61% students qualified in JEE Advanced 2022
81% students qualified in NEET 2022



Best medical coaching in Delhi NCR

The best coaching for medical entrance is conducted by the amity. And there are strong reasons which make the amity the best institute for the medical entrance exams.The reasons lie in the preparation method of the institute and its study material. The institute is the only place where the students preparing for the medical entrance exam along with CBSE exam do not have to take the extra classes for the medical entrance. The preparation for the medical entrance is done in such a manner that the syllabus that forms the part of the CBSE exam for 10 + 2 is automatically covered. The students do not have to travel to different coaching institutions for preparing separately for CBSE and medical entrance exam.

The synchro study program of the best medical coaching in Delhi NCR covers both CBSE curriculum and course materials that are meant for the medical entrance exam. The coaching classes teach the CBSE curriculum and the course in synergy with each other. In coaching classes when a student studies a particular topic for the board exam, the same topic is covered extensively in advancing classes for the medical entrance exam. This method of preparation reduces the burden on the student while allowing them to complete syllabus for the CBSE exam. The study material for the medical entrance is prepared by the experts with deep knowledge of medical subjects and understanding of the entrance pattern.The institute also provides the scholarship to meritorious students, who can avail latest books, journals from the library besides full expert guidance and support. The coaching classes are conducted in well ventilated and spacious room with the low students to teacher ratio, which creates interaction between student and teacher and help us to monitor the progress of each student. Our well-equipped laboratories help students assimilate the study material thoroughly.

We also provide special hostel facilities for outstation students, where Nutritional and academic requirements are monitored by the specially appointed experienced wardens. We also provide in- house teachers with years of experience behind them to solve the queries of the students as soon as possible through the regular study sessions after the end of the regular school time. Our systematic preparation for medical entrance ensures excellent results in both CBSE and the entrance exam. Our innovative, disciplined, caring and guidance helps our students realize their goals through assimilation of medical study.

National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET)

Getting through nearly impassable competitive examinations (IIT-JEE or NEET) is although not impossible but certainly a challenging task. It requires rigorous and incessant inputs to first get acquainted with the system of such examinations and then to constitute a meticulous strategy to excel one’s performance at it.

ABOUT NEET: The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) conducted annually by National Testing Agency (NTA) (a premier, specialist, autonomous and self-sustained testing organization) is the Medical Entrance Test for providing opportunities to Medical aspirants to seek admission in MBBS and BDS courses in pioneer Colleges of India. More than ten lac students appear for NEET every year for nearly one lac seats in different government and private colleges across the country. This exhibits a lot about the onerous competition that medical aspirants have to encounter while preparing for NEET examination.

NEET CHARACTERISTICS: Although the set up for competitive examinations can be altered at any point of time of course with prior notice, the existing scenario expected to continue is listed below.

Name of Exam

National Eligibility cum Entrance Test

Acronym Commonly Used


Conducting Body

National Testing agency (NTA)




Four (Physics, Chemistry, Zoology & Botany)

Time Limit

3 hours

Total Questions


Subject wise Questions


Maximum Marks


Marks per Question


Negative Marking

Yes (-1)

Courses Offered thorough Exam


NEET Syllabus: https://nta.ac.in/medicalexam

NEET Eligibility: https://nta.ac.in/medicalexam

Blueprint for NEET Preparation:

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is the largest medical entrance test for admission to undergraduate courses in India associated with medical disciplines. In order to overcome this examination, one needs to prepare for it wholeheartedly with a “do or die attitude”. For securing a seat in a premier college, merely qualifying NEET examination will not be enough, but a relatively good rank has to be attained that depends upon the score achieved and that finally converges to the level of preparation. Competitive examinations require a certain mind set, stamina and understanding that's quite different from a regular school or college academic test. With a little effort, a student can first try to learn the ropes, and then plunge headlong into preparations.

  1. Germane times to coax: To surmount strenuous competitive examinations, there are no strict schedules. It’s a relatively gradual, systematic and skilful channel which one has to go through. In fact, foundations of success are laid down right after the middle class curriculum. Reaching high school (IX standard) is appropriate time when symptoms of competitiveness must be induced into the young brains with the help of conceptual and analytic teaching. Questions in line with competitive examinations at this level become essential to make the aspirants versed with challenges ahead.
  2. Role of an elite training institution: A subject of discussion by myriad. May be preparation by self or through coaching institution, the ultimate goal remain the same: to overcome the examination with high rank. However, academicians have a widespread agreement that expertise always matters in the end. Hence to accomplish a rigorous training through coaching institution is always preferable. Merits & Demerits of Self Preparation and Coaching Institution

    Merits of Self Preparation

    Demerits of Self Preparation

    Monetarily economical.

    No support for assessment  cum Evaluation

    Study at flexible hours.

    Self-discipline: an uphill task

    No pressure to perform better hence no stress

    No support to overcome conceptual difficulties.


    No competition amongst myriad


    Probability of developing callous attitude towards studies.


    Nobody to report with regard to the studies.

    Merits of coaching Institution

    Demerits of coaching Institution

    Right direction and correct guidance

    Extra homework burden on students

    The personalisation of studies

    Different from school academic curriculum

    New learning styles and tips for getting a competitive advantage

    Developing stress in students due to competition 

    The utilisation of extra time disciplines students’ daily routine.

    Additional expenditure on education

    Students get to cover up specific subjects conceptually in deep.


    Strong Assessment cum Evaluation programme


    In depth & earmarked study material


    Average students can also overcome competitive exams.


    An asset for board examinations


  3. Detailed analysis of the syllabus: The first step towards the preparation for any competitive examination is to understand the pre-requisites for the examination. One must thoroughly and comprehensively scan/analyse through the syllabus of the examination. Besides the syllabus, one must make a note of the weightage of various subjects, so that a masterly planned and hassle-free preparation could be executed accordingly.
  4. Realistic Time table: After having understood 'What to prepare?' it's turn to plan 'How to prepare?' Frame a time-table with both short-term and long-term ambitions that would help prepare for the examination punctually and systematically. A time table makes any aspirant more disciplined and helps get rid of nonchalance.
  5. Self-Assessment cum Evaluation: Perpetual studies for hours together never makes the strategy viable and complete but self-assessment cum evaluation needs to be done periodically. This can be accomplished through writing sample papers and taking tests.
  6. Offline vs Online Preparation: Both means of educational training have merits and demerits. However, there has been a widespread agreement amongst the pedagogues that a suitable channel must be adopted to overcome competitive examinations in view of arduous competition involved. Hence what matters more is the wish to attain knowledge and the desire to study, rather than focus on the means because it is one’s calibre that decides one’s destiny and not the mode of training.

    Merits of Online Training

    Demerits of Online Training

    Location doesn’t matter


    Flexible hours

    Relatively minuscule competition

    Saves time and resources

    Lacks interpersonal skill development

    Monetarily economical

    Limited topics


    Requires self-discipline


    Faculties struggle to ascertain student’s learning behaviour


    Difficult to follow the passion of teacher

    Merits of Offline Training

    Demerits of Offline Training

    Individualised monitoring

    Fixed location

    Structured and disciplined set up

    Fixed schedule

    More interaction between students and teachers



    Limited students in batch

    Commuting to far off places

    Teacher could pay more attention to students



  7. Reliable study resources: Procuring select books can make the preparation compendious and effective, thereby saving time from shuffling between various books. The books which emphasise on explanation the basic concepts and fundamentals could be an asset. Appendix A: List of useful standard books
  8. Shun all the exam related fear and stress: One of the principal prerequisites for the preparation of a competitive examination is to completely annihilate fear and stress for, this would yank the learning ability and hence reduce the concentration.
  9. Never study anything new just prior to exam: Last few days are meant to consolidate comprehended during the whole tenure of preparation and to eliminate queries emanating related to a particular topic. Consequently, studying anything left out few days prior to the onset of examination is not advisable by dint of two reasons: 1) Dearth of enough time to assimilate the new topic. 2) Losing all pivotal time for revision.
  10. Develop unconventional techniques: Attempting a quantitative problem especially in Physics and Chemistry requires thorough comprehension of the concepts involved. Consequently, a rigorously developed time management comes to rescue here. If time permits a conventional method (that could be lengthy at times) can be adopted to attempt the problem, else unconventional techniques (short cuts) evolved over the time by subject masters should be used.
  11. Master 3R strategy: As per the pedagogues and academicians the three R’s Read, Revise and Reproduce are the rudiment to learning. Read a particular topic justly, revise it conscientiously and reproduce confidently in the final examination.
  12. Practice makes a man perfect: May it be the logical reasoning or scientific literature (Physics, Chemistry, Zoology and Botany), practicing in an area perpetually, makes less prone to err. According to a notable educational Phycologist Dr Subin Vazhayil, fending off a subject or a topic for more than x ( 0 or 1) days takes x2 days to resurrect it. As an example if a topic is overlooked for 3 days it could take 9 days to recollect it.
  13. Minimal use of social media: In today’s digital era social media has become too beguiling to shun and therefore is a hindrance to any important assignment. An asymptotic analysis will easily help an aspirant to prioritise examination preparation way ahead of social media. However, at times when completely eschewing the social media seems unfeasible, retrenching its use is a good idea.
  14. Be galvanized and invigorate: When on the verge of giving up or struggling to push to the next level, sometimes what you need is to get self-motivated by thinking positive and high through meditation or reciting and recalling motivational thoughts of great scholars. Make the following poem by the great ROBERT FROST principle of life.
    “Woods are lovely dark and deep
    But I have promises to keep
    And miles to go before I sleep
    And miles to go before I sleep”


Standard Books for NEET: Albeit AICE has rich and innovative study package specifically framed by judicious blend of faculties for NEET aspirants, the following reference books are of paramount importance to discern fundamentals of the subject.


Fundamentals of Physics

Halliday and Resnick

Available online free of cost

Concepts of Physics

H C Verma

Available online free of cost

Fundamental Univ. Physics

Alonso & Finn

Available online free of cost

University Physics

H D Young

Available online free of cost

College Physics

Randall D Knight

Available online free of cost

Physics: The Missing Pages

R S Cruicshank

Available online free of cost


Group of Authors: NCERT

Available online free of cost

Physics for scientists

Paul Tipler

Available online free of cost


Inorganic Chemistry

J D Lee

Available online free of cost

Organic Chemistry


Available on Amazon

Physical Chemistry

Peter Atkins

Available on Amazon

Organic Chemistry


Available on Amazon

Physical Chemistry

Puri, Sharma & Pathania

Available on Amazon

General Chemistry

Hill Petrucci

Available online free of cost

Organic Chemistry


Available on Amazon


Group of Authors: NCERT

Available online free of cost



G R Bathla Publications

Available on Amazon


Dinesh Publications

Available on Amazon


Trueman Publications

Available on Amazon


Group of Authors: NCERT

Available online free of cost





Biology for NEET

Pearson Publications

Available on Amazon

Botany for NEET

Wiley Publications

Available on Amazon


Trueman Publications

Available on Amazon


G R Bathla Publications

Available on Amazon


Group of Authors: NCERT

Available online free of cost

After rigorous discussion with all teachers and experts AICE has formed the following strategy for Cracking NEET 2021

Strategy for Medical (Special Batch)

  1. The NCERT books should be thoroughly discussed and chapter wise questions should be set keeping in view the new pattern (matching type) of questions. NCERT is the foundation but we are required to go beyond NCERT to have a thorough grip over the subject so that student is able to solve both conceptual as well as advanced level and application based problems. Emphasis would be given on the diagram based questions (however diagram based questions have not been asked in the previous 4 years. i.e. 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020).
  2. In every class, the lecture should be followed by 5-10 tricky, innovative questions pertaining to the topic and the answers should be checked then and there and discussed thoroughly. Advanced, innovative questions would be practiced in their special classes held twice in a week on Saturday and Sunday.
  3. Weekly classes to be scheduled as per the table given below :
    Tuesday and Friday (Test) Followed by discussion
    Revision of important topics



    Special class



  4. Revision of important and tough topics to be taken in special classes in addition to the regular classes.
  5. Along with NCERT, previous 10 year NEET and AIPMT questions paper should be practiced and discussed.
  6. Fortnightly meeting with parents / students, co-ordinator, faculties and mentors should be organized to discuss the difficulties faced by students and motivate them.
  7. TEST SERIES: Two tests are conducted every week on Tuesday and Friday. All Tests contain 180 questions of maximum marks 720, 45 questions per subject i.e., Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology are included in the test paper.
    Though the time duration of test is of 3 hrs, students are given 2.45 hrs. to complete the test to improve their speed and time management. There are 41 part tests of 2.45 hrs. each which are being conducted till 6th April 2021. Atleast fifteen full length mock tests of 3 hrs. each will be conducted after 6th April 2021 till the entrance exam of NEET 2021.
  8. The students should be encouraged to switch on their video camera during the classes, for better interaction with teachers, and teachers should ensure that every student interacts.
  9. For Video status of students, It is difficult for the teachers while teaching to monitor so the coordinators in the special classes will monitor.

NEET coaching in Delhi NCR

National eligibility and entrance test select suitable candidates for MBBS, dental course BDS, or postgraduate course MD / MS in government and private medical colleges in the country. The NEET undergraduate for medical courses is conducted by the central board of secondary education. In the year 2013, the NEET replaced the all India pre medical test AIPMT and MBBS entrance exams conducted by the states, individually. Students desirous of joining the medical course must clear the NEET exam.

The coaching classes in amity for the NEET are conducted in such a way that students cover the syllabus for CBSE exam and study material for the NEET exam in the same classes. The special preparation program known as synconnect study program reduces the burden on students preparing for CBSE exam and competitive exams. The students do not have to face the burden of taking extra classes for the NEET exam separately. The study material for the 11 and 12 classes lays the strongest foundation for the highly competitive exam. The classes are conducted by the experienced faculty to give an edge to our students over other preparing for the classes. Since classes are taken during the school hours, the students do not have to take face coaching classes right after finishing regular school hours.

The NEET coaching in Delhi NCR is provided in the well equipped spacious classroom. The ratio of the student to teacher low. Every class has a batch of 15-25 students and duration of each class is 40 minutes. In the advance learning for the competitive exam, students only have to extend the topic already covered for the CBSE exam. We also provide regular practice sheets to candidates and complete analyses are provided after each test.

Our coachings give more free time to students, which is important to absorb the material for long-term retention. The preparations for the competitive exam are conducted without putting an extra burden on the students. We also make sure that each candidate gets free time for extracurricular activities and hobbies to clear the mind. Our one to one doubt sessions helps our students clear all doubts before the competitive exam. Excellent hostel facilities are available for outstation students with nutritional food and care .

NEET- 2021

Student Name

AIR Rank

Shivika Dudani


Satvik Jain


Shaurya Agarwal


Shubhesh Saxena


Rhea Singh


 Rishita Gupta


Srishti Anand Gupta


Gauri Singh


MD Danish


Nishi Mishra


Nikhil Pal


Nirbhay Singhal




Satyajit Mallick


Jyoti Khyalia


Prathamesh Khaty


Heena Khan


Ananya Tripathi


Aurangzeb Mustafa


Varun Kumar


Ananya Nagar


Shrey Kohli


Kamran Siddiqui


Mohd. Aashim


Anusha Anand


Praveen Yadav


Deepanshi Kaushik


Lavanya Jindal


Piputo A Zhimomi


Kenyuyhun Kent


Namish Agarwal


Vannya Srivastava




Huto I Zhimo


Bhavya Saxena


Yogesh Yadav


Hanshika Singh


M. Rontsushan Murry


Medha Sagar


Shreya Mangla


Shivani Verma


Nandini Agarwal


Abhishek Sharma


Kushagra Agarwal


Cupa Dazo


Hrishita Pegu


Arni Arora


Aryan Negi


Anungtanger Jamir


Khrusalu Theyo


Jungtosang Aier


Afreen Alam Khan


Gurnoor Singh Bedi


Rohan Purohit


Ayush Gupta


Prince Poddar


Akash Das Gupta


Divya Saxena


Devanshu Vasishta


Rishabh Rana



Duration: 1 Year

No. of Hrs.: 400

Commencement: June/July

This programme is divided into three parts.

Part-I: Covers the entire syllabus of XI & XII

Part-II: Extensive Training Programme (ETP) in which the student is groomed extensively with the entire syllabus

Part-III: Test and Discussion Programme to be ready for the examination


  • 3-4 days a week, 4-6 hrs. each day
  • Weekly Test
  • 352 hrs. of comprehensive training
  • 48 hrs. of final review in the pinnacle/A.MAT
  • Olympiad Training Programme
  • Exclusive Doubt Classes
  • Daily Practice Papers (DPP), Online Test Series


No. of Hrs.: 180

Commencement: March uptill May

  • During this programme the entire syllabus is revised and the questions asked in the previous entrance examinations are discussed.
  • Programme also includes a number of part and full tests that serve as practice tests for various Medical Entrance Examinations & test the student’s speed and accuracy.
  • The admission to this programme is direct on the basis of the percentage of marks secured by the student in the board examinations.


  • 6 days a week, 6 hrs. each day
  • Covers all subjects for practice.
  • Daily Practice Papers (DPP)
  • Online Test Series available
  • A.MAT / Pinnacle


No. of Hrs.: 220 (Discussion)

Commencement: October/November

  • This programme is meant for the students who have a thorough understanding of the subject and wish to sharpen their problem solving skill and to develop a competitive attitude.
  • There is no teaching of the syllabus in this programme. The students study the topics themselves and come prepared for the test and discussion as the schedule.
  • There are 20+ tests patterns in all CBSE, AIPMT, DPMT, CPMT, AIMS etc.


Commencement: Aug. - Nov.

This course starts after finalizing the syllabus of class XI and XII extensively

  1. In the programme, potential candidates are selected from various centres and are given opportunity to interact with their counterparts along with the revision of the syllabus is an exam like atmosphere.
  2. Through the series of tests, students are constantly screened and their grey areas are discussed.
  3. Holistic approach is undertaken for overall development of students to maximize the chances of their success.


  • 2 days a week, 6 hrs. each day
  • Covers all subjects.
  • 3 Module tests
  • Daily Practice Papers (DPP)
  • Online Test Series available
  • A.MAT/ Pinnacle
  • Test & Discussion Programme (T&D)


(For All students)

Duration : 1 Year

No. of Hrs : 460

Commencement : March/April

This programme is divided into three parts.

Part-I: Covers the entire syllabus of XI & XII

Part-II: Extensive Training Programme (ETP) in which the student is groomed extensively with the entire syllabus

Part-III: Test and Discussion Programme to be ready for the examination


  • 3 days a week, 4hrs. each day
  • 2 Module Tests • Fortnightly Test
  • 412 hrs. of comprehensive training
  • 48 hrs. of doubt clearing classes and tests in the month of January/February
  • Olympiad Training Programme
  • Exclusive doubt classes
  • Daily Practice Papers (DPP), Online Test Series
  • Pinnacle/ A.MAT.


(For All students)

Duration : 2 Years

No. of Hrs. : 680

Commencement : April/July

The programme concentrates on clearing the basic concepts and then progress to the level of Medical.

This programme is divided into four parts.

Part-I: Covers Syllabus of class XI

Part-II: Covers Syllabus of class XII. includes preparation for both CBSE Boards and Medical examinations together.

Part-III: Extensive Training Programme (ETP) in which the student is groomed extensively with the entire syllabus

Part - IV: Test and Discussion Programme to be ready for the examination.


  • 3 days a week, 4 hrs. each day
  • Fortnightly Test
  • 6 Module Tests + 2 Complete Test
  • • 632 hrs. of comprehensive training
  • 48 hrs. of doubt clearing classes and Tests in the month of January/ February
  • Extensive Training Programme (ETP)
  • Olympiad Training Programme
  • Exclusive doubt classes
  • Daily Practice Papers (DPP), Online Test Series
  • Pinnacle/A.MAT * The Synchrostudy programme is meant for Amitians (Amity International School students)