Research & Publication

Amity has conducted groundbreaking and innovative research in various spheres, which the industry is using to its advantage. The research has been facilitated by the various Centers of Excellence and the faculty, which has been very prolific in publishing books, articles and papers on topical issues



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Faculty Publication

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Recent Scientific Publications:

  1. Saran  Sunil and  Roy Susanta K., 2009  “Human Resource Development And Training In Cold Chain”, in R.K. Sharma edited Cold Store Operations, National Horticulture Board p201-207
  2. Roy Susanta K, Saran Sunil, and Kitinoja Lisa , 2010 “Bael (Aegle marmelos)” Chapter-9 of the  Book  entitled Postharvest biology and technology of tropical and subtropical fruits Volume 2    edited by E.M. Yahia, University of Autonoma de Queretaro, Mexico.
  3. Roy Susanta K, Dubey Neeru and  Saran Sunil, 2010 “ Zero Energy Cool Chamber an effective storage structure for Banana and Tomato in peak summer, Indian Science Congress , Section : Agriculture & Forestry Science.
  4. Kitinoja Lisa,  Saran Sunil, Roy Susanta K,  Kader Adel A., 2010 “Postharvest Technology for Developing Countries: Challenges and Opportunities in Research, Outreach and Advocacy” Perspective article for the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture. In press
  5. Saran Sunil, Roy Susanta K. and Kitinoja Lisa, 2010  “Appropriate Postharvest Technologies for Small Scale Horticultural Farmers and Marketers in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia: Part 3. Field trial results and identification of research needs for selected crops”  Acta Horticulture. In press
  6. Dubey Neeru, Roy Susanta K., Saran Sunil and Kaul J.N., 2010  “Economic Benefits of Pusa Zero Energy Cool Chambers (ZECC) for Small Farmers and Retailers” 4th Indian Horticulture Congress-2010.
  7. Roy Susanta K, 2008 presented a paper on “Integrated Post Harvest Management of Horticultural crops for Nutrition  Security” in Golden Jubille Symposium ‘Improving Food & Nutrition Security in India-Role of Human resourced in the agenda ahead’ held on November 26, 2008
  8. Roy Susanta K, 2010 presented a paper on “On-Farm Storage Technology with Special Features of Energy Saving” during the A two day international conference on Shaping the future for sustainable tomorrow organized by Delhi chapter of ISHRAE, January 8-9 2010 Susanta Roy
  9. Roy Susanta K, 2010 Presented a paper on "Integrated Post Harvest Management (IPHM) is the only solution to loss reduction and value addition”. during the International Conference on Post Harvest Management and Valorisation of Agri-Horticultural Produce and Exhibition:19-20 February 2010 New Delhi.
  10. Roy Susanta K, 2010 presented a paper during Expert consultation meeting on Postharvest and Value Addition Malaysia from 29 Nov-2 Dec, 2010 at the expert consultation meeting On Post harvest and Value addition of Horticulture Produce where I presented the paper “Low cost post harvest technology and value addition of fruits and vegetables for the benefit of small farmers of South Asia”.