanity and ingenuity of the human mind to build mathematical structures to find solutions to these problems. That is why we call Mathematics as a queen of sciences," Dr. Amita Chauhan added.

The Amity Centre for Excellence in Mathematics has being established by Ritnand Balved Education Foundation, a non-government body that is the umbrella for 34 Amity schools and institutions and the Amity Information Technology University.

This independent Centre for Mathematics will initially provide inputs to faculty and students of all Amity institutions to excel in basic mathematics and its applications. Short duration workshops for schoolteachers will also be conducted to update them with the recent developments in Mathematics and equip them with the proper methodology of teaching Mathematics so that the students who find the subject as dull and boring can overcome their phobia.

The students shall be encouraged to verify the truth of mathematical statements by actually verifying these by themselves in mathematics laboratory of the Centre. Known mathematicians and researchers shall be roped in to interact with the students and teachers. The biographies of well-known mathematicians shall be used to inculcate the love of the subject. Seminars and symposiums shall be arranged on current topics. Later on it shall be extended to higher level students and teachers as well.

It is also planned to conduct mathematical Olympiads to bring in the best among the young learners. Authorities intend to start a Journal, which shall be devoted to highlight the problems and their solutions by students and teachers.
Some of the activities undertaken by the institute include:

* Six workshops on various mathematics topics of interest to primary, middle and secondary school teachers have been conducted. About 120 teachers drawn from various schools from South Delhi & NOIDA have participated in these workshops. The Resource Persons for these workshops were from Delhi University, Ex-Professors from IIT, Delhi and Mumbai as well as subject experts from NCERT.

* A mathematics test was conducted at AIS, Saket, recently for classes' 4th to 12th. Over 320 students from 17 schools took part in the test and 34 teachers from the participating schools had set papers for the test.

* In order to help the aspirants for entrance to IITs and other Engineering Colleges, the Centre held a JEE type test in Mathematics earlier this month.


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