About ACCF

Amity College of Commerce & Finance (ACCF) specializes in educating and training potential corporate leaders so as to achieve the highest standards of professional competency and practice. ACCF plays a pivotal role in developing business leaders for the world of tomorrow. The emphasis is given not only on making the students academically brilliant but true leaders and team players by empowering them with the necessary skills to integrate well into the corporate world. ACCF has one of the finest faculty teams comprising of distinguished academicians and corporate leaders, to ensure the highest standards of teaching and learning.


Founder President’s Message :

Amity is not just a group of institutions which imparts world-class education, but an experience where everyone associated is part of a dream, a mission to see that we nurture truly great leaders.
In my over 30 years stay in West Germany, I realized, through interacting with the over 6000 Europeans working for me, that we Indians have the intelligence, the talent and the potential to be the more successful people in the world. That is why we established the Ritnand Balved Education Foundation in 1986 to start institutions which will groom young future leaders to be complete, value-driven human beings and competent professionals with a deep passion for humanity. These will be the people who will lead the world.
Today, we are proud that Amity is synonymous with practical, industry- focused education, and attracts the best students. The fact that our alumni are working in the best companies across the world is a testament to our extremely talented faculty who inculcate, by example, in each student the spirit of dedication, sincerity and loyalty, and to all the corporates who support our mission with so much enthusiasm.
Each one of our students will be a success story. This is my dream; this is my commitment.

Dr. Ashok. K. Chauhan

Founder President, Ritnand Balved Education Foundation
Chairman, AKC Group of Companies


The Director Writes :

Welcome to Amity College of Commerce & Finance (ACCF), Amity University. The education and grooming we provide you is truly unparalleled, challenging and designed to prepare tomorrow’s corporate leaders. As a student of commerce and finance, you’ll have access to enriching opportunities to complement your degree, including one-on-one academic advising, an active career services center and a wealth of study abroad options, among other programs and intangibles.
The core purpose of Amity College of Commerce & Finance is to transform lives for the benefit of society. We create and disseminate knowledge that advances human well-being while respecting the core values of learning, discovery, freedom, leadership, individual opportunity and responsibility. Excellence and Values are our guiding principles which are reflected in each and every of our activities.These values are nurtured within a community of accomplishment and accountability. The core purpose of ACCF is to educate leaders that create value for society.
Our undergraduate and graduate programs are delivered by an outstanding faculty characterized by a powerful combination of formal academic training coupled with business experience. Your interaction with our faculty extends beyond the classroom. From placement in internships and jobs to serving as references, the personal connection between our faculty and students is a hallmark of our program. We provide the skills you need to solve complex business issues in a range of environments with a challenging, rigorous education, and with support, coaching, and personalized attention.
Our students are consistently encouraged to develop an entrepreneurial spirit so as to spot opportunities, mobiliseresources and develop innovative solutions to critical problems of today. Our programs are designed to equip young emerging leaders with the knowledge, insights and personal effectiveness skills to make an impact on business, the public sector and not-for-profit sectors. We take immense pride in saying that our programs are synonymous with quality, rigor, excellence and relevance. Our earnest promise is to help people challenge themselves and create value for their organization and society, as a whole.