About AUN Labs

AUN (Amity University Network) Research Labs have been created to umpteenth the vision of our Hon’ble Founder President Dr. Ashok Chauhan towards the aim for calibrating exponential growth for the Amity Group and channelizing a “force multiplier” effect to increase effectiveness and excellence of our Academic and Research contributions by sharing his visionary perspectives, experiences and knowledge, motivating us to working as one cohesive unit and stride forward. Following the inspirations provided by our founder Sir and enablement of Prof. Dr. Ajay Rana (Director, Amity Institute of Information Technology), 4 Research Labs have been established in the field of Data Science & Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, IOT and Sensor Network and Blockchain & Data Security. Technology is quickly becoming the cornerstone of modern computing. The world empowered by this capability is opening to newer possibilities and avenues. Industries such as healthcare, automotive, manufacturing, retail, transport, education etc. today are realizing the prospects of latest technologies, they understand how valuable the technology is for achieving increased productivity. Unlike human labour that can be very limited, technology provides greater leverage than was possible just a few years ago. The technology can achieve this using innovative diffusion, apt and proactive data driven decisions and implementations. The AUN Labs have been created with this very leverage in mind. These labs shall provide the quintessential platform for new age technologies to originate. It’s an opportunity to create ground-breaking technologies that touch lives of billions of people.

Labs Under AUN