Screening Test is conducted on the first day of your reporting at Service Selection Board (on second day for those who reports in afternoon around 2.00 PM) which is a nightmare even for Recommended candidates, but don't worry if you follow some basic rules you can pass it. The screening test is a test which is used to sort out the candidates who are suitable for next phase of testing, it is an elimination tests. Once you are Screened-In then you will stay for at least four more days at the Center. Before the screening test starts you will be given Chest Numbers which will be your identity thereafter and don't do the mistake of calling your friends by their names, call their Chest Number, the Chest Numbers are given to you to make all of you feel equal.

Screening Test comprises of two tests, these tests are named as Officer Intelligence rating Test and Picture perception and Discussion Test.

Important - On the first day you will find a lot of NETA type candidates, they will be having all knowledge about SSB Interview. These kinds of candidates tend to influence you and bring your moral down specially in case of fresher’s, so you must avoid talking to such candidates, if you get screened in then you will notice that all of those candidates have disappeared.

Now let us discuss the tests in detail.