AIPAS Research Lab

AIPAS Research Lab

Project Details

SERB-SRG Project: SRG/2019/000501

Title : Isolation and characterization of the receptor of sperm motility stimulating protein from sperm membrane and finding its role and mechanism in fertility management.

Grant Amount: Rs. 2975369.00

PI: Dr. Sudipta Saha (AP-III, AIPAS)

JRF: Mr. Srinjoy Chakraborty (NET-LS)

Project Approval E-Mail: 20.09.2019

Project Sanction E-Mail: 31.12.2019

Project Starting Date: 04.01.2020 (Given by SERB)

JRF Selection Date: 16.03.2020

JRF Joining Date: 01.08.2020 (Mr. Srinjoy Chakraborty joined through online mode due to lock down)

Research Lab Construction Completed: 17.03.2021 (Delayed due to lock down)
AIPAS Research Lab or Molecular Reproductive Physiology Lab Equipments:

Fluorescent Microscope with Camera and PC with Printer and UPS

UV-VIS Spectrophotometer and PC with Printer and UPS

Laminar Hood for Cell Culture

Voltage Stabilizer

Refregerator 50 lt X 2

Tissue Homogenizer


Vertical Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis System with Power Pack

Transfer Apparatus for Western Blotting

Rocking Shaker


Water Double Distillation Unit with Carboy

Autopipette Sets

Spinwin Microcentrifuge

Electronic Pipette Controller


Magnetic Stirrer

Microwave Oven