Dr. V. K. Jain


Distinguished Scientist & Professor, Amity Institute of Renewable and Alternative Energy
Former Director Grade Scientist, SSPL (DRDO)
Emeritus Scientist, NPL (CSIR)
Research Interests: Photovoltaics, MEMS, Nanomaterials, Nano-Devices, Sensors.
Over 100 papers and 20 patents.
Dr. Kanchan Saxena, Professor (HOI)


Qualifications:Ph.D. –Delhi University with National Physical Laboratory, Delhi.
Post Doc. – Technische Hochshule, Germany.
Research Interests: Organic Photovoltaics and Light Emitting Diodes.
Patent Filed: 6
Published 39 papers and 1 Book chapter

Dr. Suman, Professor


Qualifications:Ph.D. – M.D.U. Rohtak
Post Doc. – Dublin City University, Europe.
Research Interests: Biosensors, Bio-nanotechnology, Biomedical diagnosis of diseases, bio-batteries
and water cleaning.
Patent Filed: 4

Published more than 25 papers

Dr. Abhishek Verma, Assistant Professor


Qualifications:Ph.D.  – Electronic Science, University of Delhi.
Post Doc. – National University of Singapore
Research Interests: Organic and 3rd generation solar cells, Self-cleaning and antireflection solar cell panels, organic white LEDs, II-VI Quantum dots, Colorimetric sensors, Energy generation using renewable energy.
Patent Filed: 4
Published more than 10 papers.

Mr. Rupesh Basniwal,Assistant Professor


Qualifications:M.Tech – Biotechnology.
Research Interests: CNT based Gas sensing applications.
Polymeric Gas sensors, CNT based Bio-Sensors, Bio-fuels.

Dr. Prashant Shukla, Assistant Professor


Qualifications: Ph.D. – Uttar Pradesh Technical University, Lucknow .
Research Interests: Polymer Nano-composites, Polymeric Electrets, Electro-active Polymers
and their transport properties.
Patent Filed: 6
More than 10 publications in reputed national and international refereed journals and several contributory papers in national and international conferences and seminars

Dr. Devinder Madhwal, Assistant Professor


Qualifications:Ph.D. (Electronic Science) – University of Delhi South Campus, Delhi.
Research Interests: Electronic Circuit Designing, Inorganic- organic Photovoltaics, Nanotechnology and Organic LEDs .

Published: 11 international papers.

Ms. Rakhi Grover, Assistant Professor


Qualifications:M. Sc. (Physics), University of Delhi, Ph. D. - to be submitted.
Research Interests: Organic Electronics- Organic light emitting diodes, Organic photo voltaics and thin film transistors, Hybrid LEDs and charge transport studies of organic semiconductors.

Published 8 papers in international journals.

Dr. Amit Kumar, Assistant Professor


Qualifications: Ph.D.–Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak with National Physical Laboratory, Delhi. Post Doc. – Konkuk University, Seoul, South Korea
Research Interests: Organic Light Emitting Diodes, Organic Field Effect Transistor’s, Organic Memory Devices & Sensors, and Silicon nano-wire based sensors.

Patent Filed: 6 [Granted (1US and 1Indian) & 4 Applied]

Published 49 papers, 1 Book chapter and 1 Book

Dr. Avshish Kumar, Assistant Professor


Qualifications: Ph.D. (Physics ), – Jamia Millia Islamia (A Central University), New Delhi
Research Interests: Graphene, Graphene Nanoribbons, SWCNTs, MWCNTs and their FEDs & Sensing Applications, Nanocomposites, Quantum Dots, SiNWs based Nanosensors, Solar Cells etc

More than 39 Research papers in Internationals Journals of high repute, 02 Research papers in National Journals and 01 Book Chapter

Dr. Hrishikesh Dhasmana , Assistant Professor


Qualifications: Ph.D. (IIT Delhi), M.Tech (Materials Science and Engineering-IITB), M.Sc Physics, GATE and NET qualified,
Research Interests: Semiconductor Thin films, Si solar cell, metal oxide and metal nanoparticles, gas sensors, silicon wafer texturing, silicon nanowire as gas sensing element
Research Publication : 32
Books publication : 04
Patents Filed: 02

Ms. Omita Nanda , Lecturer


Qualifications: M.Tech (Engineering Physics), Pursuing Ph.D.
Research Interests: Electronics, Sensors, Solar Cells, Electrochromic Devices, Nanomaterials
Published 06 papers in international journals.
Patents Filed: 02