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Amity Business School has conducted groundbreaking and innnovative research in various spheres, Which the industry is using to its advantage. The research has been facilitated by the various centers of excellence and the faculty, Which has been very prolific in publishing books, articles and papers on topical issues.

Amity Business Review is a biannual journal of ABS. It brings together influential strategists, practitioners, policy-makers and students who share their views on the most challenging isssues facing modern business.

Author Guidelines

Amity Business Review (ABR), an international and refereed journal, publishes only original research-papers, articles, book reviews, communications and management cases that focus on problems and issues relevant to area of management and related social sciences. ABR provides a forum for authors to present research findings and, where applicable, their practical applications and significance; analyses of policies, practices, issues, and trends. ABR also provides book reviews in each issue.

Manuscript Review Process

Submission of a manuscript implies that the work described has not been published before (except in the form of an abstract or as part of a lecture, review or thesis), that it is not under consideration simultaneously for publication elsewhere, that its publication in the present form has been approved by all authors and by the responsible authorities in the institutions where the work was carried out, and that, if accepted, it will not be published elsewhere in the same form, in any language, without the consent of ABR. Previously published abstracts, etc. should be referred to in the introduction.

Manuscripts should be sent along with the authorization letter in favour of Editor-in-Chief that it may be published after necessary editing and the copyright shall remain with ABR. Manuscript should also accompany a brief resume of the author on a separate sheet.

A manuscript published in ABR undergoes a blind review by two or more referees. The review process takes about two to three months, the reviewers advise the editor regarding the article’s merit for ABR’s audience and/or make suggestions for improving the article.

Prior to the review process, ABR’s editor screens each manuscript to verify its appropriateness for formal review. We promptly return manuscripts the editor deems inappropriate for review. The Editor’s decision regarding publication is based on the reports of reviewers, which will, at the Editor’s discretion, be transmitted to the authors. Authors will be informed of the Editorial decision, on an average, within 10 – 12 weeks of submission of a regular paper.

Book Review must provide the following details and in this order: Name of author / title of book reviewed/ place of publication / publisher / year of publication / number of pages, in Roman and Arabic figures to include preliminary pages and price, with binding.

Submission Format

Manuscripts should normally be around 5000-7000 words without tables, figures and charts etc, typed double-spaced and at least 1-in. Margins all around. Please use standard fonts (Times, Times New Roman, Arial or Helvetica for general text; Courier or Courier New should be used for sequence alignments; Symbol font should be used to convert Greek characters and other non-standard characters such as the degree symbol) in the document.

This shows the title of the paper, name(s) of the author(s), designation, official address, telephone/fax number and e-mail address for the contact author. Include acknowledgements, if desired.

The body of the paper should be about 15-20 pages long.Define all technical terms. If acronyms cannot be avoided, introduce them first in parentheses following the term they abbreviate. Capitalisation should be kept to the minimum and should be consistent.

Do not use numbered notes, neither footnotes at the bottom of the page nor endnotes. Instead, place remarks and references in the text, within parentheses. For citations in the text, cite only the author’s last name and year of publication. For example: (Sharma 1990).

Use double quotes throughout. The use of single quotes to be restricted for use within double quotes. Quotations in excess of 50 words should be separated from the text with a line space above and below and indented on the left. Quotes should be cited accurately form the original source, should not be edited and should give the page numbers of original publication.

Copyright Transfer

Prior to publication, authors must sign a form affirming their work is original and is not an infringement of an existing copyright. Additionally, we ask authors to transfer copyright to ABR. The transfer also allows ABR to reproduce the work.

Authors will receive a PDF offprint and a complimentary copy of the issue in which his/her paper.

Online Submission

ABR requires authors to use online submission with typed copies in triplicate of manuscripts. During the submission process the following should be provided:

  • The names of two suggested referees, with their institutions, telephone numbers and email addresses. Please add the applicable areas of expertise and indicate their suitability as referees. Please do not suggest academicians based in your own institution, as they will not be approached. However the decision to send the manuscript to the suggested referees is at the discretion of the editorial board
  • A covering letter of submission (giving the postal, fax and email addresses of the corresponding author). We require a statement that the manuscript is not under consideration for publication elsewhere and that its publication in the present form has been approved by all authors.
  • If the manuscript is a resubmission, please upload a letter giving point-by-point responses to the referees of the previous version.
  • Submissions must be made electronically (via-email) by sending MS Word file.


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