Introduction of Institution :

Established in 2005, the Amity Institute of Organic Agriculture (AIOA) is a unique Institute, the first of its kind in the country and among the few in the world. Amity University, known for academic excellence, quality research, international linkages and strong industry interface, has created a history of sorts under the ever-dynamic leadership and massive support of its Founder President, the finest visionary Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan in establishing the Amity Institute of Organic Agriculture. Visualizing the need for sustainable food security and food safety management systems, the Institute consistently has set standards for excellence towards human resource development in long term sustainable agricultural technologies manifested in the most viable option of Organic Agriculture in contrast with the chemical intensive conventional agriculture integrated and strongly supported with a comprehensive and multifaceted management focused education. The Institute also has a mandate in carrying out basic and applied research in organic production management systems as well as training, advisory, consultancy and certification services.

Focus :
To be the most preferred source for agriculture, agri-food business, rural and allied sectoral organizations and industries to recruit professionals with diversified technical and managerial skills who shall be leaders in technological innovations, consultancies and extension advisory services through an efficient and effective holistic management in the strategic agriculture sector of the economy.

Focus Realization Strategy

Technology & Management synergism that commits to an ever-Green Revolution ensuring Food Security & Food Safety — a global initiative of Amity University’s Institute of Organic Agriculture

An academic-cum-research and extension powerhouse, the Amity Institute of Organic Agriculture is committed to develop brilliant technocrats and entrepreneurs spirited to innovate for highly productive, competitive, qualitative, cost-effective and environmental friendly systems in the strategic sector of Agri-food production & business dynamics.
Our Strengths :
  • AIOA offers various competitive courses with an optimal mix of inputs in agriculture, management and entrepreneurship unparalleled in terms of academic ambience backed with the state-of-the-art educational infrastructure.
  • The meticulously designed broad-based curriculum brings the industry perspectives to education and has been sensitized to the requirements of the diverse industries in the agriculture, agri-food businesses covering agri-inputs, production, operations, procurement, marketing & distribution, logistics and supply chain and retail management, rural business management and allied sectors.
  • Need-based package of specialized courses in agri-food business offering a basket of elective courses in the agriculture & food business domain.
  • Providing year-round hands-on experience in production technologies and diversified agricultural enterprises in an organically conceptualized farm, business analysis and interpretations.
  • Our B.Sc. (A&FB) program curriculum has also incorporated a course in Information Communication Technology (ICT) during Sem VIII to strengthen student’s knowledge skills in handling the management information systems, revolutionize the communications network as well as boost the productivity of different systems through various stages of production, processing and marketing using the specific software.
  • Inclusion of ISO standards in requisite courses offered by the world reputed BSI Management Systems.
  • Going with global style, curriculum offers courses on various foreign languages (French, German, Spanish).
  • AIOA has successfully conducted various national seminars, workshops, colloquiums and conferences.
  • Personality development through enhancing analytical- communication skills and team work.
  • A strong network of foreign initiatives as collaborations, linkages, tie-ups etc.
  • Initiatives involving industry interactions for work experiences and entrepreneurial skill development.


Message from Director :

Agriculture has strongly been converted to Agri-business in post WTO era with a unique set of opportunities & challenges. Accepting the challenges posed and visualizing the need, Amity Institute of Organic Agriculture (AIOA) established in 2005 has taken a lead in structuring holistic, industry focused and value-based courses- MBA & B.Sc., all in the domain of Agriculture & Food Business, M.Sc. & Ph.D. Agriculture.

MBA (Agri & Food Business) is a specialized program in which strong emphasis is laid on an integration of technology and management in the Agriculture & Food Business as a paramount concept of the program in addition to traditional MBA courses. All our programs come with a cutting-edge curriculum which are globally competitive and continuously updated to meet the current needs of all sectors of the economy in general, and enables the students to meet the industry requirements and avail plethora of opportunities in Banking & Agri-Finance Sector, Agri-Inputs Industries, Food Processing Industries, Retail, Supply Chain & Cold Chain Management, Commodity Trading & Warehousing, Organic Certifications & Auditing Agencies, Research Institutes & Govt. Bodies.

B.Sc. (Agri & Food Business) is an under-graduate program in Agriculture integrating class room teaching with self-exploration and research learning achieved through projects, term papers, summer internships and the dissertations which form an essential feature of the program. Acquiring of work experience in diversified agri-production systems on farmer’s fields spanning through all the semesters apart from a basket of elective courses offering a plethora of options form a unique and innovative feature of our B.Sc. Agri & Food Business program. Regular student and faculty interaction with the captains from the corporate world is the key element for transforming bright students into torch-bearers of tomorrow. Specialized library, computing and other educational and recreational facilities facilitate the event of holistic enrichment.

M.Sc. (Agriculture) Agronomy aims at developing specialists in the field of Agronomy with research focus on organic agriculture, agri-voltics & bio fortification, carbon sequestration & application of nano-materials in agriculture, Techno- Managers with right mix of knowledge, skills & attitude to serve various stakeholders in Agriculture & Food Business. Having said this, we believe that the real judge of our talented youngsters is the corporate who absorb our students and form the foundation of the mutual success.

Dr. Naleeni Ramawat

Events & Notices

AgRICon – 2016

1st National Agricultural Research & Innovation Conference
"Balanced Fertilization: A Key to Food Security and Environmental Sustainability"
February 24-25, 2016
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