Music – an expression sublime

Music is an integral part of the development process of a child. It not only enriches life but also stirs the soul and disciplines the mind and body. The musical talent of students is explored and honed in various genres of Indian and Western Music. Training in vocal as well as instrumental music forms part of the students' repertoire. Trained experts provide regular classes in various instruments like tabla, sitar, flute, etc as part of the school's curriculum. The Scottish Band is a popular feature of the performing arts offered by the school, providing a fine blend of musical aesthetics and disciplined rigour.

Dance - Joy Unconfined

The vibrant energy of the students finds a creative outlet in dance. Students are introduced to a wide spectrum of dance forms, ranging from classical dance, Indian folk dance to foot tapping variations of the Western form, right from junior school level. Dance helps students to unleash their abundant energy and keep them focused while at the same time, introducing them to the rich cultural heritage of the world.


Theatre is celebrated as a distinguished art form in the school where it presents a stimulating blend of cultural diversity, intellectual rigour and professional experience for students. It is a stimulating platform to learn and grow, where the prevailing atmosphere is one of a big family. The students participate in various theatrical expressions like monologue, extempore and role plays.