A Unique 4 -Tier Mentor Mentee Concept

  • A unique concept, introduced by any B-School in India for the first time
  • Industry mentors provide the mentees with insights essential to face corporate realities
  • Alumni mentor's familiarity with the insittute and corporates makes them excellent guides to students who can openly discuss their personal and professional needs Faculty mentor guides and counsels students on issues pertaining to academics and their personal lives
  • Since parents know their children the best, they alongwith the faculity mentor, help in bringing out the true potential in their children

Participative Managerial Effectiveness (PME)

At ABS, students are encouraged to take initiatives, conceive ideas and organize various activities. A unique approach summed up in three words- Participative Managerial Effectiveness

Structured Techniques for Enhancing Professional and Personal Skills (STEPPS)

The students are equipped with the requisite skills to work in teams, to lead, and to react in unfamiliar settings, besides learning effective communication, time management and conflict management skills. The module also imparts skills which enable an individual to know self, see oneself in relation to the organisation one works for, and then in relation to larger environment and the society.


The student activity Cell is responsible for providing conducive and out of classroom learning environment. It serves as an important channel to solicit & receive feedback and suggestions, Club & Committee Cell provides an opportunity for students to cultivate and nurture their talents and learn leadership capabilities. It grooms them to be multi-skilled, all-rounded and well networked professionals processing requisite competitive skills.

List of Various Clubs

  • Finance Club
  • IT Club
  • Operations Club
  • Entrepreneurship Club
  • Marketing Club
  • Cultural Club (Fashion & Choreography & Music Society)
  • HR Club
  • Debate Club

List of Various Committees

  • Quiz Committee
  • Inter-Institute Competitions Committee
  • Sports Committee