Interactive Smart Classroom

The purpose of the smart class program is to empower teachers with technology right inside their classrooms to use digital resources such as graphics, animations, 3D images, and video clips in addition to the traditional methods of teaching in their day to day teaching life.

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Intranet Facility

School's intranet- Amitranet, provides the administrative office to access information efficiently and keep the parents updated from time to time. This facility also offers parent section for parents to monitor their wards attendance and performance regularly. It also provides messaging system where parents can send messages to teachers and get feedback.

Networking Facility

Students learn more deeply and retain information longer when they can visualize the concepts and participate actively in the class lecture. Information technology and Multimedia are an integral part of Amitian classrooms. The school is networked to the main NOIDA campus for efficient sharing of intellectual resources. E- Whiteboards, which continue to be the biggest technology revolution for the classroom, are provided to the teachers to explain the complex concepts with lucidity. These are also connected to the Internet and LAN for downloading educational clips and on-site photographs that provide a more composite picture and a better learning experience.

Technology for one. Technology for everyone
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