Introduction of Institution:

The expressions of human being are unique and verbal or non-verbal expressions always create a huge gap among human beings. These expressions can be learnt at any stage. However, AUUP is providing a platform of learning by doing, to every student because the recruiters always recruit the students who showcase the domain skills as well as soft skills. Keeping in mind the network of global world AUUP is focusing on the development of good soft skills.

Amity Institute of Corporate Communication was established in 2008. AICC offers one credit course in each semester in the areas of Business Communication, Communication skills, and English Language for all programmes across the university. A team of highly experienced and dedicated professionals focuses on developing communication skills with outcome-based interventions.

At AICC, Communication Skills courses are designed to equip students to become effective communicators. The courses aim to give students the professional knowledge of the subject of their study, along with an insight into other areas equally responsible for their overall growth and development. They help students in developing their personality and the ability to fare effectively and efficiently in all spheres with complete confidence. In fact, these courses provide lifelong learning for the students.


To develop effective Communication Skills to add value to the talent of Amitians.


  • Ensuring students to understand the relevance and importance of communication
  • Transforming the students into effective communicators
  • Enhancing the employability skills of students

Message from the Vice-Chancellor

“People believe that interactions are driven by logic and reason and often they ignore the role that emotions and values play in a message. The true test of a communicator is not how much information is shared but to what extent the message is understood and believed by the audience. Graduate Attributes of Amitians also emphasize the importance of good communication skills when it delineates that student should be able to convey and present the information in an appropriate way and format. Our Hon'ble Founder President Dr Ashok K. Chauhan has indeed underlined his vision when he insisted on the communication skills course for every student and for every semester. I believe that Communication Skills are amongst the soft skills that give the much needed interpersonal aptitude, dynamism, and confidence to face the corporate world. It gives the finishing touch required by a professional and chisels the ambition to score the highest level of success.

Message from the Head of Institution

“The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives.” Our specially designed curriculum cuts out excessive syllabus and places importance on substantive learning accelerating the learning process for faster career growth. Good Communication skills often make the difference between being hired and fired. How well you listen, speak, read and write will affect the quality of personal relationships. New skills such as cultural knowledge and sensitivity give the cutting edge to our students. We ensure that our student communicate ethically with concern and compassion.