Concessional Fees for all Personnel of defence Forces and Police Forces and their Family & Children

For Additional Assistance with Technical Issues regarding the course concessions and admissions,please select from one of the following topics to provide solutions

  • Who all can Apply

    All serving Defence Forces personnel.

    • All serving Police Forces personnel
    • All retired personnel of Defence Forces and Police Forces
    • Wives of personnel of Defence Forces and Police Forces
    • Dependant Wards
    Sons and unmarried/ widow/divorced daughters who are dependant.

  • Bank Loan

    Apply to: Manager
    Oriental Bank of Commerce
    Amity Campus
    Sector 44
    Noida - 201 301 (U.P)
    Tel: + 91(0)-120-2431457/2431831

  • Admission Gudelines

    When Should I apply:

    Due to the high volume of applications we receive, candidates are encouraged to submit their application as early as possible.

    We encourage applicants to apply early as space in the class may be limited. In addition, applying earlier will give candidates more time to address the following:

    Candidates may need additional time to arrange for their accommodation, financial loan and to reschedule the work or apply for leave on acceptance of admission.

    • Earlier reservation of accommodation enables earmarking of accommodation in proximity to the campus.

  • Accomodation

    Hostel Warden assists in arranging accommodation. These are single/twin sharing basis or in hired houses where rooms are available. Hotel accommodation is also available at reasonable rates. It is our endeavour to provide each student officer accommodation.

    Ms Chhaya Chordia Telephone + 91 –(0)-120- 4391214.
    Email queries to Hostel Warden

  • Defence Facilities In Noida

    1. Leisure

    The Arun Vihar Institute at Sector 29 is an officers institute, with regular programmes as in any DSOI. Officers on request can become members for one month. Bar and Catering facilities are available against cash coupons. Applications are required to be submitted alongwith subscription at the office of the Secretary, AVI.

    2. Golf

    Noida has two Golf Courses. J P Greens (15 km away) and Noida Golf Course (NGC) at Sector 38 (2 km away) from ABS, Sector 44. Use of facilities for play and coaching can be utilized on payment of Green Fees. After 8.30 am on weekends the course is generally free and booking is not required. There are bar and catering facilities available on cash coupons.

    3. CSD Canteen

    This is located in Sector 37. Items can be purchased on production of identity card.

    4. Medical

    There is an MI Room in Sector 37. The timings are:-

    Telephone No. is:

    0800 – 1300 hrs

    1430 – 1530 hrs

    5. The Buzz Sector

    Sector 18, there is a World-class movie theatre, Wave at the Centre Stage Mall, worth one movie any way. Seats can be booked in advance. The maximum number of restaurants in one single square km, NOIDA holds the world record. An excellent place to spend leisure time.

  • Help Desk

    For further information:

    Contact: Director,
    Amity Institute of Education and Training (AIET)
    for Defence Forces and Police Forces
    AMITY Campus, J Block, Sector 44, Noida - 201 303. (U.P)
    Tel:+ 91-(0)-120- 4391355. Fax: 2432875 ( Mobile) 9818457317
    Website: or

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