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Amity International Centre for Post Harvest Technology & Cold Chain Management
Project Details : Completed (Till date)
S.N Faculty Name & Staff Code Funding Agency Project Title Sanctioned Amount Duration of the project
1 Dr. Sunil Saran (PI-India) ; Dr. Lisa Kitinoja (PI-USA)Dr S Saran, Dr SK Roy, Ms. NagaLaxmi M. Raman and Dr Neeru Dubey
Dr SK Roy,
Collaborated with World Food Logistics Organization,USA and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation "Identification of Appropriate Postharvest Technologies for Improving Market Access and Incomes for Small Farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia” (Total Project Amount US $ 1.28 Million) US $ 77000 Feb.,2009-March 2010
2 Dr. Sunil Saran, Dr. S.K. Roy, Ms. NagaLaxmi M. Raman Funded by Global Cold Chain Alliance, India " India Cold Store Operations Course" for Global Cold Chain Alliance in collaboration with National Horticulture Board and US Department of Agriculture (13-15 April, 2009). Rs. 1.00 lakh 13-15 April,2009
3 Dr. Sunil Saran, Dr. Neeru Dubey, Ms. NagaLaxmi M. Raman Funded by HortCRSP-USAID “Coolrooms & Cool Transport for Small Scale Farmers” ; other collaborators Ghana and UC Davis US (Total Project Amount $ 82530) US $ 17000 June,2010 - July 2011
4 Dr. Susanta K. Roy Asia- Pacific Association of Agricultural Research Institutions (APAARI) and MARDI “Expert Consultation Meeting on Post Harvest and Value Addition of Horticultural Produce” held in Malaysia. (Total Project Amount US $ 51952.25) US $ 2000 29 Nov - Dec. 2, 2010
5 Dr S Saran, Dr SK Roy, Ms. NagaLaxmi M. Raman, Dr Neeru Dubey and Dr. Shailender K. Dwivedi
Dr SK Roy, Dr Shailendra K Dwivedi
Leverhulme Trust of UK "International Network on Preserving safety and nutrition of  indigenous fruits and their derivatives" in which six countries besides India are collaborators namely UK, France, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Vietnam. £ 124772 Sept-2011-Oct.2014
6 Dr. Sunil Saran, Dr. Neeru Dubey ASI (Sunhera Project) funded by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation "scope of work' Rs. 143000 Sept. 15 to Nov. 30, 2011
7 Dr. Sunil Saran International Horticulture Cogress, (Held once in 4-year) “Appropriate Postharvest Technologies for Small Scale Horticultural Farmers and Marketers in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia: Part 3. Field trial results and identification of research needs for selected crops” at International Horticulture Congress, Lisbon (August 22-28, 2010) Euro 2590 Aug.22-28, 2010
8 Dr. Susanta K. Roy, Dr. Shailender K. Dwivedi, Ms. NagaLaxmi M.Raman, Dr. Neru Dubey Leverhulme Trust of UK "To standardise the technique of preparing a fruit leather by blending two indigenous fruits viz bael (Aegle marmelos) and aonla (Phyllanthus emblica Syn. Emblica officinalis) pulp". £ 2000 Jan. -Dec. 2012 -
9 Dr S Saran Dr SK Roy Dr NP Singh Dr BK Goswami Dr Neeru Dubey Dr SK Dwivedi and Ms. NagaLaxmi M.Raman
DBT “Rural Bio-Resource Innovation-Application to uplift the Socio-Economic Status of Farmers and Entrepreneurs of Uttar Pradesh” 128 lakh Feb. 2012-August. 2015
10 Dr. Sunil Saran (India) ; Dr. Rakesh Gupta USA KiwiTech, USA Signed Memorandum of Agreement between Kiwitech, USA and AUUP - the general area of interest of collaboration in developing and offering Decision Information System (DIS) by providing integrated Telecom and IT solutions based on innovative Technologies negotiable Oct-10, 2012 - Sept.2014
11 Dr. Susanta K. Roy AVRDC - The World Vegetable Centre, Tanzania Agreement made between AVRDC -The World Vegetable Centre, Regional Centre for Africa and AICPHT&CCM $1,750 Oct-04, 2012
12 Dr. Sunil Saran (PI-India) ; Dr. Lisa Kitinoja (PI-USA) Dr SK Roy, Ms. NagaLaxmi M. Raman, Dr Neeru Dubey Postharvest Education Foundation, USA ; and Amity University, Post harvest e-learning project US $ 160000 2011-2012
13 Dr. Sunil Saran (PI-India) Dr. Nazir Mir (PI-USA) Rohm & Hass Pvt. Ltd. USA “Evaluation of the effect of Ripelock Technology on transit and market life extension of Indian varieties of Mango, Banana and Papaya” US $ 62100 2012-2014
14 Dr. Kuldeep Singh National Horticulture Mission, Govt. of Haryana "Establishment of Plant Health Clinic and Establishment of Leaf/Tissue Analysis Lab" 20.00 lacs Oct.-2011-Sept. 2013
15 Dr. Neeru Dubey and Ms. NagaLaxmi M Raman National Cold Chain Centre Development Development of product specific protocols for post-harvest technology and cold chain management 13.00 Lakh Oct 2015-Feb 2016
16 Dr. Sunil Saran National Horticulture Research and Development Foundation “Value Chain Study of Moringa Crop” in Theni (Tamil Nadu) 3.45 Lakh September, 2017
Project Consultancy
1 Dr. Neeru Dubey & Dr. Naga Laxmi M. Raman Agribusiness Associates Inc. 2827 Spafford Street Suite B3, Davis
CA, 95618 United States Consulting assignment Study of the Application of Best Practices in Postharvest Loss Assessment and Mitigation $6000 July, 2017
Project Details : Ongoing
S.N Faculty Name & Staff Code Funding Agency Project Title Sanctioned Amount Duration of the project
1 Prof. B. S. Hansra National Mission On Himalayan Studies (NMHS) Availability, Utilization and Digital Document of Non-Timber Bioresources for Sustainable Rural Livelihood and Decision Support System of the Rural Households in the Northwest Himalayas" 12.20 Lakh March 2018 - till date