Primary School

The junior school has a well designed curriculum to meet the needs of modern times. The children indulge in multifarious activities throughout the year. These activities are an integrated part of the curriculum and substantiate classroom learning.

  • Special events like Art Competitions, Annual Days, Grandparents Day, Magic Show, Class Presentations, etc. help in moulding the children into multifaceted personalities.
  • Children learn the value of cultural festivals by participation in Special Assemblies conducted on Diwali, Dusshera, Christmas, Children’s Day, Republic Day and Independence Day.
  • Learning is made fun by including various games related to the curriculum in classroom teaching; such activities develop the mind and thinking ability of children.
  • Computers are an integral part of the curriculum; children enjoy and pick up basic computer skills through games and child friendly software.

Middle School

The middle school curriculum is based on the modern educational approach, which marks a shift from teaching to learning. The focus is on equipping the students with essential skills and giving them confidence to use them effectively in real life situations.

  • On one hand, the interaction between the learner and teacher is emphasized while on the other, the interaction among students is encouraged through collaborative learning, projects and practical exercises. The curriculum lays stress on knowledge beyond books and discourages rote learning.
  • Various activities are carried out apart from the regular curriculum to keep the children interested and to enhance their skills, imagination and creative prowess.

Senior School

In the senior wing, the focus is on making learning more meaningful. The pedagogy adopted for classroom learning is ‘Child Centered’ which is interactive, experimental and facilitative.

  • The curriculum is multi-pronged, encompassing the diverse ways in which children learn both individually as well as collaboratively. Active participation in classroom plays a predominant role in awakening students' thirst for knowledge in these crucial years.
  • With the aim of grooming students for a challenging college life in the global scenario, we provide them the best of atmosphere, the best of faculty and facilities.
  • International Student Exchange Programmes, Project Based Learning, Field Visits, Debates, Declamations, Symposiums, Power Point Presentations, Panel Discussions, Community Service Projects and Guest Lectures by eminent personalities from diversified portfolios are regular features in the senior wing. Stretching the boundaries of learning leaves an indelible imprint on the students' minds.