• Listen to GTO’s briefing carefully and make mental note of structures and the helping material available to you as it may help you in choosing the subordinates.
  • While choosing the subordinates consider their strong points and the requirement of your task.
  • Once subordinates report to you give them quick briefing about the task and explain them rules.
  • Take quick decision and make an early entry into the obstacle. Preferably you must get into the obstacle first as it will allow you to plan further and also work out solution to get the last man out.
  • As Cdr, issue orders to the members boldly and assertively. At the same time do not be rude.
  • As Cdr you need not do physical work however be ready to soil your hands if it becomes necessary.
  • If at any stage, the level of difficulty is raised by the GTO or you are faced with a complex structure, do not seek ideas or suggestions from the subordinates. Apply yourself and use different combinations to find a way out. If need be switch channel of your approach.
  • Supervise the work of your subordinates and ensure rules are not broken. If any rule is broken then observe the penalty.
  • GTO will be applying external pressure on you by either denying you use of certain helping material or structure. Take it in you stride and tackle the problem with the positive mind set.