Established in September 2002, the institute is dedicated to imparting both theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of telecommunication.
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  • 4,000 Faculty & Scientists
  • Over 250 Patents filed & 300 Case Studies developed by faculty in the last one year
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  • 80 Collaborations with universities globally
  • 12,000 on-campus Hostel seats
  • 5,000 Scholarship Holders
  • 250 Research Projects funded by Govt. Depts.
  • 30,000 On-campus Placements in the last years
  • 100 Technology ventures incubated
  • Fully govt. recognized
  • Programs & Institutions Accredited by various regulatory bodies
  • ‘Premier Status’ Accreditation from ASIC, UK
  • IET, UK Accreditation for B Tech Programmes
  • ACBSP, USA Accreditation in progress for Business Programs
  • ISO certification
  • Courses virtually  in every field
  • Innovative Courses and Research going on in cutting-edge areas of science and technology
  • Highly reputed and successful ICT based Innovation Incubator
  • Extremely focused industry specific MBA programs
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Founder President's Message :

founderimageLured by agri-production statistics which appear very attractive in print, we proudly proclaim that India is the second highest fruit and vegetable producer in the world, the highest producer of milk, fifth largest producer of eggs, sixth largest producer of fish, but when we look at the percentage of appalling wastage in the agricultural commodities, our spirits are instantly dampened. A considerable amount of the valuable produce is lost due to improper post harvest management and inadequate processing facility leading to instability in the prices, losses to farmers as well as the processors. Thus, impoverished India loses, 25-40% of the produce, a loss estimated at Rs. 40,000/- crores per year. The question is, how we can mitigate the staggering losses. India, the “ Land of Agriculture” with all of its cultivable land, all the seasons for production of all the varieties of fruits and vegetables, a well-set agribusiness system that works, must gear up to tackle the challenges posed by post harvest losses which severely impact the small and marginal farmers. The imperative step that needs to be pursued vigorously involves building of sustainable supply chains, which assist the growers in accessing the marketing and processing centres. Minimizing wastage would necessarily maximize profitable return which requires a stable and integrated system encompassing post-harvest technology and cold chain management. Food safety and quality have not received the importance they deserve especially for domestic consumption. We need urgently to generate awareness regarding the global safety management systems and adherence to safety standards as laid down in Food Safety Standards Act of India.
There is invariably a wide gap between the requirements and availability of trained manpower addressing such needs for the industry and other stakeholders. This requires inter-disciplinary and multi-dimensional approach, which must include scientific creativity, technological innovations, commercial entrepreneurship and institutions capable of inter-disciplinary research and development in an integrated manner so as to meet the developmental needs of the country.
Amity is currently the leading education provider in India, offering industry oriented professional courses with focus on cutting edge research and innovation. Amity University is deeply committed to nation building through quality teaching and research and is running several programmes of immense importance. This International Centre is running two unique programmes, first of their kind in the country, in which international experts of repute will also deliver lectures, interact with students to facilitate forging of collaborative research in the thrust areas of post-harvest technology, cold/cool chain management and food safety. Amity University in collaboration with Post Harvest Education Foundation, USA, US based Universities and Global Cold Chain Alliance, USA , will conduct joint research and upgrade the syllabi constantly to deliver world class education. We would be organizing regular workshop-cum-training programmes targeted to the industry, government and academia.
I wish all success to this Centre in its teaching, training and research activities.

Ashok K Chauhan
Founder President
Ritnand Balved Education Foundation (RBEF)
(Sponsoring body of Amity University)

Message from the Chairman :

directorpictureKeeping in tune with the developments in the educational strategies around the globe, The Amity University is pioneering courses in Industry-oriented subjects. The establishment of the Amity International Centre for Postharvest Technology & Cold Chain Management is an outcome of this visionary approach, which aims at catering to the needs of the community it serves providing the students a competitive edge in their professional pursuits.

The mission of the Centre is to ensure an interaction between the national and international experts to direct the discussions towards the local needs of Indian Agribusiness, depending upon our resources and constraints.

The students will be trained with focus on inter-disciplinary and multi-dimensional approach, which would include scientific creativity, technological innovations, and commercial entrepreneurship. Besides quality teaching, emphasis will be laid upon research and innovation all of which would respond in an integrated manner to the developmental needs of the country.

" The curriculum of each course/program has been framed, in consultation with international experts, which combines classroom teaching with strong laboratory work, field studies, industrial visits and interactive sessions with eminently successful persons in respective areas to prepare students/trainees who can efficiently tackle problems related to horticultural losses and cold chain management as scientists, trainers, technocrats, consultants and entrepreneurs."

Sunil Saran
Ph.D (Oklahoma State)
(Former Vice-Chancellor, Bhagalpur University)
Amity International Centre for Postharvest Technology & Cold Chain Management


The Amity International Centre of Post harvest Technology and Cold Chain management has been envisioned to develop into a strong centre for study and research in post harvest technology and cold chain management, the two areas of horticulture imbued with potentials of revolutionizing agriculture and agribusiness in India and to provide a strong foothold on the world map.

  • The mission  of the Centre  is to facilitate  interaction between  national and international experts to direct their  attention towards the local needs of Indian Agribusiness, depending upon our resources and constraints.
  • Bring about a new awakening in students so that they comprehend the vistas being unraveled by the ever changing Indian scenario  in post harvest technology and prepare themselves for the challenges of the millennium .
  • Train students to develop a strong knowledge base which serves to prop applications of  the diverse branches of post harvest technology.
  • Help students to discover their latent potential so that they can pursue with vigour, set  and achieve the highest goals for life.
  • Instill in  students, a sense of responsibility regarding their role and purpose  and help them to develop our traditional, social, moral and spiritual values on which we, as Indians, pride upon.
  • Provide a programme/course with emphasis on continued up-gradation keeping in tune  with the dynamic nature of  post harvest technology  as an innovative plan of work..
  • Stimulate creative thinking in students so that their quest for excellence is unending.
  • Post-harvest technologists  to take the  country on the path of 100%  utilization  of the horticultural  produce in general and  fruits and vegetables in particular.


  • To enhance the knowledge of the students about post harvest management for horticultural crops
  • To provide practical training highlighting of the post harvest management of horticultural crops
  • To enhance the knowledge of the participants regarding use of appropriate cold/cool chain technology based on sound scientific and technical principles
  • To create knowledge about the benefits of an efficient supply chain management
  • To equip the personnel with sound technical knowledge and arm them with skills to combat post harvest losses
  • To generate awareness regarding the global food safety management systems (HACCP ISO-22000, GAP, GMP, GHP etc.
  • To promote good practices of safety and quality and their strict adoption in food sector.

About the Institute

Amity, a leading education provider in India, offering industry oriented professional courses with focus on cutting edge research and innovation, established Amity International Centre for Postharvest Technology & Cold Chain Management (AICPHT & CCM) to develop trained personnel to fill in the huge demand in developing countries for tackling the problems emerging from postharvest horticultural losses.

Amity International Centre for Postharvest Technology & Cold Chain Management is targeting to produce scientific and technical manpower in the areas of postharvest technology and cold chain management through teaching, training and research.

Major Achievements of the Centre

Major acheivments

  • Held a One-day workshop (March 4, 2008) on “Horticultural Cold Chain Management” Supported by World Food Logistics Organisation, The Peoples Group, Ltd., USA. and Ministry of Food Processing Industries.
  • Conducted 7-day workshop-cum-training (Nov. 14-20, 2008) on “Post Harvest Technology, Cold Chain Management and Food Safety Issues” supported by Indo-US Science and Technology Forum and co-sponsored by the Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Government of India.
  • Conducted India Cold Store Operations Course , held from 13th – 15th April 2009 in collaboration with Global Cold Chain Alliance, USA National Horticulture Board and US Department of Agriculture.
  • Participated in a week long “The Institute” on Cold Chain held at Norman, Oklahoma from Feb 9-13, 2008 organised by World Food Logistics Organisation , USA
  • As Collaborative partner of World Food Logistics Organisation (WFLO) worked on a research project titled "Identification of Appropriate Postharvest Technologies for Improving Market Access and Incomes for Small Farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia" funded by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
  • Participated in the Preparation Workshop held at University of California, Davis (Nov. 10 – 12, 2009), organized by the Postharvest Technology Research and Informative Centre, UC Davis funded by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • A collaborative partner in a project entitled “Coolrooms & Cool Transport for Small Scale Farmers” funded by HortCRSP-USAID.
  • Participated in “Post harvest Short course” June 14-July 02, 2010 at University of California, Davis along with a week long training program on "Coolbot- installation, functioning and data collection"
  • Partner from India in a project funded by Leverhulme Trust of UK entitled “International Network on Preserving safety and nutrition of indigenous fruits and their derivatives”. The participating countries are India UK, France, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Vietnam.
  • Invited for participation by Asia- Pacific Association of Agricultural Research Institutions (APAARI) as a resource person for "Expert Consultation Meeting on Post Harvest and Value Addition of Horticultural Produce" held in Malaysia Nov. 29-Dec 2, 2010.
  • Consecutively participated in ICE – India Expo 2009 & 2010 held at Hotel –The Ashok, New Delhi, as a Strategic partner of Global Cold Chain Alliance, India
  • Prof. Susanta K. Roy, Professor Emeritus has been selected by All India Food Processors Association for "SOILENDRA KRISHNA MITRA MEMORIAL AWARD"
  • The National Horticulture Board, Govt. of India has recognized Amity as its Centre for Training Programmes on Cold Chain Operations
  • In the last two years 10 scientific papers have been published in International/national journals.