Value Based Education - Students shall be exposed to the historical development of Wildlife Management from anecdotal, observational, traditional practices to modern, scientific, and technocratic approaches used around the world. Principles of population analysis, management, protection and conservation of animals, particularly those of conservation, aesthetics, values, and protected areas are covered.

Field tours - Students shall be aclimatized to particular field conditions ranging from alpine to desert. Field tours shall also provide an opportunity to examine real field situations regarding various issues of conservation and various wildlife policies that are being implemented in India and their impact on wildlife and people. International Academic Exchange-Students shall be encouraged to take advantage of study abroad opportunities for their dissertation work. There are opportunities for student exchanges in United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Thailand and Brazil.

Training Opportunities -Students will be attached to various Zoos, NGOs, government agencies and National and International conservation agencies to work on independent projects for a period of eight weeks. Training partners include-Wildlife Trust of India, WWF-India, WWF-Traffic, Wildlife Institute of India, Aaranyak,etc.

Research Opportunities - Students will be engaged with faculty in research projects. Great way to get practical experience and to enhance resume while; make professional contacts, explore advanced educational opportunities.

Career Development and Placement - Institute facilitates information about summer jobs, internships, and permanent opportunities. Assistance with career guidance and preparation of resume and cover letter.

Programs Offered

Under Graduate

B.Sc. (Hons.) Forestry

Post Graduate

M.Sc. In Wildlife Science

Ph.D. Programme

Ph.D. In Wildlife Science

Wildlife Quotes

"The spruce and cedar on its shores, hung with gray lichens, looked at a distance like the ghosts of trees. Ducks were sailing here and there on its surface, and a solitary loon, like a more living wave, - a vital spot on the lake's surface, - laughed and frolicked, and showed its straight leg, for our amusement."
- Henry David Thoreau, The Maine Woods Read more....