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Amity Announces the launch of

Amity Volunteer Network

Amity is India's leading not-for-profit education group with 150,000 students, 6,000 faculty, 8 universities, 25 schools & preschools , and 12 global campuses

The group is committed to nation building and societal development through a large number of social causes ranging from education for under-privileged children, health initiatives, women empowerment and rural development.

With the strong belief that the youth of India are dedicated to uplifting society and change the world for the better, Amity announces the launch of Amity Volunteer Network which will consist of socially conscious citizens across the nation who will be connected to various social causes, NGOs and events and will imbibe a culture of service and commitment to a greater cause.

With Amity Volunteer Network get opportunities to work for causes of your interest. Register Now & we will get back to you soon with more details

Official Trainer of 22,000 Volunteers for the XIX Commonwealth Games 2010, New Delhi

Amity was chosen to be the Official Trainer of the XIX Commonwealth Game 2010, as part of which Amity trained 22,000 volunteers who became flag bearers to India's biggest ever multi-sport event.