61% students qualified in JEE Advanced 2022
81% students qualified in NEET 2022


AICE offers several programs to prepare students for different competitive exams with success. Every programme has been carefully customized with experts from the industry to ensure success stories year after year.

SynConnect Study Programme

Synconnect offers advanced studies in Math and Science right from class VI till X. The syllabus is in sync with CBSE curriculum thus, students learn balancing school curriculum with those topics taught in this programme. To keep pace with school curriculum along with the curriculum of coaching programmes for IIT/NEET etc.has been always a challange for the students .This programme aims to resolve this struggle of students which they face in class XI while entering in the world of competitive preparedness right from childhood. Exposure to the teachings from the experts of the industry give the students an edge over others. Classes are taken by the faculty members of AICE within the school hours thus, students are left with enough time for self study and self development. Besides this there is a huge saving in terms of travel time.


“An idiomatic concept of its kind to nurture competitive sightedness and scientific temperament in young minds”

Eligibility: 85% and above (aggregate)

Subjects: Science and Math

Class Duration/ Class Schedule: 40 minutes class

Math: Three classes per week

Science: Three classes per week (one class each of Physics, Chemistry, Biology.)

Salient features

  • Classes are held within school hours.
  • Homogenous small batches of 15-25 students
  • Professionally qualified teachers appointed by AICE take classes.
  • Regular practice worksheets are given, practice of ‘HOTS’ and advanced learning is done.
  • Regular Tests with complete performance analysis is made available online.


  • Competitive aptitude is developed without added burden.
  • More time for self-study which is an important aspect to absorb the concept in order to retain it.


  • Classes held within the school premises ,within the school timings,
  • SynConnect center coordinator present throughout school hours to take care of academic and non-academic issues,
  • doubt clearing classes,
  • ample time for self study and
  • above all the child need not to sacrifice his/her passion for co-curricular activities.


This programme is only for the students of Amity International Schools and the eligibility is given above. Interested students other than of AIS who have scored 85% or above can meet the center coordinator, SynConnect for other such programmes.

Exam Pattern

 The session is divided into two terms- Term I and Term II

Term I Examination

Unit Test I, Math- 50 Marks, Science- 60 Marks (20 marks each for Phy., Che., Bio.)

Unit Test II, Math- 50 Marks, Science- 60 Marks (20 marks each for Phy., Che., Bio.)

Unit Test III, Math- 50 Marks, Science- 60 Marks (20 marks each for Phy., Che., Bio.)

Unit Test IV, Math- 50 Marks, Science- 60 Marks (20 marks each for Phy., Che., Bio.)

Module Test I - 100 Marks (50 marks Math, 50 Marks Science).It is online test with objective type questions. Negative marking is done for wrong answers in all the tests.


To meet the enrollment criteria following steps are must-

  • Regularity in revising school work.
  • Preparing well in advance for UTs and Term End examination in Class VIII.
  • Mugging up without understanding is strictly no-no.
  • Doubt solving especially in math certain topics need special attention like Mensuration, Algebraic Expressions and Comparing Quantities .Practice these topics more to improve percentage.
  • In Science topics of Physics like Light, Force & Pressure and in Chemistry Metals and Non-Metals should be taken care of.
  • Solving of MCQs improve conceptual clarity.

SynConnect Top Achiever 2021

Ishaan Ishaan

He grabbed an overall rank 3 in GTSE 2020-21 and also secured AIR 133 in NSTSE further being declared as the city topper for Noida and Ghaziabad, apart from being the class topper with a percentage of 99.14%. He even received a winner certificate in class VIIth for his remarkable performance at the 4th International Online Competition of Mathematics organized by BricsMath (2021-22).

Akansh Varshney, Class- VI

He has been performing consistently in academics as well as
co-curricular activities like Inter Amity Vasudha whose
results are awaited

Bhavesh Karthik, AIS Saket, Class- Xth

He is world number three among 250 students over the world in the international Math Olympiad WMTC (World Mathematics Team Competition). He scored third rank and Gold medal. He gas got individual 3rd rank and gold medal in Maccedemia.
Bhavesh is all rounder and has won many other competitions also.

Yashika Das, AIS Saket

She has entered the India Book Of Records. She has been registered as the first Indian to make a typographic portrait of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on an A3 size sheet with 500 Indian brand names representing the ‘Make in India’ campaign by Shri Narendra Modi.
Upto 10.5 Lakh scholarship at Arizona State University

Yagyik Thakur

He has cleared the Prelims round and has been selected for Semi final round of NAEST 2021, which will be conducted at IIT Kanpur. Qualyfying this exam is not a game of one year but consistent efforts as Yagyik has been a Synconnect student since class VII.

Dipen Bansal , AIS Gurugram 43

NSTSE- National Rank 42 • VVM: School Rank 2 • ISFO Maths Olympiad: State Rank 3, International Rank 120 • ISFO Science Olympiad : International Rank 72 • MUN : II Highest Recommendation Mental Maths Inter Amity Rank 3

Ashwin Barnwal - AIS,

NSTSE : State Rank 8

Sameer Parhar, Vasundhra Sec. 1

Unified Cyber Olympiad: Qualified level I Appeared for Level II

Rudrakshi, AIS GGN-43

VVM State Topper and ISFO Level 1 – State Rank – 1