Target Communication Skills

Employment surveys conducted globally highlight communication skills as one of the most important soft skills that employers look for in any prospect candidate. In an attempt to enhance the employability of students of Amity University, AICC strives to develop following communication skills among the Students.

Public Speaking

To hone the communication skills of the students which appear to be a linear model, in reality does not work that way. There is a series of variables which affect the outcome. We enable the students with these variables and make them learn how to overcome barriers to develop effective communication strategy.

Presentation Skills

Enabling students to devise a communication strategy (language, content and medium) to deliver messages according to the situation and need of audience and to deliver effective presentations in contexts that may require power point, extemporaneous, or impromptu oral presentations.

Group Discussion

Group discussion has become an essential component of selection process to gauge the personality traits of candidate. Students are being trained to showcase the critical qualities/skills to contribute effectively to the goal accomplishment process.

Employment Communication

To enable the students understand the recruitment process and issues and trends affecting recruitment and selection. Students are enabled to develop industry specific résumés highlighting their key skills. We make them adaptable with many mock interviews to perform better in real world.

Persuasion Skills

Persuading others to adopt your ideas in personal or professional life is very important for success. The major goal is to increase students’ understanding of persuasive communication; or messages intended to influence people’s attitudes and behaviors. Students are provided with the opportunities to apply these strategies on fellow students and social problems.

Cross Cultural Communication

India is home to many cultures and technological advances in the field of communication and transportation which have further brought people closer to each other across the globe. In this scenario we are constantly interacting with people from different backgrounds. We are not aware enough of how our backgrounds affect our communication and how these differences in communication styles give rise to diverse perspectives, beliefs and value systems which may result in misunderstandings and conflicts. Students are made to identify the challenges posed by cross cultural communication both at home and abroad and they are made aware of how these challenges affect people at their job and relationships. The course intends to develop strategies and skills needed to deal effectively with these challenges in different communicative contexts.

Written Communication

Building a message around a central point is the key to effective writing skills. However, one needs to follow different approaches to writing, keeping in view the nature of the contents; good news or bad news style of writing. Students are taught to write effective emails, letters, reports, proposals and personal messages.

Social Skills and Etiquette

Networking is the buzz word in the 21st century workforce. Effective networking depends on social skills and etiquette. Students are made to develop effective social skills and etiquette to fit in global work environment.

English Language Usage

Basics of grammar are brushed up and remedial teaching is done for common errors and vocabulary building.