Physics Lab

The Physics lab is fully equipped with all instruments, experiment tools and kits as prescribed by the CBSE. Besides, it also has other student-friendly equipment which can enable students to continuously explore, introspect and familiarize themselves with different phenomena and materials.

PHYSICS LAB- Where knowledge and application are inseparable friends.
Eye on the prize of knowledge.

Chemistry Lab

The Chemistry Lab is the biggest laboratory in the school and can easily accommodate a class of around 35-40 students at a time. The huge space therein also enables the teachers to hold lecture-demonstrations simultaneously.

Students learning chemical jargon
Chemistry Lab- where magic is created scientifically

Biology Lab

Misanalysing is a key to an Amitian’s success.
Learning the fundamentals of Nature and nurture.

Computer Lab

IThe school has a huge computer lab with large number of computers that allow many students to work in the lab together. The wi-fi internet connectivity and high-speed broadband facility enable both students and teachers in making projects and preparing assignments, thereby enhancing delivery speed for all activities.

Students engaging in Digital Creativity
A tech savvy child is a future ready child
Technology for all. Better future for all

Language Lab

The English language is the most important tool of communication today. English Language Lab, the latest acquisition of the school, boasts of sophisticated computers with an inbuilt two-way speaking system. The latter consists of a headphone which the learner can use to listen and speak into. The in-built software and programmes help enhance reading & listening skills in order to speak, write and listen better.

Technology makes hard work easier
Best things happen when humans and technology balance work together
Integration of technology and fun activities at its best.

Mathematics Lab

With the aim to remove Math phobia and enhance interest in the subject, the Math Lab houses a variety of models and exhibits to explain and elucidate difficult formulae of trigonometry. It also has a variety of games that enhance the mathematical ability and calculations skills of the students.

Who says maths is not fun? In our lab, it is awesome
Meticulous maths with friends and fun


When classroom education is supported by visual learning, it becomes more effective. The well-equipped EVS lab in the school provides ample visual stimulation to kindle the grey cells of children and help them understand concepts as cyclone formation, tsunami, earthquakes, oceans currents, terrains and other environmental issues. Diagrams, charts, rare photographs, posters and satellite images of earth, further facilitate the understanding of the subject.

Dreams are the rehearsals for future young Galileo in making

Psychology Lab

The Psychology Lab, exclusively built for Psychology students, houses all the facilities for conducting psychological tests that study the social, emotional and other human behavioural/personality changes. It is the perfect space for exploring the fine nuances of the subject and discuss new advancements in the field.

Development of comprehensive understanding in progress
Shaping the development of young learners

Multiple Intelligence Lab

The Multiple Intelligence Lab based on Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences, meant for children from classes I to IV, exposes children to various ways of learning, thus preparing them to discover their own style. The lab is an effort to discover the innate potential of each child and their different gifts of intelligences, so that they are able to face the outside world with confidence.

Kinesthetic intelligence at work
Learning by doing-Learn, Unlearn, Relearn