Faculty :

S.No. Faculty Area of Expertise Photograph
1 Dr. Naleeni Ramawat
2 Ms. Beila Sehdev Krishnan Banking and Finance
3 Mr. Abhishake Shukla Marketing Management, Human Resource Management
4 Ms. Sneha Ghai Consumer Behaviour, Food Marketing
5 Dr. Renu Yadav Plant Sciences
6 Mr. Aditya Kumar Verma Soil Science, Water Resources
7 Dr. Shalini Singh Plant Pathology, Biological Control
8 Dr. Sangeeta Pandey Microbiology, Plant microbe interactions, Metagenomics
9 Dr. Deepshikha Thakur Agricultural Microbiology / Soil Microbiology
10 Dr. Deepak Rameshwar Sapkal Genetics and Plant Breeding  
11 Mr. Dinesh Jinger Agronomy

Distinguished Professors :

Dr. Kuldeep Singh

Director, Amity Centre for Soil Science

Dr. R. S. Antil

Principal Advisor (Soil Science)

Dr. B. S. Hansra

Emeritus Professor, Agriculture

Events & Notices

AgRICon 2016

1st National Agricultural Research & Innovation Conference
"Balanced Fertilization: A Key to Food Security and Environmental Sustainability"
February 24-25, 2016
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