Amity is a part of our soul that has given foundation to my children learnings. The values, human virtues and etiquettes they have imbibed as a family under the guidance of our respected chairperson ma’am, cannot be found in any other school. It has helped them to become a life long learner. Thank you Amity !!

Gopal & Monika Vasudeva

(Parents of Aarav & Aarna)

I am extremely thankful to Amity for adding value to my kid’s life and I wish that it continues to enlighten their future always. The school with its extraordinary teaching methodologies, safe and caring environment, unmatchable support and coaching’s for academic and co-curricular activities, is truly appreciable. The most valuable thing about the school that makes it different and best is the vision of the school Chairperson Dr (Mrs) Amita Chauhan, who is the guiding light, showing path to kids for a successful and bright future.

The everyday preaching’s through shlokas and hawans taking place in the school for the nourishment of bright mind and soul is the reason why my kids are doing extraordinary well in their studies, securing A+ grades at Amity. The bonding that they share with this institution is enormous and it makes me feel proud to be part of the Amity family.

Ashima and Sushant Nayyar

Parents of Innaya Nayyar (I) and Simone Nayyar (VIII)

AIS Vasundhara 1

It was second week of August 2012 when my son, Archir Bansal first entered the school with lot of apprehensions, since he had his education from Primary school to 6th class in International school in South Korea, wherein the teaching pattern, evaluation system & syllabus were quite different from the ones we use to have in India.

However, now I can say that it was my son’s good fortune that he got the chance to study in this school. It was the able advice and guidance, from the honourable Principal Madam, all the teaching staff as well, that helped our son to sail through those difficult times. Here, I would like to thank all the teachers for their guidance, encouragement and support to Archit, especially from the Hindi teachers as at that time he was very weak at Hindi, not having studied it for almost 7 years.

As the time passes, I have recognised the overall development of my son in all aspects of life be it academic, social ethics, leadership skills, etc. Three years down the line of my son’s association with school, now I am more than satisfied with the standing of my son in the field of academics. Rather, I would like to put it, that now I am very much confident that my son would achieve higher goals in the life, not only in the field of academic, but also would be a better human being, under the kind blessings and focused guidance from the teachers & other supporting staff.

At the end, once again I would like to appreciate all your hard work, commitment and the time you all have taken to invest in my son's future.

Amita Bansal

Parent of Archit Bansal, X B

Batch of 2017 - 18

2010 was when we moved to Delhi. Agneev was 12 years then, he was at the cusp of knowing things and confusing, understanding life and misjudging, disoriented between enlightenment and bewilderment. This was juxtaposed with unaccustomed city, unfamiliar cultures and a set of brand new friends. To add to the worries of the little boy was the challenge to his new school. As if this was not enough, Agneev has to learn a new language Hindi. Yes, we came from Kolkata, where Agneev was studying in DPS, with Bengali as second language. Hence, as a little boy, Agneev had an immense challenge ahead, as he took admission in AIS Vas-I.

Best thing that could happen to Agneev’s life was his admission to Amity International School, Vasundhara, Sec I. We, as parents were elated & happy and Agneev as a student was blessed.

Amity International School is one such school, which inculcate discipline, culture, heritage and most importantly love for one’s motherland apart from imparting, possibly best education in the country. I was amazed to see the little boy growing up slowly but surely with probably the best culture, self-control and poise. Agneev’s love for his teachers and attachment to school helped him in his studies too.

So, overall I feel, Agneev’s journey for past few years in AIS Vas- I, has been awesome. He has grown to be confident, evolved and knowledgeable as a person, ready to face the world with courage, determination and tenacity. AIS Vas- I has helped him to grow as a perfect gentleman.

Indranil Das

Father of Agneev Das, XII A

Batch of 2015 -16

It was a dream come true moment for us to see our daughter, Samriddhi Prakash, represent her state, Uttar Pradesh at Nationals of Indian National Children’s Science Congress, held at Bhopal in the year 2013-14. A deeper introspection into the process of turning a curious mind into a budding scientist reveals the vision of the school in promoting these activities from an early age and the dedicated team of teachers mentoring the students turn their fragile imagination into a cognizable piece of research. The seamless transition of a teacher into a guardian ,a patient cajoling or astern glance have all contributed in tremendous growth of self confidence in the child. As parent what more could we have asked for, seeing the fire lit by us getting channelised into a useful source of energy.

Rabi Ranjan Prakash

Father of Samriddhi Prakash, X A

Batch of 2017 -18

12 April 2011 was the day of our first encounter with the red brick building and the now unforgettable name Amity. We do not know whether it was the misunderstanding due to which the driver dropped us at the school or the mere fact that Shreyans was destined to study here, but we do know that this institution has shaped Shreyans in more ways, a school can.

At first, we were apprehensive about Shreyans’ performance as he was a late admission, but lesser did we know that that soon he wouldn’t need our help for his work. The teachers were extremely helpful and with his hard work, he soon became a part of the school. Next came the phase when Shreyans was made to participate in various competitions at every level. The tremendous improvement that we, as parents, have seen in him is commendable. From inter class competitions to national level exhibitions, the school has left no stone unturned in nurturing Shreyans and making him what he is today. The immense pressure to work, the encouragement and the acknowledgement combined with teachers’ continuous guidance and support have made Shreyans a better person altogether. He has become a good orator, a budding scientist, a creative writer and a confident person through his journey with Amity Vasundhara-1.

Shantanu Jain

Father of Shreyans Jain,Class X B

Batch of 2015 -16

Amity International School, Vasundhara, Sector- I, Ghaziabad is one of the best schools that I have come across so far. Principal, coordinator and teachers are so dedicated and taking care of each and every child studying in the school. They are spending lot time in restructuring children activities in the school. Campus and class rooms are well maintained and provides wonderful atmosphere for the children to learn the subjects and extramural activities. My son, Surudhip Raam, who got admission in VII standard in 2010 and now, he is in XII standard showing remarkable changes in his leadership qualities and he had become all- rounder and proves his capabilities in all areas. I totally appreciate the hard work the school is making to teach and care for my son. I recommend for parents to benefit Amity International School, Vasundhara, Sector I, Ghaziabad.

Not only our son is doing extremely well in his learning but also enjoying the school environment. He has developed skills to start interacting with different people inside and outside the school. His confidence level to explore new things is the direct result of the efforts made by his teaches and the school. The school’s appropriate teaching model is reflected by our son’s creativity and learning style. I highly encourage parents to consider Amity International School, Sector I Vasundhara, Ghaziabad for their children.

R. Selvasundaram

Father of Surudhip Raam, XII A

Batch of 2015 -16

Shubham Ghoshal, who joined Amity was an intelligent, disciplined and well-mannered child, but was extremely reserved and reticent.

I find no words to commend the effort that the school has put in, to recognise his abilities, to make the right opportunities available to him, and in sharpening his aptitude, in supporting and encouraging him, in facilitating his participation, in providing him logistic support, accompanying him on outstation trips and always taking utmost care to have him perform at his best.

The camaraderie that he has built with his fellow students in this process, will be cherished by him for life. And the exposure that he has got from travelling outstation, and staying out, have gone a long way in the overall development of his personality in addition to teaching him many important lessons of life.

The felicitation and recognition he has got in the school for his achievements, have made him truly grateful and extremely happy. Today, Shubham is a confident and much more outgoing child.

The credit for this transformation, for making him blossom, for the sheen and the finesse that has been imparted to him, can be attributed in its entirety to the school. The encouraging atmosphere, the right facilitation and the opportunities provided have helped hone his skills and have given him an identity, which is something he cherishes.

Today Shubham smiles, and with a quiet confidence so characteristic of him, says, “No school could ever have been better!!!”

Swati and Sudeep Ghosal

Parents of Shubham Ghosal, XA

Batch of 2017 -18

Pramay's 2 years of senior schooling at Amity International School, Vas 1, will be quite defining for his future endeavors. The school provided a wonderful environment for personality grooming as well as academic growth. The pro-active approach of teachers has been amazing; literally adopting Pramay as their 'own'. At every given opportunity Pramay was provided with personalised classes & additional practice material. On the extra-curricular front, Pramay was motivated to take responsibility & deliver; thereby honing his leadership abilities. Regular supervision & feedback from Principal ma'am & co-ordinator ma'am ensured that we as parents, were on the same page as the school. We are grateful to the school for its love & caring!

Pragya Rai & Pravin Rai

Parents of Pramay Rai, outgoing Class XII student 2014-15

I am regular reader of your wonderful and amazing newspaper “The Global Times”. I am very impressed by one article “Attitude of Gratitude” dated July 21, touched my heart deeply. I realised after reading the article that I should also express my gratitude towards Amity & its staff. When my child got admission in Class Nursery—I had great inhibitions of leaving my kid in such a big school but the care and love I saw in the teachers eyes is unforgettable. The teachers are very passionate, unbiased and caring. I take this opportunity to thank all staff members for taking all the possible care of my child. It’s a verbal hug as a parent to entire AIS society.

Parents of Chinmay Shrivastava, KG-C

Batch of 2015 -16

I wish to convey my sincere thanks to the school, for having developed such a progressive curriculum for Class Nursery, which contributes to learning something new every day. The child is made to be aware of everything in advance. Today morning, my child described to me about the “Market Day” activity so nicely which they were going to have in the school that I couldn’t resist sharing my feelings and wish to thank you for your commendable work. Thanks to all teachers who are implementing the curriculum in a very sincere and a methodical manner. I wish to also apprise you regarding the guards of route no-1 morning and route no -8 afternoon, who are very sincere and have a very helping attitude. The teachers have a very proactive approach. Thanks for all the care and support which we receive from the whole team.

Parents of Pradhita Agarwal, Nursery-C

Batch of 2015 -16